It’s not easy being green when autumn arrives.
Everyone is so interested in the fleeting
oranges, reds and yellows.  
There are even those gorgeous purples ~~
~ dried ~
~ freshly blooming ~
as my mint tries once again to take over the entire yard.

And let’s not forget the autumn whites!
 Not only have I added new white fall plants,
ghost-like, transparent and floating and scary ~~
but I’ve fallen victim to the craze for white pumpkins!
I must admit that this is the first year any white ones have been allowed to come to my house.  Talented friends across blogland have convinced me of their beauty and these plump little gourds will be welcome on my porches and deck again next year.
They also look cute tucked into the grapevine wreaths I’ve been making.  
Poor Mr. Fun has had the assignment of diving into grapevine patches for me.  We don’t have any grapes ~~ just those crawling vines which turn this luscious chestnut color when they dry.
And of course there are the grays.  
While it’s unlikely that you will convince me to bring this color inside my house, with the white pumpkins I’ve learned never to say never!  I do love the grays outside, on the deck, in silvery teak furniture, on the gray bark of our hickory and oak trees, and in the granite stone walls which wind all through our property, left over from at least a century ago when this area was all farms.  
Maybe I’ll start my indoor gray collection with this robin’s nest which was in one of the patio umbrellas.
Any of these inviting fall colors ~ red, orange, yellow, purple, chestnut, and gray ~ would make an excellent accent for a white+one table. 
(yes, teacher, I know I’m late with my assignment … I have no excuse)
But there’s also green.  Green is not only the color of spring (as the song goes), it is also a most welcome sight when the brilliant fall colors fade.  The pumpkins (orange and white alike) will be tossed into the woods for the animals to feast upon, and the icy whites and bare gray branches will be all there is ~~ except for the evergreens.
(And possibly my mint “patch” which has recently consumed an entire garden bench and shows no sign of damage from the recent frost.)
I decided to definitely use green as an accent on my white+one table when I found out that my own little green bean (he is now 22) would be home for our collective birthday.  We are actually five days apart but we are both definitely October babies and sadly for this boy we share too many brain waves to have any doubt as to the identity of his mother!
(I also had my eye on these green artichoke linens and this new flatware.)
I needed a centerpiece for this white+green table, and started with this basket, 
until I noticed the yellow mums and the orange viola tucked in with the cabbage.

So on to plan #2: evergreens!
The nursery had an overwhelming assortment of tiny rock garden evergreens in a huge variety of green shades.  All green, though, so I gathered up my favorites and brought them home.
~~ holly ~~
~~ spruces and boxwoods ~~
 (and a little boo)

~~ a fern which will slumber happily under the snow ~~

~~ lemon cypress ~~
(yes, it smells heavenly)


~~ and a few others ~~


~~ all of which I tucked into an urn ~~
and covered with spanish moss 
to keep the roots warm through the winter.
There are so many shades of green in this centerpiece, 

and I added a few more to the table with artichoke linens, green checked V & B placemats (yes, for anyone wondering, I have these placemats in many colors!), a scallop edged charger placemat, and a grape pumpkin (you’ve heard of grape tomatoes, haven’t you?).
I sometimes use my grandmother’s green depression glass salt and peppers as tiny vases, but here they are with their original lids.  I just love them!

The creamy white of my Lenox Butler’s Pantry is perfect with the pumpkins.
I know I have recently extolled the benefits of remembering to exhale, but not today.  The lemon cypress is just exquisite as a scented centerpiece!  Usually I don’t use scents at a table, as they interfere with the food, but lemon is an excellent teaser, as is mint.  So I plucked some mint from the wild hedge my single plant has become and added it to these Wisteria glasses.
Lemon and mint ~~ delicious, restful and invigorating.
Yes, green is definitely a fall color.
Or perhaps I should say 
ALL the greens are fall colors. 
But I wouldn’t want to be without the other colors too.
 After the last two years of hurricane/blizzard autumns here in the Northeast, this perfect autumn seems even more special. 
We’ve only had mild frosts, which means many flowers are still blooming 
(even my knock-out roses).
 And we can be outside all day.
The midday sun hits our deck like this in the fall ~~ directly overhead with the light filtered by my sometimes-pink tree.
As the sun moves over the house to the west the lower deck is shaded.  Excellent during the summer, but a little frosty as we approach November.  Only the trees below still have the light on them.  
(All my photos are the true colors ~~ completely unenhanced and unedited.)  
Once the sun sinks lower the trees are also in the shade of the house and the hillside.  There is still a golden glow which I cannot capture with my camera!
  It is truly a splendid fall here, but soon we will be so thankful for the evergreens in the landscape.
And I’m planning some fun winterscapes in my new evergreen garden ~~ elves, reindeer, ornaments ~~
(make yourself one and we can play together!)
 but for now I’ll enjoy this glorious weather.
**happy birthday, will**
Linda 🙂
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31 thoughts on “EverGreens

  1. What a gorgeous mix of greens in your urn Linda! I’ve never smelled lemon cypress, I’ll have to look for it at the nursery. I adore your grandmother’s depression glass S&P’s and I’m SWOONING over your pillows! Your deck looks so inviting and the perfect spot to enjoy a bite or to read. We’ve had a warm fall so far, dipping down to the 40’s at night briefly. I’m ready for fall color, but your greens are beautiful!

