Pretty In Pink

Towering over my small table on the back deck is a glorious tree.

For a few weeks each spring it bursts into blossom, 
and sunlight streaming through the petals 
casts a pink glow on everything around.

From our two rear bedroom windows on the second floor 
we see this every morning.

Sitting underneath the spreading boughs 
I can drift away into my own pink heaven.

This is my view from eye level.  The branches are growing larger and longer and need to be trimmed, but I haven’t the heart to remove them!

Before the rain comes and all these zillions of petals carpet the deck and railings, we try to have a few meals at the little table.  It really feels like a magical pink land where a princess would love to dine.

I have my own princess named Charlotte, who is the reason I collect many dish patterns named “Charlotte”
so I decided to set a table 
under this beautiful tree 
with Pfaltzgraff Charlotte dishes 
for my Princess Charlotte.

After all, she is the reason I am a Mom, my FAVORITE job, of the many I’ve had!

(now, you may remember there is a Prince William who also lives here, but he really doesn’t care what dishes he uses … it’s all about the food, in mass quantities, all day, and besides, I haven’t found any William dishes … yet …)

My other girl, Nellie, always helps me.  This time she decided to guard my table as I hurried in and out of the house, because she spied two robins building a nest in the branches right above the table!  Their swooping and warning calls don’t bother her at all.  I purposely have not put the umbrella on the large table yet, as they moved into it for the last two summers, leaving us without a place to dine outdoors until after Independence Day!

Before the blossoms are fully open they appear to be darker pink, almost burgundy, similar to the flowers painted so daintily on these dishes.

Isn’t the delicate turquoise color perfect with the pink and green?

I considered using pink placemats and linens, but the throw was just enough pink!  It’s easy to overdo pink, even when it’s a favorite color. 

The robins reminded me to add some nature elements to the floral dish setting:

Pink dragonfly napkin rings, 

bumblebee flatware,

and daffodils from my front yard.

The daffodils actually inspired the yellow accents on the table ~~ the placemats and linens, and more flowers in a french wire urn.

I tried pink and blue with the dishes,

 but the yellow turned out to be perfect. 

These beautiful daffodils came from a mixed bulbs bag I found at White Flower Farm.  They are huge and perfect and absolutely gorgeous, but I don’t know the names of the varieties ~~ can you help?

Everyone knows about Christmas in Connecticut, but I really wish you could all be here to enjoy Springtime in Connecticut, under my pretty tree!

This is Nellie’s view.  

I spied a little brown nose sniffing along the edge of the table, but apparently nothing tasty was detected, so she went to sleep on the job.

I must admit, dozing under this tree with the sunlight softly peeking through the blossoms, is a very enjoyable activity …

… especially after a delicious meal served on pretty dishes.

This glorious color scheme from nature ~~

~~ will be going into my bedroom ~~

(Mr. Fun doesn’t know yet)

I am joining these wonderful hostesses ~~ many more parties than I usually join, but my tree is just so pretty, I want to share it with you.
I wish I could send you all a bouquet of daffodils!

Kim ~~ Wow Us Wednesday
Kathleen ~~ Let’s Dish
Kathy ~~ Home and Garden Thursday
Yvonne ~~ Tutorials, Tips and Tidbits
Susan ~~ Tablescape Thursday
Sandi ~~ Home
Claudia ~~ A Favorite Thing
(she would love these dishes with the turquoise!)

Linda πŸ™‚
p.s.  we think our pink tree is a kwanzan flowering cherry ~~ it was here when we moved in and I plan to dig it up and take it with me if we ever move. πŸ™‚

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54 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink

  1. I am drunk from the pink beauty….
    What a gorgeous table setting…
    The flowers are out of this world…
    What a perfect post, Linda…
    Your dog looks very happy sleeping on the pink deck!

    Linda :o)

    1. OOOOPS!!
      I was just starting a new crochet project…daydreaming…and thought..
      I never mentioned your beautiful children!!!
      They are lovely…you must be pleased as punch…
      Sorry about that!

  2. While your tree is stunning and your table is beautiful, nothing beats the beauty of your princess and your prince. Those smiles and eyes just melt me! They are gorgeous.

    I have a neighbor who has a line of these trees. They have to be the prettiest spring blooming tree there is.

    Your table is charming. I of course love the chargers – I think they are my favorite and those little napkin rings are wonderful.

    Give the princess and prince a love from me!

