Welcome Home Tea On The Deck

My baby girl is home from college for the summer! Her arrival was a good reason to celebrate with a  Mother/Daughter tea on the deck . . . under the PINK blossoms of one of our favorite trees. 
pink tree table



pink tree blossoms


Junior year abroad! How exciting!  It started with a backpacking trip in Europe.  Was I worried?  Well, yes!!  I never really know what is next!  One year she backpacked through the wilderness of Alaska for a month, coming upon a grizzly bear momma and her cub.  And then there was the whitewater rafting on the Colorado River, where it was so rough she was thrown from the raft.  Woo-hoo–what fun!  Ha!  Then there was the phone call one day:  “Hi Mommy!  Guess what I just did!”


Charlotte skydiving

So, when her European travels finally landed her in Edinburgh where she was to attend school, I hopped over to see with my own mother eyes just how she was doing. And I can see that I need not have worried.  
But I did.  And I always will.  It’s my job. You know how it is.
We explored every inch of that magnificent, amazingly beautiful city.  The cobblestoned main street stretches for one mile from the Edinburgh Castle at the top of the hill, 
edinburgh castle


straight down to the Palace of Holyrood House, once home to Mary, Queen of Scots and now the official Scottish residence of Queen Elizabeth II, at the bottom of the hill.
holyrood palace

holyrood gate
 holyrood palace
The Scots are extremely proud of their heritage.  They are part of Great Britain and yet independent. 
 edinburgh castle
William Wallace still stands as the great Braveheart in front of the Castle, guarding the entrance with Robert the Bruce.


The Honours of Scotland, a crown, sceptre and sword, are the oldest crown jewels in the British Isles.  
Scottish Honours
They are kept under heavy guard there, together with the Stone of Destiny (known to many as the Stone of Scone), recently returned to Edinburgh from Westminster Abbey. 
Almost every monarch of Great Britain has been crowned upon this stone.  And the Queen still travels to the Palace each year for the installation of new knights to the Order of the Thistle,

and for the Ceremony of the Keys, receiving keys to the city from the Lord Provost, and then returning them to him in a very formal and proper ceremony.

Of course, every wonderful castle or palace has a wonderful gift shop attached!  I know because I always check.  Another one of my jobs.  The Holyrood Palace gift shop was especially enticing.  I drooled over this china, wondering how I would carry it up the mile long cobblestone hill and then home to the USA.  And what would the custom duties be??
Chelsea pitcher


But I couldn’t resist a few pieces.

chelsea botanical porcelain


If (when) I go back I will buy more.  So many more!  (See, this is why Mr. Fun is not allowed to read this.  And neither is the male child because he will tell.)

chelsea botanical porcelain


The china was inspired by a set found in Clarence House, home of the beloved Queen Mother.


Chelsea Botanical

So at last we come to my table, which began with the Clarence House Chelsea Botanical china tea set we found on our adventure in Edinburgh.

Chelsea Botanical table

The white Wedgwood Nantucket Basket is my everyday china.  I love it with anything. 

Welcome Home

My flatware is Gorham Old French.

Welcome Home
For the very girly side of my adventuress I added a touch of pink in the napkin rings and antique glasses.

pink glass
 pink blossoms

We had a wonderful time catching up and planning our next trip.

chelsea botanical porcelain

My girl.  Home sweet home.  
A very happy day for me.
Welcome Home

I hope you have enjoyed our tea.
pink tree blossoms
Linda 🙂
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35 thoughts on “Welcome Home Tea On The Deck

  1. thanks for dropping in! I love your tea set and I am with you, you need more. Many more pieces because it’s divine. Your table is wonderfully charming. Is your daughter standing on the patio at Heidelberg castle in that photo by chance.. it’s so similar if it’s not!

  2. There’s nothing like a mother/daughter bond no matter how far apart in the world they are! It must be wonderful to have her home again for a bit. What a lovely spot to catch up and the tea set is gorgeous! You MUST go back and get more!


