Mermaid Table


Mermaid Table


Floating on my back on gentle waves, staring at blue skies with white puffy clouds, watching the gulls overhead . . . that’s not what I’ve been doing.  I’ve been fighting the Rebellion of the Appliances!  Yes, they heard I had a new resolution to ignore the chores and have more fun, and they banded together to make it very difficult!  The huge A/C unit we installed two years ago quit.  Absolutely and fully dead.  My dishwasher stopped draining.  The clothes washer drains but won’t fill.  Both the microwave and the toaster decided only two settings are needed: Raw and Burn.  And one night, while no one was watching, they all sneaked out to the garage and beat my poor Navigator until something popped in the engine.  But the final blow was the infinitesimal piece of sand that killed my camera so I couldn’t even take pictures of the naughty things.  However, I am tougher than any appliance.  The misbehaving ones will be replaced or submit to my commands.  When I say “toast” the toaster will toast or be toast!
During this appliance rebellion my household was in utter disarray–so hard for me to function like that!  But I had to focus because both of my kids were packing for college!

Mermaid Table

We have just returned from dropping them both off in the extreme heat and humidity of Hurricane Earl.  Two car loads of gear carried to third and fourth floor dorm rooms that were well over 100 degrees.  All around a very unhappy situation.

So back to my first sentence . . . gentle waves, blue skies . . . see my chair?  It’s empty.  I’m supposed to be in it.  And then I’m supposed to be floating in the ocean like a mermaid.


Mermaid Table

 This is what Mr. Fun is supposed to be doing.  His best gazillionaire oil sheik imitation.

Mermaid Table

I think I need to set a table that will put me into mermaid mode so I can calmly go back and deal with appliance issues . . . listen . . . can you hear the waves lapping on the shore?  The cry of the gulls?  (and I warned you before about all my beachy dishes) . . . 

Ahh . . . I can feel myself transforming already . . . look, there I am at the end of the table . . .


Mermaid Table

The dishes have seashells and starfish to set the mood
Mermaid Table
and a large antique glass fishing ball sits on top of a shell urn filled with beach roses.
Mermaid Table

Mermaid Table
Mermaid Table
Woven placemats remind the mermaid of the sandy ocean floor.  Sparkly tendrils are like glistening seaweed and the little fisherman is like so many who have watched for a glimpse of the splash of the mermaid’s tail . . .
Mermaid Table
. . . or listened for the sound of her mesmerizing voice.
Mermaid Table


Napkin rings in the shape of sea creatures hold beautiful white napkins embroidered with a coral pattern.
Mermaid Table
Mermaid Table
Seahorse candlesticks hold wavy candles…
Mermaid Table
Mermaid Table
Mermaid Table
Mermaid Table
… which are lit as dusk approaches.
Mermaid Table
The mermaid is feeling more peaceful now
Mermaid Table
and looking forward to more fun!
Mermaid Table
Linda 🙂
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55 thoughts on “Mermaid Table

  1. Your table is restful and peaceful and very pretty. So sorry to hear about your appliances – when it rains it pours,as they say. You’ve had more than your share of appliance problems. Hope all is resolved soon.


  2. Well, first, sorry about the appliance rebellion! Our refrigerator is trying to mutiny… I can hear the rumbles when he thinks I’m not listening.

    But second, what a lovely table!! I love the blue and whites, and I’m obviously stupid because I had never heard of a beach rose. It’s beautiful. Love those sea horse candlesticks,but I can’t say they were my *favorite* thing because I just liked it all.

    And then, you lit the candles… Gorgeous.

  3. Oh, so good to see you back again! I’m very sorry to hear about the rebellion, everything always seems to happen at once.
    Your table is beautiful. The color of the starfish bowls along with the shell plates is fabulous. I love the seahorse candleholders. The colors are all so divine. I certainly am not willing to say goodbye to summer yet. Aqua and white are so refreshing to look at and when seen in candlelight magnificent. Beautiful! I am so glad to hear the mermaid is feeling more peaceful again.

  4. Love the serene blue color of the starfish plates to complement the white seashell embellished dinnerware. The napkin rings and the candle holders are adorable, as is your inspiration- the mermaid. I cannot say enough about this special table- it just says summer and beach and fun!
    ~ Sue

  5. I know your pain! We have appliance problems too, we say we always get the lemons. Something must be wrong with us, but I too will be tougher than any appliance!!!!

    I am coveting your starfish plates, how gorgeous are they. I hope people keep doing seaside tables through the winter. It just makes me happy, wishing I was there.

    I love the mermaid tendrils she left behind. I hope you got to see her.

  6. I don’t think my comment “took” — so I’ll try again. How horrible that your appliances ganged up on you — not fair! Now they each need to be sent to seperate rooms to behave. You should order out and just enjoy this beautiful tablescape!

  7. Love your shell & starfish table…it’s certainly worthy of any mermaid! I’m sorry to hear about the appliances revolting, especially when they’re cruel enough gang up on your Navigator 🙂

  8. Love it, love it, love it. Beautiful, it hit me at home – I live in Weeki Wachee – home of the mermaids. The napkin rings are perfect. Thanks for sharing…

  9. Boy, it never rains, but pours, doesn’t it! I hope that you can whip those nasty appliances into shape and make them behave!

