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I love to read, but I’m not one who will read any book that comes along simply because it is new.  I have pretty strict rules — excellent writing, take me on an adventure, make me laugh or tell me something new, introduce me to engaging characters, and NO SAP. Lately I’ve been enjoying the newest book by Frances Mayes, Under Magnolia, a memoir of her time growing up in Georgia.  It’s fascinating, and although I grew up many states away, NOT in the south, I nod my head in understanding as I read. Her writing creates a scene so clear I feel I am not staring at the pages of a book, but instead I am secretly watching from the kitchen or the bedroom and I am part of the events of her life as a child and young adult.  I savor the chapters, not wanting to finish the book too quickly. It is a more emotionally painful read than her books about Tuscany, and I’m not sure if I will be able to read it again and again as I do some of the others, so I go slowly now.


So, while reading this book, I started thinking about Georgia peaches.  Delicious, juicy, and a color that can’t be replicated.  I began thinking of a girl from rural Georgia growing up and becoming famous for her memoirs of Tuscany.  Then of course my mind wandered to her new Tuscan wines.  hehe.


And while it was stuck there I took a break to peruse the tiny book Picnics of Tuscany: Italian Country-Style Picnics to Enjoy at Home or Abroad.  I found many desserts to tempt me, but one intrigued me ~~ Pesche Alla Menta Con Amaretti ~~ peaches in wine spiced with mint and served with bittersweet apricot cookies.  (Just think about that for a moment.  Yummm.)  Well, mint I have by the bushel as it has taken over part of my yard, and I had a bottle of white wine (see it here, I forgot to take a pic) :), so I decided to try this exotic recipe.  The result was a soft, sweet, almost mousse-like taste sensation.

Blanch two ripe peaches for 2 minutes.

Remove peaches and skin.  (the skin comes off so easily!)

Dissolve 2 T sugar in a cup of white wine.  Add mint.

Submerge peaches.  (Add more wine if needed.)

Cover and marinate overnight in the fridge.

Serve in a bowl with a spoonful of the marinade and a sprig of mint.

Add a thin cookie ~~ I used an almond biscuit.

DSC_0839This is a perfect, elegant little peach to share with your honey at the end of a long day, or a long week, in our case.  Mr. Fun is suddenly retiring from the company he has been with for 23 years, and returning to the law firm he began with long ago as a new associate just out of law school!  Back then they were in 1 World Trade Center.  I was in 2 WTC, and although we waved out of the windows at the other tower, only in our imaginations could we actually see each other.  Now his firm has moved to midtown.  I’m hoping to reap the benefits of this latest upheaval with more evenings in NYC, as I can easily hop on the train to meet up for dinner, drinks and a show.  Time feels like it is spinning out of control right now, as this huge life event was added to our already hectic summer.

So a little time on the deck, in the candlelight, sounds wonderful.


Eat a peach.

then visit the novel bakers:

jain     mary     michael lee     pam


Linda 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Sweet Georgia Peach Picnic

  1. interesting to read your review, i noticed this book but somehow overlooked it the first time. i think i want to play in italy more than the south 😉 excellent tie in though between our wee book and peaches! they look wonderful. i agree mint is rampant, unless you live on the ca coast… deer keep it to a 3″ wide circle, a bare nub… they are not suppose to eat mint! i relish the good ole days of acres of mint,,,

    looks like you have lots of changes, hopefully for the best, its so nice you could linger over a candlelit picnic and reflect with the novel bakers~

    ps, take a look at cinnamon and gunpowder, i thought it was excellent…

  2. Hi Linda, I’m craving peaches by candlelight now! I’m wondering if the SC peaches I got from the farmers market several weeks ago are still available, the CA ones in the stores could be lethal weapons, they’re so hard. I have mint out the wazoo too, I thought I was controlling it in pot, and the roots took off underneath and it has seeded too, where are the deer when I need them? 🙂

    I’m intrigued by the book, I tend to read to escape and for entertainment. Too much emotional upheaval and tragedy I steer away from but I just popped over to Audible and saw the audio version was available, so I’ll check it out. I hope you can meet your hubby for a few candlelight dinners in the city. Thanks so much for the review, picnic by candlelight and for joining us the week!

  3. So happy I found u today. Have been loving y’all’s picnic ideas! Very happy to hear ms Francis has a new book out…I was lucky enough to see her home from afar on my sojourn to Italy last yr. I am enamored with her life experiences. Can’t wait to read. And I AM from the Deep South but agree that Italy is waaaaaay better!!

  4. Hi Linda, Your pics are pretty! I found you from the link on Mary’s blog, I guess something has changed on your blog… I no longer get updates and the new one won’t let me follow the way I normally do. Hope all is well-Happy early fall:@)

  5. Hello Linda! A belated happy 2105 to you! I hope all is well and that the new year will bring you many good times and blessings. My husband worked at 7 World Trade and after 9-11 he worked in midtown for a few years before returning back downtown to Water Street. I hope your husband is enjoying being back at hias firm and midtown.

  6. Where ar e you lady? Less laundry I totally get, but don’t forget to post and connect with your friends in blogland. Just missing you. Not trying to give you a hard time!

    – Alma, The Tablescaper

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