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Butterflies, Petals and Purses

It’s pink petal party time, so pick a purse and join me under my tree!

Once a year, if I’m lucky, usually around the time that my bulbs are at their peak beauty, a pink cloud appears on my back deck, when millions of petals pop open on my cherry tree, thrilling me and giving Mr. Fun something to do when they all fall off the branches and stick like glue to everything in sight.

The falling petals usually don’t bother me at all, because during this brief time I’m able to set pretty tables underneath.

It’s easy because no one is really looking at the table.

Or the food.  So I can serve jello in a dainty crystal glass and it tastes delicious.

I haven’t seen any butterflies fluttering in my yard yet this year, but one of my favorite enamel dish patterns has butterflies of every color.  These MacKenzie-Childs butterflies are wearing wings made of M-C patterns, some current and some retired.

My bulbs from Colorblends have produced the most beautiful daffodils and tulips.  I can’t recommend them highly enough!  I just toured Bunny Williams’ garden again, and she told me that she switched to Colorblends this year too.  (post coming soon, I promise! 🙂 )

I like the contrast of the pastel blossoms, the colorful, dainty butterflies, and the bold black and white of the Courtly Check.

Dear MacKenzie-Childs, In the extremely off chance that you see this, PLEASE bring back the heart sachets that you see dangling in the photo below.  They were one of my favorite hostess gifts!

I might start using these enamel spoons.  Do you think they would make good hostess gifts?

As you can see, Mother Nature was adding her own touch to my table, sending gentle breezes to shake petals onto my dishes.

If petals on your plates and in your tea don’t bother you, please pull up a chair, choose a purse for your place card, and join me.

Which tiny purse would you choose?

(you can see them in another post here)

~~ I hope you have enjoyed your visit and I look forward to hearing from you! ~~

Linda 🙂

joining these parties! (I LOVE parties!)  Thank you to the hostesses, Susan and Michael Lee!

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22 thoughts on “Butterflies, Petals and Purses

  1. What a treat to see your post this morning. Your table is delightful with the MC Courtly check and butterflies! Your flowers are beautiful and I must look into the Colorblend bulbs.
    Your gorgeous cherry tree is the pièce de rèsistance!

    1. Hi Bonnie! I’m glad my table gave you pleasure! I would love to sit at it with you and have a little chat about travel and tables and other interesting things. You should definitely look at the Colorblends site as they have a special line of bulbs which they recommend for successful blooming in the South. I know you will find that to be helpful in your warm, gorgeous area! Linda

  2. That’s gorgeous, Linda! I usually get all fired up when I see those petals blow in from the neighbors’ trees (and soon thereafter start rooting in my landscape), but there’s no denying the beauty of that sight you’ve capture, especially with your tablescape! To see all the trees in full bloom and blowing petals in DC is also a sight to behold. I had a poodle that used to eat those flower petals. 🙂 Love that pattern and, as a purse collector, those handbag place card holders are simply adorable. It won’t be long before you see those butterflies flitting about your region.

    1. Hi Rita, So funny about your poodle! Our chocolate lab, Nellie, used to roll in those petals, and then expected to come into the house! That’s where I drew the line with them! I thought you would notice the little handbags. They always make me happy. I’m on my way to D.C. tomorrow, and while all the blossoms are long gone from those trees, there is always some beauty to find there. Have a great weekend! Linda

  3. Just when I thought the spring tablescapes were done! Your creative table setting is delightful. Thank you for sharing, this is one of my favs.

    1. Hi RS, So glad you liked the table! It is still Spring here, actually pretty cold and rainy today, so it’s hard to think about beach tables, but I’m sure I’ll be doing that soon! I’m always happy to have a visit from you, and I hope you have plans for some fun this weekend. Linda

  4. What a sweet setting! The pink petals gently dancing in the air make this even more inviting! Of course, I love your dishware! I can check at the Barn Sale for the hearts, if you like!

  5. Oh my! A lovely spot to have jello on a sunny spring afternoon. Your photography is delightful. I agree, black and white is a nice contrast against pastels. The adorable place card holders make for a difficult choice, however, I chose the pink and white polkadot.

  6. Linda, this is sheer delight! I love the pink petals overhead and underfoot. Of course the dish ware makes my heart sing. I don’t have any of the butterfly pieces, but every time I see them, I think I need to add some. I love that the wings are all the different MKC patterns. I think the enamel spoons make a great hostess gift. Great idea! I wish the heart sachets were still available. Like you, I gave them as gifts, and didn’t keep any for myself. I wish I had. These and several other items would be on my list for MacKenzie-Childs to bring back. I have some new ideas too. Wish they would ask. Ha!
    I’ve made a note in my garden journal to buy Colorblend bulbs for next year. Your blooms are lovely!
    Thanks for a lovely morning on your terrace under the pink cloud. I’ll take the black and white stripe bag at my place, please. 😉

  7. Linda, how this excites me! You know how I love the beautiful cherry tree and the care you have given to it. What an idyllic setting! Before I came to your blog this morning, I pulled out my yellow placemats so we could use them with the Taylor ceramic plates for a little celebration on Monday. I think the yellow goes so well with MKC pieces. Of course, I love your dishware, and I have the butterfly pattern. Patti and I can see if the barn sale has the hearts for you. I’d like the black and white striped purse at my seat please.

    1. I just read the comments, and I see that Sarah would like the striped one so I will choose the black and white polka dot purse…love them both. LOL

  8. What a sweet way to embrace the pretty pink cherry tree petals on your deck! Love the dishes and the adorable little purses! The tulips and daffodils are beautiful! I’ve never heard of Colorblends before- I’ll have to check them out.

  9. SWOON Linda! I snuck a peek at your post on my phone but was out of time and am just now back to ooh and aah and comment. Your cherry tree outdid herself this year with her abundance of blooms and petal confetti! I adore your table with the MK-C butterfly garden and Courtly Check too. Your Colorblend bulbs have been spectacular, I think I might have to plant some this fall! As far as the CC heart sachets or the spoon, either would make a wonderful hostess gift…too bad the hearts are no longer available. As far as a tiny purse, I choose the multi-striped one…it would go with everything. 🙂 I’m looking forward to another tour of Bunny Williams’ garden!

  10. What a beautiful setting, how fun to sit among your cherry tree and enjoy the petals falling. It looks like something off a Hallmark movie!!! The purses are cute and I would fall for either of the polka dot purses!

  11. Linda, I’m torn between the Tiffany blue purse, and the one with the pink stripe. These are so cute! How do you always manage to find such interesting things? Your flowers are truly gorgeous, and a source of never-ending delight. I haven’t had Jell-O in years, but suddenly I’m craving it! I may just have to make some soon. Glad to see you continue use to enjoy your beautiful tree. Take care, Maria

  12. Hi Linda, such a sweet post. Loving those cute purses. I love them all, but I am think I am partial to the pink one. Your table looks so pretty with all of the blooms. Of course MC dishes are fabulous. It would be heavenly to sit at this table. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  13. Good to find you here this week. It’s been quite a while. I pick the little black and white stripe purse on the back row….quite Coco Chanel, I think. I could sit for hours at your table and perchance watch Mr. Fun pick up a few blossoms while we sip a glass of wine and eat jello….jello and wine…yep, works for me. The MacKenzie Childs dishes are the perfect choice for your naturally whimsical and beautiful setting. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

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