  3. Beautiful china and a beautiful setting for a beautiful daughter! You outdid yourself. I can see why this jumped in your basket and wanted to come home with you! Love it!

    And I loved Hollyrood House. I was there about twenty years ago, and it was one of my favorite places we toured in Scotland. Well, all of Scotland was, but I loved it, too!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday…

    Sheila 🙂

  4. Linda,
    oh my, what a lot of experiences have you and your daughter got dureing this time. I always look at trips to the shops and bring something nice with me. So you did a good job by choosing this pretty tea set. First I thought it would be Portmeirion but then I saw, it is different. But so pretty. And it is a treasure for your table. Thank you for sharing this pretty tablescape and the story with us.
    Greetings, Johanna

  5. Congratulations on your daughter’s arrival home! What an exciting year for her. I’ve been to Edinburgh and it is truly a gorgeous city with so much history. I loved every minute I spent there.


  6. I can relate to the thrill of your daughter being home from abroad. What a wonderful time you must have had in Scotland. I’m married to one of those proud Scots, and he and I would love to visit. You gave a wonderful tour.

    What a lovely table. It was perfectly pink! I would have *had* to have that lovely tea set too!

  7. I sure have enjoyed your tea and all the lovely photos! Sure know how you feel! We’ll never stop caring for your children! It is so wonderful though to see them get out in this world and to do well!
    God Bless<

  8. Linda, what a nice occasion for a tea! With two daughters of my own who have spent time studying in Europe (one went to England right before her 20th bday and stayed for 7 years!), I can relate! So glad your daughter’s home. It’s obvious she has a wonderful “something to come home to.” Great job, Mom (and Dad)!

  9. I love your beautiful tea set! I can certainly see why you liked it! I also love the white basket wedgewood china! Your daughter is gorgeous, so neat that she is studing abroad and you get to visit. Happy 100 TT Anniversary!

  10. Oh, that first photo took my breath away! What an incredible setting, and the pink blossoms carpeting the deck added such a lush feeling! Your trip sounded fantastic, and I can see why you HAD to bring home that gorgeous china tea set. What a pretty, girly table!

  11. First of all, I must say I am so jealous that you have your baby girl home with you. A long phone call yesterday afternoon with mine just made me miss her more. The teaset is so lovely and looks perfect in that setting. How wonderful to have that pretty set that reminds you of such a wonderful trip. The whole table looks so pretty. Enjoy your visit. Happy 100th!

  12. What a beautiful and heartfelt post, nothing like spending special times with our daughters. I loved all of your wonderful photographs and can’t wait to hear where you’ll be traveling next time! I have to add, your tablescape is delightful!

    Happy I found your blog!


  13. I’m so jealous of your daughter! She is so smart to do all the fun stuff like that now while she is young and can do it. Time passes so quickly and soon she may not be able to. Where she goes to school is like a movie! So pretty.

    How fun you got to go and then bring something home so you can use it and always remember that fun trip.


  14. Linda, thank you for your kind comments on my post. I was really more excited about giving my guests the boxes that what I put in them. I designed a tin with almonds in it and I included encouraging scripture verses on small strips of cardstock. Cherry Kay

  15. What a wonderful post!! Your daughter is obviously so bright, adventureous, and pretty. I’m sure your trip to Scotland was wonderful and the dishes are beautiful (hope you get to add)!! Your table is so pretty and girly!

    Thank you for sharing!!

  16. Hi Linda…your table is very sweet. Very appropriate for a mother and daughter tea. How wonderful that your daughter is so adventurous! LOVE the teapot and other pieces you have.
    I’m your newest follower.

  17. Linda, thank you so much for your encouraging comments! I’m having tons of fun, too. Your blog is fabulous! From tea to travels to tablescapes, you’ve managed to capture my heart! Looking forward to more virtual vacations and inspiring tablescapes. Can’t wait to have tea with my daughter poolside ( middle of summer in the heartland) to celebrate her 29th birthday per your idea!