  3. Pink Bliss Linda! I could happily dine on shoe leather served on paper plates under that gorgeous tree with the dappled sunshine! Love your Charlotte namesake dishes and of course your tablescaping assistant πŸ™‚ I’m no help on the identification of your daffies but I especially love the petite one with the orange throat~ I would love springtime in Connecticut!

  4. Oh my Linda, this is just the most gorgeous table and setting ever!!!
    Wow oh wow that tree…what is it?
    I need to know if I can grow one here.
    Did you plant it?
    The dishes too, the yellow’s and pinks, such beauties!
    But that tree is just spectacular!
    thanks for sharing,

  5. Oh Linda..this is gorgeous…just the perfect shade of pink..that tree…oh that tree…this was a near perfect tablesetting..all of the pink …don’t you just love when there is something special in the yard that only lasts for a limited time and we know to take advantage of it before it goes away….
    this was so pretty….eye candy for sure..
    Love, Mona

  6. The PINK TREES are SWOON!!! Your children are so handsome and so is the furry guy too, lol.. I love your pretty daughter’s name and all the dishes in her name..simply gorgeous, everything in your setting is! Have a wonderful Mama’s Day.

  7. I love that tree!!! Oh it’s so wonderful. I wonder if it would die in our summer heat though. What a delightfully perfect place to dine. The table is so wonderful. The dishes are absolutely perfect for this table. Yellow is a perfect accent color. I have always loved parrot tulips, and you showed them off in their finest. gorgeous. xo marlis

  8. As if the setting were not enough, the PLACE setting looks just wonderful under and among all those gorgeous pink flowers. I love the way you used the turquoise and yellow along with the pink. It’s really beautiful.

  9. Linda, I loved seeing your very own princess and prince and your darling Nellie, too. What a beautiful setting you have. The photos are just breathtaking. Then your table, with all it’s prettiness, just accents the gorgeous tree. I loved it all!!

  10. Put me under a gorgeous tree like this, and I’d be happy to dine on a paper towel. What an amazing sight! Your table is equally as gorgeous. The Charlotte dishes are a beautiful pattern. I definitely like the yellow details with this. Thanks for sharing all this beauty. Happy Mother’s Day!

  11. Let’s see Linda, I think I can be there in maybe five hours. I would love to sit under that beautiful tree, and wouldn’t even mind if I were covered with pink petals. Your princess and your prince brought a smile to my face. I have (and love) the chargers and the napkin rings. Your Charlotte dishes are lovely! Give Nellie a kiss on the forehead from me πŸ™‚

  12. Oh, Linda! I love your sophisticated color palette with the turquoise added! What a lovely table and your dishes are almost as lovely, as your Princess!! That pink tree is absolutely glorious – wow! What a view!

  13. That sure is gorgeous, Linda!!!! It’s like a waterfall of blossoms over your head! How pretty!!!!!! I would love to relax under that tree 24/7 while it’s in bloom! Since you think you need to trim it, maybe you can cut a few branches to use on a table before the blooms all drop. That would be super pretty!!!

    I love that you added the yellow. Yellow goes so well with pink, and it breaks up that mass of color. You’re right…there IS such a thing as too much of a good thing. I love pink, but not when it makes you nauseous (as opposed to curing it as in Pepto Bismol!!!).

    Don’t worry…we won’t spill the beans to Mr. Fun. We’ll just let him be pleasantly surprised. Husbands LOVE that, don’t they? πŸ˜‰ Happy Mother’s Day, Linda! Thank you for sharing the wonder of your pink tree!!!

  14. OMG, that tree is stunning! What kind is it? Your table is beautiful…I just love those Pier 1 chargers…but was too cheap to pay the asking price…I just checked eBay, they are still more than I want to pay! Guess that is what happens when you find so many great deals at thrift stores…LOL. What a beautiful pattern Charlotte is. Thanks for sharing your beautiful deck area.
    Happy Mother’s Day, Linda

  15. How lucky you are to have such a beautiful, flowering tree in your yard. What type is it? Of course, the other pictures are lovely as well! Please let me know what type of tree you have!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  16. Oh my goodness, that pink tree is breath taking! How gorgeous! And your table and place settings are lovely! Thanks for visiting my lilac post at Victorian Wanna Be! Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

  17. Now THIS is pink! I’m sorry, I still feel a bit traumatized by that dreadful table you showed us last week! Yuk! But, I digress. Love this table! If I could have Nellie’s view every morning, I know I would add years to my life. I had never given much thought to the pink-yellow combination, but it’s fantastic! I’m on a quest right now for some pink dishes. I’m thinking of starting a collection of Haviland Apple Blossoms, but I still haven’t made up my mind. Every time I think: “This is it” I find another delightful pattern that just confuses the heck out of me. But, if I ever make up my mind, I’m going to keep the pink-yellow idea in the back of my mind to try out. Happy Mother’s Day, Linda! I hope you spend it surrounded by your family, especially those wonderful kids you love!

