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May Flowers and Blogging

Hello my friends. I have missed you tremendously. I must admit that a somewhat trying year so far has tempted me to eliminate something from my life that was turning from a pleasure into a guilt-inducing, unfinished item on my never ending “to do” list. The longer I avoided opening the dashboard of my blog, the harder it was to do so. I kept postponing my return.

Not that I wasn’t thinking of you all. Oh no. Just the reverse, as a matter of fact. My photos file is packed with images of places I found and wanted to share. I don’t think anyone without a blog can understand the community we have created. The way one of you would pop into my brain at the sight of a particular flower, scene, house, book, beach, or plate (you dishaholics know who you are and so do I) 🙂 kept me more than once from finding and hitting the “delete blog” button.

Then I read some of my old posts and your comments, and I was reminded of the time when I had no idea who you were, or what your interests were, where you lived, or what was happening in your lives. Suddenly the thought of losing contact with my favorite peeps in cyberspace was unbearable. And last week, like a blinding sign from above, my pink tree burst into bloom (after a few non and weak bloom years)

as did the 300 bulbs I planted in the fall, and I had an intense desire to share the beauty with all of you.

Even my flowering plums in the front yard are glorious this year!  These trees are so old that I already chose replacements!  But they have made themselves heard this year… oh no, they won’t go!

I know some of you are worrying about my fairies who live under this tree. I’m happy to report that the snow has melted from their roof and the small waterfall japanese maple has leafed out nicely to provide a bit of shade. As you can see below, The Lord of the Fairies is planning a banner year for dandelion wine.

My bulbs from Colorblends popped open into magnificent flowers!  (At least, all except the crocus which were planted around the fairy house, but I saw those being carted off by fat squirrels in the fall, so I hope at least that they were tasty!)

The tulips are full and fluffy and almost the size of peonies, sweetly scented. Our April showers did indeed bring us May flowers.  To share their magical beauty with you I gathered a huge bouquet,

found my favorite enamel MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market pitcher to hold them,

and placed the magical arrangement under my pink tree, for triple-flower-power beauty.

Our umbrella is home to Mrs. Robin

and her two eggs again this year (Mr. Robin makes himself known whenever I go onto the deck!!)

and all day, as she sits patiently waiting for those little beaks to crack open the eggs, she sees this.

I hope you have enjoyed these enchanting flowers as much as Mrs. Robin and I do, and will come back to see me again soon.  I have a table to share with you in a few days, set under this magical tree.  And I must thank my Traveling Tote friends for their patience.  We will be sharing our adventures soon and we have new toters!  I’m also on PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM now (you’re thinking she can’t even post once a week, does she really need more things to do … but yes, I do and I think I figured out the # and @ thingies!!)  If I see you there I’ll follow you too, or let me know below.

Thank you so much for your visits!  I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you!

And tell me, do your blogging friends pop into your three-dimensional world and thoughts like mine do?

Linda 🙂

joining these wonderful parties ~~ thank you to the hostesses!

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15 thoughts on “May Flowers and Blogging

  1. What an amazing flower power post for your reentry! Wow! I’m in awe of all this color right outside your door. I might just move in with Mr and Mrs Robin. Think that nest will hold me?
    Glad you are on IG. I too have embraced it recently and I have to say it is terrific fun!

  2. What a gorgeous, gorgeous spring scene and bouquet, Linda! Yes, you, along with many other blogging friends, come to mind on various sights, topics. I feel like I know many of my cyber friends better than those right here at home at times! Looking forward to the table, and our tote tales. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow 300 tulips! I planted a bunch last fall and have lost some to the critters too. Your floral arrangement in the MacKenzie Childs pitcher is fantastic! I have it in green but love the white color too. Mrs. Robin certainly has a pretty view :-). Welcome back- post when you can and feel like it.

  4. Wonderful to see your post and know that all is well. It appears that you are surrounded by beauty and that’s always a good thing.

  5. So HAPPY to see you back Linda! I’ve missed you sharing your travelling tote adventures. I was hoping that you were off having fun (rather than busy with laundry 🙂 and I was wondering about the status of the bulbs you and Mr. Fun planted last fall. What a GLORIOUS bouquet of blooms perfectly suited for your MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market pitcher…perfection! I love their size and frilly petals and your pink tree is breathtaking this spring. I’m looking forward to pulling up a chair at your table you set under those beautiful pink blooms. ♥

  6. Oh Linda, I missed you and kept checking to see if you had posted. Yes, I think of all my blogging friends very often.
    Your beautiful flowering tree and gorgeous flower arrangement should be in Victoria magazine. The flowers are exquisite and the MC pitcher is so lovely. I am so glad you shared the fruit of your labors.Planting that many bulbs had to take a long time.
    Love the sweet bird’s nest with eggs too!
    I do hope you will join me on instagram. I find it very pleasing and a quick way to stay in touch. I marvel how so many can manage blogging regularly as well as all the other social media. The truth is I struggle with getting it all done and a busy life, too. I related to all you shared. Hope you got my email a few weeks back.
    Can’t wait to see your table set with that lovely backdrop.

  7. Welcome back Linda! Your Kwanzan cherry tree is beyond gorgeous and I look forward to seeing your beautiful tablescape under the tree. I have followed you on instagram and I prefer it over blogging. My life has gotten so busy that blogging takes a back burner. I love your pretty pitcher packed full of spring blooms!

  8. Linda, it is so good to see you back and you were missed. Those are some of the most glorious blooms I have ever seen. It would have been tragic for you not to share them with us…looking forward to your table!Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. All the time! Just yesterday I saw a beautiful watering can and thought of Mary (Home is Where the Boat Is), and as I’m getting ready for my Spring tea, I thought of you and your knack for natural flower arrangements. I, too, have been away from Blogland, and I miss it. Your flowers are just beautiful, Linda! What a delightful view for Mrs. Robin!

  10. I’m so glad you didn’t hit the “delete blog” button because yes, you have become a friend I would hate to lose. Your triple-flower-power beauty is gorgeous and reminds me of why I thought spring was my favorite season where we lived in New England.

  11. Thank you for visiting and the killdeer info, this was such a gorgeous post it grabbed my eyes instantly! I can’t wait to see the link you shared, husband sleeping, waiting until he is up so I can listen to audio!

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