Let’s Dish: Irish Version

DSC_0247Well, hello friends!  I’ve missed you all and we need to catch up!  The little table in my den is always ready for a quick meal, so why don’t we sit here with my virtual chicken (who is a he and a rooster but goes by the name Virtual Chicken around here) for a bite and a little chat?

DSC_0235He’s dressed for one of my favorite parties: Let’s Dish: The Irish Version, sporting a rainbow ribbon from my stash ~~

DSC_0288and I see that he has also found one of my Irish charms and a green puffy vintage enameled heart from my collection!

DSC_0242After the icy, frigid winter we’ve had, these golden daffodils are more exciting to me than any leprechaun’s pot of gold we might find at the end of the rainbow.

DSC_0232As you can see, there is still so much snow outside, although as I write I can hear huge blocks of it sliding off the roof.  So have a seat and let’s dish!

DSC_0265When I was a child the usual fare for St. Patrick’s Day was ham and cabbage with potatoes and carrots, all boiled together in a pot. I prefer to get our cabbage fix this way.

DSC_0296Fresh, crispy and bright food is more appealing, so I’ve made us an Irish flag salad.

DSC_0305Help yourself to a thick slice of delicious Irish soda bread from Trader Joe’s (Joe also supplied the daffodils, labeled as products of Ireland!).

DSC_0359I like my salad with the best olive oil and freshly ground black pepper.  How would you like yours?

DSC_0362Sparkling water with lime is so refreshing!  Inhale ~~ ahh, lime ~~ I love the scent!

DSC_0306I hope I’m tempting you to sit and talk.

DSC_0313I’m eager to hear what’s new in your world!  We are recovering from all the wedding festivities (photos to come next week!) and multiple house reno issues (does anything ever go smoothly?) and getting used to Mr. Fun’s commute back into NYC after years of working in CT.  Luckily he passes by a Magnolia Bakery  (actually 2!) every morning and evening, in Grand Central Terminal and Rockefeller Center, so don’t overindulge with the soda bread.  We have dessert coming.

DSC_0334That one’s chocolate.  And this is vanilla.

DSC_0324Both delicious ~~ which do you prefer?  I always choose chocolate!

Now, before you rush off to enjoy more Irish goodies, tell me and my little leprechaun all about your latest fun.

leprechaunPerhaps he’ll let you find his pot of gold, or grant one of your wishes.  I see that he has hung his rainbow on my Courtly Check tote.

DSC_0269My tote and I are joining the Traveling Tote ladies, Sarah, Debbie and Patti, for some fun this year, and she (yes,it’s a she, and she has a name), is waiting by the front door, packed and ready for some upcoming outings!


For now, I’ll listen to the snow melting (a most delicious and satisfying sound when it’s not running down the interior walls) and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day/week and all my blog friends!

Tip your glass and visit Let’s Dish!

I’ll also be joining Rattlebridge Farm and Tablescape Thursday, where I’ll be able to greet many friends!

DSC_0338And I leave you with one of my favorite blessings, Irish or otherwise~~

May the road rise up to meet you

May the wind be always at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face

And the rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Linda 🙂

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32 thoughts on “Let’s Dish: Irish Version

  1. Hi Linda, I’m so glad you’re back to blogging in time for an Irish jig and to ‘tip your glass’! What fun Irish plates paired with your Courtly Check and complete with your CC traveling tote too! (I noticed that it’s sitting in a chair next to a cloverleaf table. ♣ ) Your soda bread and Irish flag salad look delicious and I’ll fight you for the chocolate cupcake 🙂 I don’t get by Trader Joe’s as often and I miss it since we’ve moved to the lake,.I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your leprechaun will grant my wish and they’ll open one in our neck of the woods. The daffodils are so cheery and I know are a welcome touch of spring with your winter white out. Hope a spring thaw is on the horizon! P.S. I’m ready to see wedding photos!

  2. I enjoyed your presentation! The salad looks so good and so does the Irish Soda Bread! Love the MC dinnerware mixed with the Irish plates. Those daffodils are huge and the color is magnificent! I must get some! We’re melting down here too and from the inside of the house looks it looks like it’s raining because of it! Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  3. Oh Linda, what a charming way to celebrate the green! Love the charms and ribbon on the ms. chicken, so cute. The daffodils are gorgeous, my favorite flower and Trader’s Joe is my favorite place to shop! Love the MacKenzie Childs and Belleek and the traveling bag, such a fun and cute idea. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos (know the recovering feeling). Knowing you I know it was a beautiful celebration. Lucky you, hubs coming past those wonderful bakeries
    Still beautiful scene out the window and how I wish we could lunch together!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day……

  4. Hi Linda! You’ve been a busy gal, and I see your blog has a new outfit ;o) Fabulous Irish plates paired with Courtly Check. We are big fans of Magnolia Bakery and I’m sure you love seeing your hubby walk through the door with cupcakes. I can spot their box a mile away. LOL

  5. I adore your table! The Mackenzie-child charters are gorgeous under the Bordallo salad plates. Great combination and that salad is just beautiful! I think Daffodils are just one of the happiest flowers and your bouquet is so pretty just like a ray of sunshine on your table. Beautifully done!
    Miss Bloomers

  6. Yes, you did tempt me with that delicious looking fresh food!! You have some really nice Irish pretties to display!

    I’m getting very interested in the CC tote!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  7. What a delightful post…your table is just beautiful. And, I do believe your tote and my CC wine caddy match….gotta love it. 🙂

  8. Your clever wit and interesting banter are one of the “charms” of your post! I enjoyed it immensely. I like how we both talked about “charms” (and yes, mine were an alternate to the “cereal” variety!) and had a table set for 2 by a window. You, however showed lots of yummy food and I bow to you! Would love to be able to pull up a chair and have a visit with you! Visiting from Kathleen’s of course!