  18. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images…a little bit of heaven on earth!! Love the beautiful pink blossom tree and your pretty “Charlotte” dishes, everything is just gorgeous! Happy Mother’s Day!

  19. Hi Linda,
    I like what Linda, your first commentor said. She is drunk from all the pink beauty. I feel the same way. Your blossoms are beyond gorgeous. I don’t know if there is a word to describe their beauty. How blessed you are to have such a tree on your property! Your Charlotte dishes are very pretty and the pink and yellow theme is just so happy. I enjoyed your post so very much and thank you for sharing it with us here in blogland. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!


  20. How pretty. Your dishes are so charming and I love that you collect ones called Charlotte. Your chargers are beautiful, especially the white ones. Wow! Your dog looks so sweet, a great companion, I’m sure. Deb

  21. Nothing prettier than a full blown pink cherry tree in Springtime – and yours is gorgeous!

    Happy Mother’s Day

  22. That tree is gorgeous! I, too, have had to stay off the porch in the past until late June because birdies were nesting. I love your beautiful dishes, and Nellie – what can I say? She is the best!

    Such a lovely post.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  23. Hi Linda,

    Your flowering cherry tree, with its tissue paper texture and candy floss colour, has got to be the SWEETEST sign of spring this year!! Add to that darling dishware and daffodils, cute kiddos and Nellie’s robin radar, and you’re in pink fairy tale paradise!


  24. Your tree is magnificent and I would find it very hard to trim those branches too. As a self precessed dishaholic, I applaud your choice of dishes. Lovely! My hubby does not really can about which plate we use either. It’s just the way men are, give them a good meal and they are as happy as can be. Thank you for a lovely visit!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  25. Lovely table Linda. Aren’t those robins pesky thru the spring? Does an umbrella really work? I’ll have to try that. I love them nesting so close though. It seems like their choice of nesting sites says something about the home owners. πŸ™‚

  26. What can be more beautiful??? Those trees are magical. What a stunning setting for your table. If this doesn’t say spring, I don’t know what does. Gorgeous post and beautiful children. Thanks for visiting me.

  27. This is just glorious! There is a Wedgwood pattern named Williamsburg. Your just enough pink table is beautiful. Oh, i downloaded “Return to Sorrento. “. Thanks. Cherry Kay

  28. Wow wow and wow, Linda! That tree is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen!!!! The color and the way the branches are drooping so delicately is just glorious!!! I don’t blame you for wanting to take that beauty with you if you ever move! I would too! πŸ™‚ Such a gorgeous dining space you’ve created on your porch. Love it!

    xoxo laurie

  29. So beautiful! I love the color combo, and everything looks perfect. The dishes are lovely, and the tree, well, God’s work for sure!
    Your royalty are easy on the eyes too! Your Prince William is much more handsome than England’s and yours has hair! πŸ™‚
    I loved seeing this, a very happy table!

  30. Linda, this is just GLORIOUS!! Sheer heaven! Your children, including your fur baby are beautiful, too.
    Every inch of this table makes my ♥ sing…I am SOOOO glad that Spring has finally arrived.

    Thank you for sharing this special corner of your world.


  31. Oh my goodness….how blessed you are to be able to look at this beautiful tree any time you want…and I, too, would want that luscious color in my house..
    I love love love those dishes…and I promise….if ever I see dishes with WILLIAM in the name, I’ll buy them and send them to YOU. :))

  32. Hi Linda, I think your heavenly pink tree is a flowering cherry. I wouldn’t trim it either until each and every petal has fallen. I know we would be the best of friends if we were close. Everything you love, so do I. Our taste is so similar, colors, dishes and beautiful tablescapes and flowers, I’m drooling over your daffs. Mine have come and long gone. Family comes first and your children are beautiful. I love MC, the door bell is so charming. Wish I lived close to the store. We had one in Atlanta, sadly it closed.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    The French Hutch

  33. Oooh Linda – your spring blooms are just gorgeous! I have the same tree in my front yard (I believe it is a Kwanzan Cherry) and I eagerly await its blooms every spring. When the petals start to fall, it looks just like pink snow all over the ground.

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