Escape to the Cape Table

What do you see when you close your eyes and drift away on a little beach break?  
White tropical sands and palm trees?  Waves crashing on rocky coasts?  Pink shells?  Jellyfish?  
A place to run with your best friend?

Cape Cod in Massachusetts extends an arm around the bay protecting Boston, creating in its interior beautiful beaches for bobbing in the gentle surf, walking on the flats, and just inhaling rejuvenating salt air.

The water can be deep blue or so light it is indistinguishable from the sky on the far away horizon.  The very gentle tide creates ripples of water that sparkle as they reflect the golden sun.  Brown sandpipers and white gulls frolic in the sand and sky, and pink roses, blue and purple hydrangeas, lavender, and green sea grass add to the rainbow of colors that define a beach on the Cape.

Cape Cod is close enough to us for a quick trip, but when we are there I feel that we are in another world.  And when we need a little “at-home” getaway, I set the table on the deck with some of my beachy dishes with accents to remind me that soon we will not just be dreaming of the Cape.

Join me for a little escape.  But we will not be able to use the table on the deck.  Mr. and Mrs. Robin noticed we were away a few weeks ago and took the opportunity to move into the umbrella.

The three babies are closely watched and 
I have been warned by this huge Mr. Robin,

 so we will leave them alone and use the coffee table on the lower deck.

We can use my Cape Cod tray to carry everything down.  The colors and scene provide inspiration for the table.


Not everything makes it to the final table, however.  All of these pieces auditioned for a spot this week, but I think we’ll use them another time.  (I could set a different beach table every week! πŸ™‚ )

  The pretty centerpiece is a white pottery shell holding hydrangeas and knock-out roses from my yard.

We’ll use serving dishes that call to mind gentle rippling currents of the bay side of the Cape ~~

 ~~ sparkling accents ~~

~~ flatware that reminds me of a mermaid’s tail and yellow napkins as bright as the beach sun ~~

~~ and my favorite green bubble glasses, the same color as the beach grasses which help protect the fragile dunes from the effects of the sea and wind.

Would you like to start with clam chowder?

Or do you prefer a lobster salad?

Maybe soft shelled crab?

Some type of shellfish will definitely be served.  

Finally, a fisherman’s platter with your choice of seafood ~~ I love fried scallops and oysters!

Tucked inside the napkin is a pretty rose and some lavender ~~

but the sun is hot and even these roses have sharp thorns, so to protect both these delicate roses and my guests’ fingers, 

the flowers are tucked into tiny water–filled vials,

which can be removed easily and placed in a little votive holder that looks like beach glass and sand.

Luckily the Cape provides many ways to burn up all the calories we just consumed — biking on rail trails, canoeing in the salt marshes, hiking on the beaches, sailing on kettle ponds, and climbing lighthouses.


I hope you have enjoyed our escape to the Cape.

Are you drooling?  


Did you remember your sunscreen?

Where do you go when you escape to the beach?

What colors bring the beach to you?

I am joining 

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Linda πŸ™‚

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41 thoughts on “Escape to the Cape Table

  1. Hi Linda: You have some beautiful beach pretties to put together a very charming table. What a surprise you had waiting for you from the Robin family. Cape Cod would be a great destination and, in my mind, it is. But my beach vacations are in my hometown of Santa Cruz, California, and once a year, to San Diego.. Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. Hi Linda,
    Oh Yes I am drooling! Make mine Fried WHOLE Clams(AHHHH!) One of these days we’ll go down to West Haven for a seafood FEED!
    Your table is gorgeous! I have such a THING for starfish. “WANT THOSE DISHES” to go with the “WANT KATHLEENS NAPKIN RINGS”! Okay enough of my WISHLIST!
    The Cape is gorgeous and you’ve captured it beautifully. I SMILED all the way through your post.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your Robin’s SPOT! and you know that baby has stolen my heart with his HAIRDO! TOOOO CUTE!!!
    Have a FUN week, and try to stay COOL tomorrow.

  3. Hi Linda, How absolutely beautiful! You have captured all the glorious colors of the beach in your tablescape. I love the blues and greens and the added color of the flowers in the napkins. I have to add the Cape to my must visit list. We just returned from a beach getaway in Florida. An easy half day drive and the sun and sand awaits. Your china is gorgeous. Your tablescape pretty much perfect!