  9. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Linda! Love your colorful Irish flag salad and your pretty tablescape.

    I also dislike having home renovations done, but I know all your mess and headaches will be worth it in the end! I look forward to seeing the wedding photos.

    I miss Magnolia Bakery, but I did find a couple of wonderful cupcake bakeries here in Littleton to buy from when I don’t have time to bake.

    The CC tote bag is making quite an appearance–I look forward to seeing the travels you make!

  10. Your salad looks really delicious! We eat cabbage too, but I grew up eating and cooking it the country way, smothered…..bad, lots of butter! Yours looks much less naughty but just as nice. Sweet rainbows and cabbage plates!

  11. Linda, I have not had breakfast this morning, so I might be tempted to overindulged with the Irish Soda bread!! It looks delicious and so does the Irish flag salad. I prefer mine dry, as I do not like salad dressings (I know! There is something seriously wrong with me!). Those plates are adorable – everything is just perfect!!

  12. Hi Linda! Oh, what a darling post! I love your Irish food and the flay salad is just so cute and tasty looking too! Love your little leprechaun! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  13. Perfect! I make Irish Flag Soup, it would be great with your salad! Your table is delightful and yes, thank God that mess outside is melting. We have a detached garage and it has been like hiking the Alps to bring the trash out!
    I would have to mortgage the house to buy one of those bags, I couldn’t believe the price! I will look forward to your adventures. I may have to be the poor cousin with a knock off version!
    Thanks so much for joining in, I haven’t been blogging much, so I was happy to see so many of the gals show up for the party. Enjoy the sunshine and double digit temps! Do you think we are done with blizzards? What a winter for your dh to go back to the city! We barely made it to the supermarket!

  14. I soooo enjoyed reading your post, Linda! I’d love some Irish Flag salad and a slice of Irish Soda Bread. I was going to offer to bring some of my green velvet cupcakes, but I see that your sweetie already brought some home from the Magnolia Bakery. I’d love a chocolate one, too, please. I look forward to reading about the traveling tote series. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  15. I love your Kiss for Luck plates! You checkered flag plates really set them off, too. Chocolate for me, thanks. I’d love to sit down and enjoy some soda bread while we chat. 🙂 And your salad looks delicious! 🙂

  16. Helloo Linda! I have missed you, and apparently missed a lot of happenings going on there. Your table is spot on and those cupcakes, mmmmm. I have never been to Magnolia Bakery…I might need to hop the express bus and go visit.

  17. What a clever girl you are to present your salad as an Irish flag. That’s a great way to use your colors! It’s good to see you back after all of your happenings. I checked in from time to time just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

  18. Linda, I love the way you’ve dressed up your rooster for the occasion, and I love those “tip your glass” plates. Lovely setting for St. Patrick’s Day.

  19. Nice to see you back in the blogging world, you have been missed. I can’t wait to see the wedding photos, I know they will be lovely. I certainly would be happy if I was sharing a bite to eat at your pretty table…the daffodils are most welcomed right now. What’s new in my part of the world? We will be leaving New Hampshire and making a new home in Vero Beach, Florida…can’t take the cold and snow anymore.

  20. Oh, I would love to sit at your whimsical SPD table, Linda! It has some of my favorite things…salad, a rooster, and lots of green!
    Enjoy the weekend…

  21. Your daffodils have stolen my heart away on this cold and rainy night in Ohio. As the snow melted away over the past two days the daffodils in the yard are showing their green with the promise of flowers soon to bloom (but not soon enough for me). Your Saint Patrick’s day table is delightful. The salad that adorns the ever charming BP cabbage plates is perfectly lovely in the colors of the flag of the Emerald Isle. Could I have my salad with a bit of blue cheese with vinegar and oil? The shade of green on the kiss for luck plates is gorgeous and matches perfectly to the cupcakes, such a pretty sight they are together. Have a wonderful weekend….. Candy

  22. Linda,
    I adore your Courtly Check dessert tablescape, dear one!!!
    “Mr. Ed” has been seeing a Nutritionist since January . . .and I truly, miss all the sweets!!!
    Vanilla cupcakes make me weak in the knees!!!
    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

  23. So, the daffodils are Irish, huh? Okay, I’ll go along with that . . . at least for St. Patrick’s Day! But I agree with you, I’d too, get more excited about a vase of daffodils, than any ol’ leprechaun’s pot o’ gold! I do love TJ’s Irish Soda Bread, but this year I got mine at a new grocery store chain here in Chicagoland – Mariano’s – and their bread gave TJ’s a run for their money. It was delicious! I was thinking of you recently, because I just finished reading another Dumas’ book La Reine Margot (Queen Marguerite of Valois) and wondered if you ever got around to reading The Three Musketeers. I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy Dumas more in Spanish than in English. Spanish is not as good as the original French, but it’s probably much closer. So much was lost in the English translation! I suppose it would be similar to my trying to read Shakespeare in Spanish. Your lime has made me so thirsty for some lime-y water, I think I better go fix myself a glass . . .

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