Resolutions and Confessions

My name is Linda Green and I am a list maker.

I have “To Do” lists and lists of things to buy, places to go, things for Mr. Fun to do, and even a list of “lists to make” on which you will find a list of things such as christmas presents, my carolers, what to pack for this weekend, and my dishes.
My lists can be very specific as the greatest joy is to be found in that pleasurable crossing out of a completed item!  But if you were to see one of my lists it would be a bit puzzling.  Yes, you would understand “clean out the veggie bin” and “front driveway pots” but how about these?

call for manicure/pedicure
take Nellie for a walk on the beach
spray the yard with something organic to drive away the munching deer and other varmints

And what would you think of me if you read this?

Can you see one?
Well, there are more.
But first, on to my true confessions.

We are just beginning to feel the snappy autumn air, so it’s time to make my fall list of things to do.  That list often includes more “resolution” type items, as  autumn seems like a time of new beginnings for me, contrary to the popular spring/rebirth image.  I think it’s the school calendar and settling in for a different lifestyle that inspires me to get going on a few changes.  

Last year, while making my “fall–to do before Thanksgiving” list, I added
buy shelves for basement for dish storage.
Then I had a revelation. If this enormous and  
hauntingly-empty-now-that-it’s-usually-just-Mr. Fun-and-me house could not hold my dishes in its 7000 square feet and numerous kitchen cabinets and other closets, it was time to let go.  And my resolution became 
organize/sell/donate dishes 
followed by another:

(you can see some of those by clicking on the sidebar label “Charlotte dishes”)

I was doing very well.  Then one day, while perusing some blogs of other dishaholics, I clicked through in my usual random way, and found these:

You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought!!
Not just “Charlotte.”  “Charlotte Green.”  And LENOX.  And discontinued.
~~ and beautiful~~

I wondered if these were a test of my resolve, a temptress disguised 
in flawless china and daintily dressed in green flowers?

Well, yes, probably.  But I prefer to think they are a reward for all my good behavior–the reason I was making all that room in my cupboards!
Either way, they have found their way to my house.
Have you ever seen a daintier mug?

(and there are ROSE covered dessert dishes and teacups!! 🙂 !!)

My linen stash is not as extensive as my dish hoard, but I found these napkins with lovely mums in fall colors and a soft blue, long unused and tucked away, waiting for the right dishes to arrive!

~~ Linens and Lenox ~~

~~ perfect together for a mother-daughter birthday brunch.  ~~

You see, this is why I had to hang pumpkins.

Is that what you thought I meant?
These pumpkins are hanging in my “den” as we call it, although the room is neither small nor dark.

  Hanging those sparkly pumpkins requires inordinate patience and trials, so crossing that item off my list was quite satisfying.  They will stay there until after Thanksgiving, when they may be replaced with snowflakes.

The sun rises on this side of the house and beams in this window, making it an ideal breakfast/brunch spot.

I love the morning light streaming in here, and the reflection of the pumpkins in the glass makes it seem like I actually hung all the pumpkins I intended to, before I gave up!

These pumpkins are too pretty to hide away so I scattered them on the table,
and on the dishes,

and tucked them into the mugs.

Of course, all these dishes needed to be washed before the food was added. We all need to sparkle, inside and out, but not from real glitter!

Although all my pumpkins are from Old World Christmas, they don’t feel Christmasy at all as they hang over our birthday table.  I am being inspired by this birthday gift, however, to think about my Christmas decor.  I am thinking about a white wonderland/woodland look this year, very different from my usual Williamsburg style.  

Now I have a new list to make.  I will title it
elements of a woodland Christmas.  
Oh, goodie, goodie!

But first I will enjoy these glorious fall days.  The colors are just starting here but the nights are very cold, and that’s when we know autumn has truly arrived.

There is one list I have never finished.  Twenty-five years ago I left my round-the-clock job for early maternity leave, thinking I had a month in which I could accomplish so much.  I filled a legal pad with three columns of things to do, then immediately went into the hospital and came home a week later (!) with my own little 
Charlotte Green.
I still have that list, and one thing which continues to move onto new lists is
organize photos.
Maybe next year.

 What’s on your To Do list?

~~ the reason I needed the Charlotte Green dishes~~  

Happy birthday little pumpkin.

 Linda 🙂

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35 thoughts on “Resolutions and Confessions

  1. Oh Linda, how could you NOT by them, Charlotte Green, seriously??? Of course!! Love your table, the package, the hanging pumpkins, everything. Lists are good, they tell a tale. xo

  2. Oh, this is a fabulous post, Linda! Love your dishes, your pumpkins and your lists (I have a 110 page inventory list of tableware and linens in my computer!!). I would never leave that table with the beautiful window and view – I might just show up one day and never leave – lol!!

  3. Linda, I don’t why you would hesitate with Charlotte Green dishes or any Charlotte dishes for that matter! Love your pumpkin collection hanging in the window and I’m wild about that faux bois wrapping paper and ribbon! I’m a bonafide list maker too. It is so satisfying to cross something off but I usually transfer the unfinished projects to a new list 🙂 Happy Birthday to your favorite pumpkin!

  4. Beautiful table, Linda. I especially like the china, maybe because it has green and looks great against the chargers? Those little pumpkins are adorable. Happy birthday to your own Charlotte Green!
    Have a wonderful week…

  5. You have indeed developed your own shorthand! I’ve made the same resolution when it comes to buying any more dishes, but then along comes that something you can’t live without. Right? Clever to hang the pumpkins.

  6. I love this post! every bit of it. I’m so impressed at your cleaning out of dishes. Yes, 7,000 square feet is a lot of house. I have to admit, I don’t generally get rid of dishes. I find I may not use them for years, but then there’s the perfect dish to match with something else. I can so understand why you had to get these dishes – not only are they gorgeous, but the perfect name!

