Spider Under Glass

The brilliant blue sky and cool nights of autumn have arrived here in southern New England. It’s time for animals to grow winter coats ~~ ~~ and time for me to cut and dry my remaining hydrangea blooms. It’s also time to bring in my plants  to be repotted for their wintertime rest.  The spider babies need to be snipped…

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Parading in My State Tartan

When I think of TARTAN I think warm colors and woven woolens.  The kind of fabric that can keep you warm in the cold Scottish winters.  (And summers.)  And like any good New England family, we have a large supply of cozy tartans in the form of scarves, flannel shirts, pjs, robes and certain other men’s undergarments.  None of which you…

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Welcome Home Tea On The Deck

pink tree table

My baby girl is home from college for the summer! Her arrival was a good reason to celebrate with a  Mother/Daughter tea on the deck . . . under the PINK blossoms of one of our favorite trees.        Junior year abroad! How exciting!  It started with a backpacking trip in Europe.  Was I worried?  Well, yes!!  I never…

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