Rooster Party



Welcome to our home!  I will be your guide while we observe a few of the many barnyard fowl living here.


Rooster Party



We have roosters of all types:

very LARGE,

Rooster Party



teeny tiny,

Rooster Party
and roosters from strange and exciting far away places!
Rooster Party


This very large rooster loves to strut his stuff. 

 Rooster Party


He’s showing off his tail feathers, but I don’t think it’s for us.
It looks like he has some interest in this gorgeous gal who lives nearby.



Rooster Party

Rooster Party

She has her eye on him, too.

Rooster Party

But she is not the only one!


Rooster Party



Another beauty.  Let’s let them work this out for themselves.

Rooster Party
We are still looking for the head rooster of this barnyard, the one and only famous Virtual Chicken.  He is neither virtual, nor chicken!  He is a very real ROOSTER.   But, he is usually up to some mischief.

He loves to be seen on all the holidays, dressed in his finest:

 Rooster Party

greeting guests at the kitchen door in his red, white and blue,

Rooster Party

wearing his heart on his sleeve, I mean, his neck, for his favorite Valentine,
Rooster Party
Rooster Party


or waiting for Santa!
Rooster Party



The last place I saw him was on the desk in the study.


Rooster Party


He keeps the Lady of the house company while she obsesses over her blog.  Plus, she can keep her eye on him!


 Rooster Party


Hmm.  Where has he gone now?  Maybe he heard about the sunflowers upstairs and went to see them for himself.  



Rooster Party


Yes, there he is!

Rooster Party


And what is that he is wearing?  Someone’s favorite heart necklace?!



He’s a pretty spiffy rooster for a virtual chicken!  🙂

Linda 🙂 and the Greeting Rooster


54 thoughts on “Rooster Party

  1. Hi Linda! I love love love your Rooster collection! You have so many lovely ones and chickens too! I love this stuff.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. What lovely roosters. And I love that guy who gets to dress up for every occasion! (I’ll have to be on the look-out for his brother. Wonder if he’d enjoy living in Nova Scotia?)

    Thanks for visiting me too.

  3. I love how your Roosters rule the roost…they sure look Relic in places! Beautiful colors too. Thanks for stopping over…I sure enjoyed this party!

  4. Love your roosters!! But my favorite is the virtual rooster…how fun that he gets to go everywhere and get all decked out for different holidays!!

  5. ooh love your roosters.. and Mr. virtual is certainly getting around these days. Quite the flamboyant charmer! Thanks for the really nice comment on my blog.. 🙂

  6. Linda, they are all so fun….so colorful and perky. I have the large one you are showing. It is sooooo lovely!!

    Thank you for joining and sharing with us. Have a wonderful time today.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  7. The pure white hen was my favorite, and oh dear – – – she’s not even a rooster!

    Don’t you think that the tail feathers from directly behind look like LOLLIPOPS on that one rooster, which gives me a GREAT idea – – – a ceramic rooster with SLOTS in his tail to hold lollIpops!

    Oh, and I really liked that very first roostery face too!

  8. Hi Linda…

    Girlfriend, what an entertaining post!!! I just loved it…chuckled and cackled all the way through! Hehe! Ohhh…you do have a beautiful collection of hens and roosters! I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them! Your big ol’ rooster with the pretty tailfeathers is just gorgeous! I love all that vibrant color! Hmmm…such pretty little hens too! I wonder which one will win the roosters attention? Hehe…what am I saying…he’ll probably have them both! wink! Now…I have to tell you that I just adore your wire rooster! Girlfriend, it looks like you’ve had so much fun decorating him for all the holidays and seasons! I am going to look for one like that…just love it!!! Ohhh…and I too…am a heart fan! Love your beautiful heart necklace!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your pretties with us today…such a treat!!!

    I also wanted to thank you for coming by and taking a peek at my frenchy studio/office! Your sweet note made my heart smile! Thank you, Girlfriend!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Linda!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  9. Hi Linda, thank you for visiting..I LOVE your roosters..but especially virtual rooster! He comes in very handy, doesn’t he?? the rest of yours are wonderful too esp the big white one..Maybe we should introduce our roosters and they can all fight it out!


  10. You are so funny. Love your virtual chicken-quite the little traveler! Thanks for the nice comment and for visiting. Come back soon! I know I’ll be seeing what you’re up to while you’re not doing laundry. Have a lovely weekend! Cindy.

  11. Oh how cute are your kitchen roosters! I especially loved your last rooster and the delightful Sunflowers. My grandkids and I have been enjoying the Sunflower House activities for grandparents and their grandchildren this summer so it was quite fun to see yours as well. And I love how you decorated your cute rooster for the holidays – so much fun! 🙂

  12. Hi, and thanks so much for stopping by my Cape May post and leaving such a lovely comment! Yes, there is a ferry from Delaware to Cape May, I think in a town called Lewes (?). So glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, I will be sure to post about The Willard Street Inn in Burlington – it’s a lovely B&B and very affordable, and within a short walking distance to the center of Burlington with the restaurants and shops. Did you get a chance to check out their website? Ciao, bella!

  13. there is something so touching about the teeny tiny rooster
    and I love the plump one too!!
    fun, colorful, whimsical photos
    such an enjoyable post 🙂

  14. Oh my goodness, Linda…your collection rivals Barb’s, for sure! Such wonderfully eclectic & colorful depictions of the King of the Roost! I loved seeing them & your beautiful blog. Great photos!

  15. Your post is something to crow about! Loved seeing your collection of roosters…especially the one showing off his tail feathers 🙂

  16. I think that I’ve seen enough roosters and chickens this week to go into business in Arkansas! LOL. Your collection is amazing. I really like the teeny tiny one hiding on the shelf. He made me smile. Thanks for stopping by my post for a visit. I couldn’t have lived in the Bavinger House either, but it was a great place to hang out. Cherry Kay

  17. Love the Lolly-Rooster! Love them all. (I kid you not, I brought my little green hen tureen up to the kitchen counter this week — guess the Universe was sending out poultry vibes…)
    Jude at dolcecapecod dot blogspot

  18. Oh, it’s so good to see your pretty Roosters again. Thank you for popping in to see me and thinking my little Carter looks like me!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  19. Love the roosters…I’m still working my way through visits to all the party participants…maybe I’ll finish by 2011. I am joining up as a follower and looking forward to getting to know you. Drop by for a visit when you have a chance.

  20. Your blog name is HILARIOUS and I totally agree…we need more fun and less laundry!!! Thanks for sharing all your roosters, I collect them too so much fun!! I’m a new follower..thanks sharon

  21. Hi Linda,

    Love your collection! My kitchen has become something of a coop itself, where several red and white lovelies have made themselves quite comfy in the hub of the house, just sitting there looking plump and pretty!


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