  2. Great greens for fall! The salt and peppers are my favorite. Your tablescape is just the best with the different shades of green in each place setting. Have a Happy Halloween!


  3. Linda, the urn looks fantastic. I’ve tried lemon cypress, and you’ve reminded me of how much I liked it. Will need to look for another plant. I’ve got two urns at a back door that need to be refreshed.
    Your deck looks like a delightful spot. I’d love to spend time out there and dine at your charming setting. ~ Sarah
    PS ~ I’ve a mate to your pillow. Mine is long and narrow with just pumpkins. A Pottery Barn Outlet find a few years ago.

  4. Linda, your setting is just beautiful. I could sit and enjoy your outdoors for hours on end!! I love all the various shades of green and love your planted urn. I wish I could inhale that lemon cypress and the mint at your table. Thank you for sharing all the beauty. xo

  5. Linda, I love, love your evergreen garden…In fact, I love your whole post..the depression glass…ahhh.
    You really did an amazing job on this one. Now I Need an urn full of evergreens…
    Love, Mona

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous post! Every picture tells a story…….your colours – and even your willingness to change up sometimes- is so neat.

    I LOVE that embroidered pillow – wow it is pretty and looks so perfect and happily situated there. And your grandmother’s Depression green glass S and P shakers are wonderful too!

    I especially love your low far urns, I think they’re my favorite shaped ones. And you filled them beautifully.

  7. Love this post, Linda? I love evergreens, I have them lining our driveway and around the pool cause I like to see green when all the leaves are gone from trees. I love your centerpiece, very pretty….Christine

  8. Fall has pretty much gone in Maine where we left yesterday. Funny as we move farther away, fall hasn’t peaked yet. Like you, white pumpkins are a favorite. In fact, all the whites I had are going to Houston with me.

  9. ♥♥♥ your table with so much green, Linda. That urn is gorgeous, but I really have my eye on the basket! The view from your deck is awesome. The colors here are some of the most vivid I have seen since moving here a dozen years ago…but nothing compares to New England!
    Have a wonderful week…

  10. What a beautiful post! Your photography is gorgeous, and the vignettes very creative. So refreshing to see a lot of green among all the fall colors! We live in FL and have green all year around! Love it!


  11. Glorious colors!! I love all the different shades & shapes you’ve found to include.
    I’m also pea GREEN with envy upon seeing your grandmother’s green depression glass salt and peppers with their original lids. I just love them, too!
    Very, VERY pretty post.

  12. I love all the greens. My house is all pinks and greens, so I have been in love with white pumpkins for years. Somehow the fall colors have a hard time fitting in, but green is always welcome. Particularly evergreen. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

  13. Linda, this is such a lovely post! I, too, crave green in the winter. I’ve been living in the Midwest for 40 years of my life and I just have never been able to fall in love with winter! I crave the warm weather of the tropics, the deep blue skies and the brilliant greens! Your table is beautiful! I like the artichoke tablecloth and your new flatware. What a perfect way to showcase the colors of the season.

  14. What a lovely post. I enjoyed every single photo – thank you for reminding us of all of the colors of fall. I want to run over and sit on your fabulous deck and enjoy the textures and scents!!

  15. Hi Linda! Your photos are fabulous and make me feel like I am right there enjoying the beauty. Your posts are always full of pure delight – thank you for sharing! Have a great day!

  16. I am so envious of your beautiful porch and all your treasure.

    TY fo sharing the ideas of how to keep the plants in a planter eventhough when frost and winter comes.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    /CC from D´Box,

  17. Absolutely love your green colors used for fall. I’m happy to hear that the weather has been so nice. Hopefully we will still have leaves on our trees when we get back from our trip…they were falling so fast when we left.

  18. Love your green and white, very organic! The napkins are so pretty! Still beautiful here too, took my shower outside!
    Your deck looks lovely!
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!

  19. I love the golden glow of autumn, LInda,, but green is also one of my favorite colors. There are many evergreens where I live so our landscape always looks alive. Your deck is beautiful –enjoy the outdoors while the weather stays nice!

  20. I’m not sure I ever commented on how much I like your porch/deck in its beautiful surrounding. I just planted some mint a couple of days ago and it’s already spreading like crazy. Looks like I will have to make lots of ginger mojitos. Have a very special turkey day.

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