Flowers, Spring

Hope Springs Eternal

Spring 2016

The first day of Spring, 2016


growing up in our house we celebrated it on March 21, my dad’s and my grandmother’s birthday!  (imagine getting your first baby (named William) as a birthday present!)  

In the eyes of my grandmother my dad, even fully grown, was her baby boy and he always tolerated her motherly attentions, which I constantly remind my own William who was my baby boy 24 years ago, almost on my own birthday…


But back to the first day of Spring.  Here in Connecticut we woke to this lovely sight:

Spring 2016

My bunny, who patiently held birdseed all winter and was now awaiting a bouquet of flowers, was a bit confused.  He has quite the startled look, doesn’t he?

Spring 2016

And my fairies, who had emerged a few days ago to celebrate with the leprechauns, were tucked away for a bit more hibernating:

Spring 2016

The spring snow is soft and wet, the air has a tinge of warmth which is not present on even the warmest of January days, and there is some beauty in the gray and white landscape.

Spring 2016

But I’m ready for April showers and May flowers, so as I walked along I was delighted to spy this bright yellow dot!  Do you see it?

Spring 2016

It’s hiding behind the hydrangea.

Spring 2016

Little daffodils with drooping heads, wondering why they chose to pop open so soon!

Spring 2016

But within a few minutes of snapping that photo, the sun melted the gray sky and the little daffodils cheered up immediately!  See how the blossoms have perked up already?  By noon they will be fully open, and more will soon follow.

Spring 2016

Blue sky arrived, chasing away even the tiny wispy clouds.

Spring 2016

It has become a most glorious day!  Blue sky, white snow. I love blue and white!

Spring 2016

Especially with a touch of yellow.

Spring 2016

My bunny is happily dreaming of warmer days, and wishes you a very Happy Easter.

vintage pink tea

Welcome Spring!

Linda 🙂

~happy birthday, Dad xoxo~

I’m joining the Springtime fun at Metamorphosis Monday and Blue Monday

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20 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. Oh, Linda, the photographs are breathtaking, each one building upon the other. And I love your accompanying words. Daffodils peeking out of the snow, the stone bunny (he really does look like he’s been pummeled by a snowball!), the magical fairy house beneath the Japanese maple, the peek at your beautiful, classic home…just gorgeous. That said, I hope sunny skies and warm temperatures come your way soon so you can work your own magic in the garden.

  2. Hello Linda, I absolutely love your post today. Your photos of the snow and the darling daffodil’s are outstanding.
    The blue skies and the snow are breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home and yard today.
    Your bunny says it all with his pretty flowers and hope for Spring. Have a wonderful Easter.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  3. Linda, it is difficult for this Texan to comprehend that you are still getting snowfall. Ha! We had a week of 90+ temps a week ago. Fortunately it has returned to normal cooler weather. We are back in sweaters and light jackets and a cozy fire at night.
    Love that the clump of daffodils braved the snow and popped up for you. The thought made me smile. I have daffodils blooming on my dining room table. 😉
    Loved seeing all this beauty! Have a great week!

  4. What a lovely photo story you’ve told us. It was cold and wet here in Virginia on the 21st. I bought eggs & butter and set my daughter to making cookies in the kitchen. But we were glad for it, my son was in Maine finishing up the ski season at a competition and needed that nice cold snap to firm up the snow. Happy Birthday to your father –

  5. Oh, your bunny peeking out of the snow is just adorable! We have had lovely weather, so I have been prepping the garden as last year the leaves hadn’t dropped before the snow came. He does look much happier with a bundle of flowers!

    Send me your address to

    1. Jacqueline, I was just reading your lovely comment and smiling and then suddenly I came to the last line announcing that I have won your book, and I had to sit down! I am SO delighted to have won your amazing cookbook!!!! I will cherish it and hope that some of your incredible talents will rub off on me when I read it and cook from it! I have been telling everyone I know about it so somehow that must have helped!!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see it!

      Linda 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Hi Linda!

    We had snow last week and today we had a blizzard of over 2 feet with high winds that caused high snow drifts. It is certainly a strange way to welcome spring, but March is always Colorado’s snowiest month.

    Congratulations of winning Jacqueline’s cookbook! I’m sure it will be full of beautiful and tasty recipes. I love all the extra’s that Jacquie puts into everything she does.

    Have a very Happy Spring!

  7. Linda, when I first read this post the other day I was sympathetic for the bad joke Mother Nature played on you for Spring – more like an April Fools’ Day, huh? My oldest daughter’s bday is the first day of Spring and it is absolutely one of my favorite days/times of year. Spring goes on to give a beautiful show for months to come in my region – we have all four seasons, each fairly distinct and following the calendar closely. I love your bunny, and yes, I think a trip to the Greenbrier would certainly make for a wonderful trip! Think how great our totes would look on all the Dorothy Draper decor as backdrop! 🙂 Happy Spring and Happy Easter to you!

  8. How is it that I had never seen your fairy house? It’s darling! I’m sure those fairies are also hoping for warm weather soon! Here in Chicago, the weather has been unpredictable (so, what else is new?), with the temperature surging up and down many, many degrees, so no one ever seems to be dressed appropriately. My daffodils are also beginning to peek out. I can’t wait for warmer weather!

  9. After such a mild winter, I guess spring had to have that last snowfall. I was sorry to miss it as my winter visit to Maine was entirely snowless. I love your photo of color peeking through the snow.

  10. What beautiful photos, Linda…I like your surroundings, esp. the classic lines of your lovely home!
    We had the same weather but today is S-L-O-W-L-Y warming up & the sun is finally out.
    I hope I see some pretty flowers like yours real soon. Some bunny ate the tips of my tulips already but the hyacinths are peeking through. Hurry up Spring!

  11. What beautiful photos Linda! I love your confused bunny, so cute, and he looks very happy at the end with his bouquet instead of snow! The daffodils look incredible poking through the snow…we had a hail storm at the beach Easter weekend, crazy Spring weather!

  12. As they say, “if you don’t like the weather in New England, wait five minutes”. Snow is lovely but at this time of the year I was always anxious for warm spring days and yes, lovely yellow daffodils when we lived in New Hampshire.

  13. What beautiful photos Linda, even if spring’s arrival is more like April Fool’s Day! While I don’t want to see snow on the first day of spring or later, the snow against your blue sky is stunning. Hope does spring eternal with those daffies trying to face the sun! I looked at the weather for Connecticut and it looks like you’re warming up. We have had the driest March on record and no April showers in sight while poor Houston is flooded…Mother Nature is confused. I hope your bunny is holding beautiful spring blooms soon! P.S. I don’t remember seeing you adorable fairy house!

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