  18. What a wonderful post~ I enjoyed my tour & meeting your lovely daughter! Your tea set if beautiful, no wonder you couldn’t resist 🙂

  19. Wow! First, what a wonderful time your daughter is having! I envy her and you…..lovely!

    Second, your table is just perfect. I love everything about it. What kind of wonderful pink flowering tree is that?
    p.s. thanks for being a follower! I just signed up to follow you too! I know I am going to LOVE your blog.

  20. Oh what a fabulous trip. I really enjoyed all of your pictures. So interesting. I was fortunate enough to get to go to Germany and Austria a few years ago, and the scenery and buildings are all just unreal. Your table scape is just gorgeous and how nice to have your daughter home.

    Also, to answer your question. The easiest way to put someone’s button on your sidebar is to right click on the button and then hit copy, then paste that to your pictures in your computer. Then when you go to add a gadget on the sidebar, scroll down to picture and a screen will come up and you just follow the instructions on that screen and it will add the picture. Hope this helps. Hugs, Marty

  21. Hi Linda,
    What a beautiful and adventurous daughter you have! My son called “after” he skydived when he was studying in Australia/New Zealand to tell me what he had just done. His Dad was in on it but they didn’t tell Mom in advance because they knew I’d be WORRIED! I love your beautiful china….so worth the trouble of bringing it back through customs! Beautiful tablescape! Feels so light and elegant…perfect for this summer heat. Beautiful everyday china! You can never go wrong with Wedgwood, can you? 🙂
    Happy 100th TT!

  22. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to blogland! I started ‘threepixielane’ a few months ago and have a ‘family’ blog that was started this past Feb. While it is time consuming, I actually feel more productive! It has been such a great outlet for fun! I get excited to get my house clean and chores done, so I can sit and see what is going on in blog world! I have learned some of the best ideas! Your pictures are beautiful and I feel a twinge of pain at the thought of my daugther (one is 8 and one is 4, son who is 7) leaving and traveling the world! I know that the time will come! You must be so proud! How fun to see all those beautiful castles! We are still living in the fairy tale castles of Cinderella and Snow White! How fun would it be to visit some real castles! I LOVE the china! Again, WELCOME! Oh, I love the Cap Cod pictures, too! We live near Charleston, SC and I love to see any pictures of the coast! Beautiful!

  23. Well first, I love the name of your blog!! Absolutely more fun less laundry, totally agree. Your beautiful adventuress daughter is amazing! Wouldn’t be catching me sky diving but I love that she did. Love that you went to Scotland. My Grandfather was from there and Mom and I have always wanted to go. So thank you for taking me there in your post it was amazing. Oh, and last but not least your tea set is just beautiful! There is nothing like a tea set from Great Britain. They have the most delicate fine bone china. Your table is gorgeous and I love the beautiful pink petals dripping off that tree all over your deck. The most natural choice of a perfect spot for a table for sure! Enjoyed your post very much. Thanks for stopping by.

  24. Wow! You got a lot into that post. You must be so happy to have your daughter home. I know how happy I was for my son to arrive home on Saturday, and that was only after a week of camp!LOL!

    I have to admit, when I was in college (back in the Dark Ages) I too went sky diving, but it was once and only once.

    I have to tell you something so coincidental about your tea set. This very morning I was perusing the Old Durham Road catalog and what caught my eye? The very same set of china! Not only are the botanicals beautiful, but I love the handles. Their internet site is: OldDurhamRoad.com . I’d be curious how the prices compare – in light of customs, etc. Let me know!

    – The Tablescaper

  25. OMG girl this whole post is beyond beautiful…the castles oh wow!! I need one but not to clean…and to see braveheart just read up on him oline…Your china tea pot is beautiful my friend…and how brave your daughter is…I did skydive manys a years ago…when I was young dumb and ugly ha ha!! Beautiful post girl…thanks so much for sharing this…I have to check to see if I follow you if not I will…Happy week to you my friend…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  26. Just had to sneek in a comment here. Lovely post, with sweet memories for me as well. Our son in law got his masters in Aberdeen, and I loved the same things you did in Edinburgh. {the castles, the shops, the giftshop!!}

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