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Totes Taking Tea

Miss Rosie and Miss Posie


went to tea


with a blueberry–peach cake to share,


They sipped on some honey, so glad it was sunny,



And could think of no joy to compare.


Miss Rosie said, “Let’s never let this day end,



Without sharing with fans near and far,


Oh friendly Posie!  Oh Posie, my friend,


What a beautiful Tote you are,

          You are,

          You are!


What beautiful Totes we are!”



~~~~~ with apologies to the brilliant Edward Lear! ~~~~~

the owl and the pussycat: Baby Owl and Kitty, well loved childhood friends of Will, now carefully tucked away by moi


dishes, totes, hearts and runcible spoons:  MacKenzie–Childs


linens:  Pottery Barn


napkin rings: Juliska


honey pot:  a treasured gift from a very sweet blogging friend (whose idea it was for the Tote Tribe to do this table! xoxox 🙂 )


delicious coffee cake recipe: thanks to Mary from Home is Where the Boat is (see the real thing here!)


flowers: from my yard ~~ Thank you Mr. Fun for harvesting them when you surely wanted to be doing something else! 🙂


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any runcible spoons in your kitchen? 🙂

Happy August to all!

Linda 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Totes Taking Tea

  1. Linda, what a great way to welcome in August! Your tea for two is adorably detailed, from the flowers carried by Miss Rosie and Miss Posie, down to the rings on the napkins. The honey pot’s beautiful! No runcibles in this house, not even rhe fast-food kind, but I’d sure like to take a stab of that cake. No doubt it’s delish if Mary suggested it.
    Here’s hoping your August is as delightful as this tea was. I think you made Mr. Lear proud. 😉

  2. Linda, Your totes are a thing of beauty filled with your garden flowers! I love seeing those big, beautiful pink and blue hydrangea blooms when mine have long faded in the summer heat. The Butterfly Garden enamelware is perfect for a summer picnic or tea and your honey pot is bee-utiful with your CC spoon. I’m so honored my coffee cake was invited to your tea. ♥ Happy August!

  3. Ohhh…Ahhh.. I had to scroll back and forth many times to take in all this beauty. I didn’t want this post to end.
    Thanks for sharing and I must admit I had to google ‘runcible’. I learned something new today.

  4. Wow, Linda. I’ve missed you! This post is so charming and elegant!
    Your butterfly mugs are adorable. I am feeling drawn to buying some butterfly pieces given my current obsession with butterflies.
    Your yard flowers are gorgeous and look beautiful gathered in your totes.
    Delightful post.

  5. This was certainly a good year for hydrangeas! Yours are lovely and really compliment all the checks! Adorable butterfly enamel – and it’s perfect for tea and delicious coffee cake! Thanks for joining our challenge!

  6. It looks like your garden has provided great bounty for your totes. Your entire post is a delight and a wonderful way to start my day.

  7. Oh Linda, your tote tea party is so charming I can’t leave! I am scrolling up and down enjoying the gorgeous totes filled with flowers, and they all came from your garden! The story has me smiling over my morning coffee as I think of how much fun this must have been for you to put together. The honey pot is so sweet, what a lovely gift. The cake looks amazing, I would love to sit and enjoy a piece in your garden with you. Happy August 🙂

  8. Oh be still my flower loving heart! The blooming totes are such a joy Linda, so bright and happy and at home with fluttering butterflies and bees full of honey! And of course, Mary’s cake, I spied that temptation immediately, and wished that an extra place at the table was for me! I have never had the pleasure of dining with a runcible spoon, what delightful fun!

  9. Oh my goodness! The totes with the pretty garden flowers are simply stunning. Your cake looks divine! I am visiting all the traveling tote summertime tables posts. They are all so fun and lovely! The M-C butterfly enamelware is perfect in this setting. Beautiful post!

  10. Linda, I want to sprout wings and buzz right in for this delightful tea. The blooming totes capture my flower-loving heart with their gorgeous offerings, and to think, they are all from your own garden. My girls had to rely on Trader Joe’s! 😉 This tea time is full of inspiration and gives me a cooling respite from the Texas heat. You are sweet to work in the honey pot. I love it with the little CC spoon. Mary’s coffee cake recipe is the perfect tea time treat. Your cake looks amazing! Each time I see the Butterfly pieces, I tell myself I must add some. Perhaps I’ll start with some cups for tea! Oh, and I need to add a Courtly Check spoon. Happy Tea Time, my friend!

  11. Beautiful post Linda featuring your lovely totes. The flowers are gorgeous. I can only be envious of their beauty. The butterfly mugs are the cutest and I definitely want a honey pot. That coffee cake looks so yummy and delicious. A perfect treat with a nice cup of tea. This has been such great fun.

  12. Miss Rosie and Miss Posie certainly look like they are enjoying the tea in the garden. I love how the gold on the honey pot coordinates with the gold rim on the butterfly plates! I agree with Miss Rosie that you should not let the day ever end. Kudos to your hubby for helping with your beautiful bouquets. Happy August Linda!

  13. Linda, Miss Rosie and Miss Posie are filled to the brim with beautiful flowers from your garden! The honey pot is too darling and Mary’s cake had to be perfect with tea! How much fun it would be to have tea at your gorgeous table!

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