    Your table is the perfect answer. Restful and relaxing, the summer theme is just wonderful. Great colors and great dishes. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I know about the appliance rebellion. I am experiencing one here myself. Include a toilet, a gate, and a pool cleaner!!! Deep cleansing breath!! Deep cleansing breath. You did the only thing one could. Play with dishes. Helps every time.

  11. OOO, Linda…this is AWESOME. I love love love every single bit of it. Boy, you are GOOD !!
    I am lovin’ all your cool colors..it is all just perfect. You even caught a little of the Blue Hour. Awesome!!

    O, and we came back from Alaska in June…already did photos. I was just this late on my post of the day we got home. :))

  12. That is the most beautiful mermaid tablescape I’ve ever seen! I love it! Every detail is perfect.

    I’m planning on a Pier 1 trip this weekend, too. Don’t forget to take your camera! =)

  13. Beautiful tablescape. The napkins are absolutely gorgeous, and I adore the colors. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Sounds like you may have a new kitchen when all is said and done. Cherry Kay

  14. I love the aqua, white and beige…it has a calming effect…something you probably need after the week you have described! The seahorse candle holders and napkin rings are adorable.

  15. Hi Linda,
    I see you have a beachy theme as well. Love all your aquatic wonders. So cute!!
    Those are adorable napkin rings, and the colors are gorgeous.
    Since you are doing a tablescape for your daughters birthday next week, that must mean she is coming home from college to celebrate. I am sure that makes your Mom’s heart happy.
    Make sure to take pics, looks forward to seeing your birthday tablescape.
    And a Happy Birthday to your daughter too!!
    Thanks so much for coming by and for your kind
    and thoughtful comments.
    Blessings, Nellie

  16. Hi Linda, All the appliance crashes at once, when it rains it pours! But you have prevailed with a lovely table, Love those starfish plates!
    Thanks for visiting:-)

  17. Oh, this is gorgeous! I’m a beach baby (stuck in Illinois) and I love all things ocean. Your fishing ball is amazing and I love how you used it. There is nothing on your table that I wouldn’t love to have on mine.

    Thanks for visiting me today!


  18. Isn’t this oh so pretty? Love it! I have those salad plates and I love them. Hope you got to relax but just lookng at this wonderful table will surely do the work…Christine

  19. Oh, my goodness, woman! What you have been through! It is bad enough to have one or two but everything?? So glad you set a relaxing table. I sure hope it does the trick and you can get back to normal life.

  20. This tablescape is all ready for a relaxing meal with family or friends. It is just so soft, beautiful and breathtakingly beautiful. The dishes, the napkins, the candle holder…everything is wonderful.

  21. When I started reading your blog, I thought you are my companion in turmoil. For the last 4 plus weeks, the water heater went out, a hugh surprise dental problem, the power off two times, husband fell hurting his back and shoulder, plus my son decides to tell us he may take a job in Montana are just part of the situations. I have been taking Excedrin Migrane for comfort and then dreaming of tablescapes. I would love to be on the beach with you and sitting at your beautiful and restful table. I thank you for this wonderful tablescape and pray for peace and quiet!

  22. What a beautiful tablescape! The dishes are gorgeous, love the colors! Great therapy for you to do this!

    Sorry about the appliance rebellion, but cute story you told! We had to replace our A/C this year to the tune of $5000!! Yikes!

    I hope everything gets fixed soon!


  23. Beautiful! I love everything….it’s especially dramatic at night. I too have a beachy theme Tablescape. I have of yet to share it. Maybe next week. Don’t you just love the peace and tranquility. The candlestick holders are stunning. Thanks for sharing….from a fellow Linda. Feel free to visit. I’m a newbie so I need followers…….hehe

  24. I love your motto and from the looks of things aroud here I am succeeding ha. Thank you for becoming a follower. love your blog and will follow also. I do not live that far north in NH I am around Squam lake which if you have never been you should give it a try it is a very peacful lake. I loooove your table setting.
    see you soon

  25. Linda,
    Thanks for your sweet comment about my Storyland trip. I really appreciated it, and was glad you enjoyed it.
    I thought I was having it rough, as I left my camera in my friend’s car in IN, and couldn’t post, and then my computer went out for a while.

    It’s sure weird that everything went wacko at your house at the same time. I absolutely love your mermaid tablescape. Those dishes as so pretty. It’s very peaceful and especially with the candles glowing.

  26. Oh, Linda, your table setting is so beautiful! Love the cooling colors you’ve used and I can almost hear the sea roaring.
    Thank you so much for your suggestion about prints in round frames. I think I’ll be on the lookout for something like that! You’re good!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  27. Linda your mermaid tablescape is so beautiful and peaceful looking! I envy your being able to dine ouside in such a pretty setting.

    I hope your appliance rebellion has been solved. It always seems that when one breaks the others follow!

  28. Hello! I have very much enjoyed looking at your dinnerware setting! Where can I find the dinnerware for sale? I just love those dishes! Thanks!

  29. What is the name of the dinnerware pattern, who is the manufacture and where can I buy it! Thank you!

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