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I would like to say THANK YOU  to all of you who left such positive, supportive comments on my first ever post!  I can see that this is SO much more FUN than doing laundry!!


cape cod 2010

In keeping with my goal of having more fun without crossing off every item on my “chores to do” list, we are heading to CAPE COD ( the little tail off the coast of Massachusetts) for a little anniversary break!  The Cape, as we fondly refer to it in New England (as if there are no others in the world), is one of my very favorite places.

The air, sand, waves, birds and food all say RELAX and REFRESH!!!!

Beach roses rustle in the breeze and thrive in the sandy soil, and, with a little help, turn into yummy rose hip jam!!

cape cod 2010


When the tide goes out the flats are the perfect place for finding little creatures…


cape cod 2010

… a moon snail …
cape cod 2010
… a periwinkle …
cape cod 2010
… or a little hermit crab …
cape cod 2010

… or for building dreams in the sand!
cape cod 2010
A kettle pond left by a melting glacier is the perfect place for a sunfish ride!  Even I can manage one, although the kids make a run for it if I am nearby and at the helm.
cape cod 2010

But I prefer to let Mr. Fun do the work while I bask in the SUN!

Setting a table on our deck at home with beach dishes just adds to the excitement and anticipation!!  Of course, numerous shells are needed!  Our collection includes shells from all over the world.  As we dine we  recall our trips and adventures.
cape cod 2010

Tall candlesticks are covered in shells.

cape cod 2010

cape cod 2010

cape cod 2010

Votive holders imitate the beachside fences.
cape cod 2010

cape cod 2010

These scallop shells came from the coast of Ireland, where we stood facing westward, thinking of the coast of Cape Cod, so far across the sea. 

cape cod 2010
Do you see the little silver horseshoe crab crawling along the table?

cape cod 2010

He was cast from a real horseshoe crab by an artist on the Cape.

cape cod 2010

These flowers came from my yard in Connecticut, but hydrangea and roses are found everywhere on the Cape, growing in wild abandon!
 cape cod 2010

I think this little gull is headed for home (he has so many relatives on the Cape), and it is time for us to follow.
cape cod 2010
I hope you have a chance to visit the Cape if you have never been!  The Cape Cod beaches are protected as part of our National Seashore.  
Enjoy your weekend!


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33 thoughts on “Cape Cod Table

  1. I am dreaming of dining at your house! Gorgeous, no other word for it. I just found your blog and can’t wait to see what you do next! You spoke to me when you said put the laundry down! You don’t have to ask me twice! Welcome to blog world!

  2. Linda, your table is stunning…gorgeous! Your hydrangeas are so blue…beautiful. Thanks for sharing your coastal table.

  3. Beautiful hydrangea, love the salad plates and the shell candleholders. Your vacation photos are making me want to go to the beach, too! Have fun!

  4. The table is so restful feeling that I could see sitting there and having a great gabfest as you light those great candles…and keep on talking and talking in the dark. The shell plates are just smashing! Joni

  5. Linda, this post was for me like a little trip to the Cape Cod. So man nice pictures introduced me into the area and the animals. Love this sweet little hermit crab, isn’t it looking so cute? And your table tops the whole thing. Those candleholders are stunning, I will borrow this idea sometimes because we collected every year during the holiday tons of shells but then we don’t know what to do with. That is a very pretty idea to use some.
    All is so thoughtfull set, I really love every detail. Thanky you so much for sharing.
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. “Rustic elegance” is what popped into my mind as I viewed your amazing table. The table itself is a wonderful backdrop for all your beach-y elements, and all the different textures make for a very appealing setting! Love those candlesticks! Thank you for visiting my table this week!

  7. Oh, this is so pretty! I love the look of the weathered table for all your pretty treasures. How wonderful to have all these shells from all your travels. Your candlesticks are so unique. I really like your glassware too. Your blog name makes me smile every time I see it!

  8. What a treat! I’ve never been this far north but have always wanted to visit. Your pictures are so inviting, what a gorgeous place!

    I LOVE your table…everything from the placemats to the stemware. I really like your set of dishes, it makes things really interesting when each place is a bit different. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Lovely table! I am planning a beach table in the next few weeks, would love the starfish and those candlesticks! My daughter gave me some really nice beachy napkins and placemats, so I am getting ready (we live in Florida so it shouldn’t be too hard!) Thanks for your visit and kind words! Love, ~Nana~

  10. You definitely have the touch when it comes to tablescaping! You’ve really captured the feeling of the sea and seacoast! I loved the beach photos and what you wrote about being in Ireland.

    Hope your weekend goes well!

  11. Hi Linda,
    So nice to meet you my across the sound neighbor!
    I love your table…and I love Cape Cod. We used to go there every year until we started coming to Southampton.
    I am your newest follower and look fwd to reading your future posts!

  12. Whoo hoo! Welcome to the blogging world! I’m thrilled you started your blog and you are off to a fabulous start. Love your tablescapes (something I’m not very good at!) and your photos of the Cape. I’m jealous. I love Cape Cod. You will have a fabulous time, I’m sure!


  13. Welcome to blogging and I agree to leave my laundry for a minute to read some posts tonight. Your table is lovely and I love those PB plates. Shells from Ireland? Now why did I not think of that when I was there? Time for another visit to the Emerald Isle perhaps!

  14. Loved both tablescapes, you are very talented and love the stories that go with them..thank you for stopping by cause that brought me to you so I can be a follower of yours and I won’t miss a thing, love a fellow tablescaper…

  15. Welcome to blogland! You have created two fantastic tablescapes already!
    I love the Cape Cod table. I feel like I have visited! Thanks for following me. I am now following you!

  16. Linda I love this table. I lived on Cape Cod for several years and it is still one of my favorite places in the world. I loved it in the winter when it was deserted to walk on the beaches…I think one of these days a return trip is called for. I worked at Woods Hole Oceanographic for awhile and it was an experience of a lifetime.

  17. What a gorgeous table. I missed this was away this week. Love the beach theme, just beautiful. Love those Pottery Barn plates.

  18. Hi, Linda,
    Thanks for visiting dolcecapecod.blogspot.com!
    I love this Capey tablescape. The hydrangeas are in bloom here now, and, of course, we’re crowded with summer visitors and having lots of fun. I have today off, so I’m on my way to Falmouth Heights to spend an afternoon on Bristol Beach with my sister and the kiddies.

    A big, friendly wave from the Cape to all!
    Jude at
    dolcecapecod dot blogspot.com

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