    One of these days, I’d love to meet. Cross that big Sound and share our love of dishes!

    – The Tablescaper

  7. Oh Linda, I LOVE your pumpkins! Everything looks so delightful and Autumn-ish 🙂 Happy Birthday to your little Pumpkin! Enjoy the rest of your week. Hugs to you!

  8. Oh Linda, you know every dish addict out there is thinking the same thing and resolving the same thing! I did well all summer – stayed away from any purchases – but then fall came and I gave in, but I am trying! Hope people don’t get too sick of me recycling everything!
    These dishes are gorgeous and the color is wonderful! It is so soft and pretty.
    The hanging pumpkins are just magical and I am sure they are so beautiful with the sun sparkling off them. What a perfect place to hang them.

  9. I make lists too, Linda, but probably not as much as you, lol. And you’re right, it feel’s so good checking them off. Those Lenox plates are gorgeous! I probably wouldn’t be able to resist them either. Your table is so pretty…Christine

  10. Oh my goodness! First of all, you had me with that gorgeous package~then the list making, so funny~then the dish storage, my house is a huge nest too, and I have stuff stashed randomly everywhere and keep thinking I will organize and inventory it…creative people can’t be organized, it’s against their nature! Your hanging pumpkins are the cutest thing ever, but you really had me at the Charlotte story~ Charlotte is my granddaughter’s name~Both of your Charlotte Greens are beautiful!

  11. Linda! There’s so much to love in this post . . . I don’t know, this might be my favorite . . . maybe. I don’t want to commit myself because you’ve done so many wonderful posts! First of all, OF COURSE you had to get these dishes! Not only are they fitting because of the name, they are just beautiful and I think they’ll proof to be versatile as well; that is a lovely green. I loved the wrapping on the package. Truly wonderful! I’m a sucker for a beautifully wrapped presents. Woodland themes for Christmas are among my favorites, and I am very much looking forward to yours!

  12. Oh Happy Birthday to your little pumpkin! I love the hanging pumpkins. I am a listaholic too. I was just explaining (again) to my husband last night as I updated my Christmas shopping list, that without a list I can not stay on track. He’s a Marine so he understands “failing to plan is planning to fail” concepts. Enjoyable post! Jennifer

  13. Oh your new dishes are so pretty, and I love the little pumpkins hanging in the window. I also love your chicken wire chargers. That package is gorgeous. I want you to have me over on my birthday. I wish you hadn’t mentioned the photographs. That is something that has been on my to do list for-ever. I’ve lived more years than you, so I’m sure have a lot more of them to tackle than you, so do it now, while it’s not as big a task. laurie

  14. I am alos a “list” person…it certainly feels good to see black scratches thru my accomplishments – but sometimes I lose my lists 🙂 and that is frustrating!! I love your chargers – were did you find them? Love your pumpkins, too. Wishing you a “crossed off list” !!!

  15. I make lists, too. Especially when I’m working away from home.Love your hanging pumpkins and I freely admit I am a dishaholic myself. I don’t know what I would do if I had your square footage – I’d be totally out of control1


  16. I had some painted wooden fall leaves that I bought from Penny’s one year. They were on strings that hung across the window like a curtain panel, they looked so lovely the windows. Then the cats found them. They will never be the same. They have been laying in a jumbled mess in a basket for nearly ten years now. I keep telling myself someday I will re-purpose them and make something creative. Your pumpkins do look beautiful in the light from the window (I hope you don’t have any playful curious cats around the house). The Lenox Charlotte Green plates are gorgeous. I would have succumbed too.

  17. Those are such beautiful dishes, I’m sure your daughter will appreciate them too! I think it is totally acceptable to store your dishes in the basement, Martha Stewart does it, and she’s always been my idol for beautiful tablescapes! You can’t create them if you don’t have the supplies! 🙂

  18. Linda… just came across your blog and love it. Great mix of beautiful photos and great humor. Just my cup of tea… PS… I was born in Connecticut.. Your newest follower.. KC

  19. Your new dishes are delicious! You are right, you should have room in a house that size, wow!
    I love your hanging pumpkins too! So pretty.
    I am finished changing themes for Cmas. My family doesn’t come, we go there and then they leave to ski, so why bother! I have cut way back, but I haven’t tackled the giving away part. Maybe this year!
    Anyhoo, your table is just lovely with the sun shining in, and HB to CG!
    Thanks for linking.

  20. Hi Linda, And THANK YOU sdo much for your visit!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO behind on blog visiting and e-mails too, right now I have 1100 e-mials waiting for me:(:( I love your table, the pumpkins are fabulous!!! XO, Pinky

  21. wow…7000 sq ft kitchen must be HEAVEN !! 🙂
    The table is beautiful, I love the new dishes and the pumpkins are out of this world. Now, of COURSE, I will be putting “find cute pumpkins to hang” on MY list….:) I don’t even know where to start or how to hang them, tho.

  22. First time visiting:) I love the new dishes and those hanging pumpkins are adorable! What a great idea and it looks so festive. I smiled as I read your to-list .. and your abbreviations. Your table and home is lovely! I’m your newest follower too:)


  23. Those dishes had your name on them, Linda, or rather your daughter’s name so you HAD to buy them! Your pumpkin ornaments are so charming. Happy birthday to your daughter!

    My “to do” list grows ever longer but my free time grows ever shorter. It’s still fun trying to catch up with it all!

  24. Oh, Lordy, I knew that I liked you, and now I know why. Big smile pasted on this dishaholics face. Of course, you needed Green Charlotte….even though you drove through Need 175 miles ago. Cherry Kay

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