    The French Hutch

  4. Linda~ What beautiful beach-side dishes you have~ I love the gorgeous edges and embossed detailed layers! Your sea urchin S&P’s and silver lobster fork are beautiful! I love the shot of the baby robin peeking down from your umbrella~ how hospitable of you to relocate your table on his behalf πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for my escape to the Cape!

  5. Sweet Linda! How the heck are ya? This is a really, really beautiful setting, and I am totally transferred to the Cape with you! I have never been in person, but I feel that I have now! Wow…so pretty! Your color combinations are great, and I just love the accessories you used. The lobster picks are my favorite. No, wait…the cool salt & pepper shakers are my favorite! No…the cute crab plates. Awww, to heck with it! It’s ALL my favorite!!! Believe it or not, I’ve never had fried clams! I don’t know why not! I have been on the east coast plenty of times. I just never got around to trying them! I’m scared to eat scallops. I don’t like the sound of the word. Sounds too much like “scalped” to me! I don’t eat food if I don’t like the word…like eggplant. What’s up with that? And okra. It just doesn’t sound right!!! πŸ™‚ Anyhoooo….COOl table! Sorry to hear about your robin woes. We had a family move into a nest built into a wreath on our garage access door. I couldn’t get near the faucet to get the hose to water my flowers without fear of getting slammed in the head by one of the parents for weeks! They also pooped all over our door…a LOT!!! I told my husband I think we’re going to have to burn that door! πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!!!

  6. This is truly a beautiful table. I lived on Cape Cod for several years back in the 1970’s. What a wonderful place. Now I dream of the beach and my new favorite place is Sanibel Island, Florida. Love the blues and whites. Just gorgeous!

  7. I love your table. wow it’s absolutely stunning. Each plate is a piece or artistry. And then of course I was totally smitten with the S&P and the picks! A spectacular table. xo marlis

  8. What a wonderful post! I feel like I just took a trip! The only thing more beautiful than your dishes are your flowers–SO pretty! The beach I dream of is the North Shore on Oahu. We were married there a year ago, and get to go back next year for my son’s wedding. As a child, Cape Cod was one of my favorites. I see it’s as beautiful as ever. Thanks for sharing, and I think it’s very sweet that you don’t want to disturb the robin family!

  9. Clever girl. I love those pretty fresh flowers tucked into your napkins. I will have to save those small vials. Thanks for joining me for TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS! What a great tip!

  10. Beautiful setting, I love the flatware and especially the lobster forks. I think the players that auditioned made a lovely vignette as they were standing by on the side table. xo

  11. I fell in love with hydrangeas the summer in college that I spent on Nantucket.. Your beautiful blooms bring back so many fond memories. Your table is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  12. Gorgeous post and I love the title! You did transport us all to the Cape and we all want to dine at your table. Love the colors and the flowers, but the lobster fork has won my heart!

  13. SUCH gorgeous photos! And I loved the story about Mr. Robin. How clever to build a nest under cover of the umbrella! Glad you will soon be enjoying the Cape in person!

  14. Beautiful photos and your table is lovely with the seascape theme. So many wonderful accessories to admire. The birdies are darling.

  15. Oh my goodness, I really love what you accomplished with this one. The colors are definitely amazing and do make me want to close my eyes and think of the beach. I love the way you tucked the starfish with the napkin. That’s my favorite part.

    Strangely, I grew up in Massachusetts yet never went to Cape Cod. Odd, huh? We used to go to the beach in CT. Now, it’s Hilton Head Island off the coast of SC, which is about an hour away.

  16. Morning Linda,
    What a lovely and creative post, so enjoyed it. Everything is just beautiful and screams of the beach and ocean to me……………and to others too, I’m sure.
    Thanks so much for sharing it, it was truly a delight to read and see.
    Blessings, Nellie

  17. Ohhh helllloooo this is gorgeous! I just want to jump inside your photos and be thereof the sand. And lunching or dining any time of the day there! This is just perfect! Come link up to centerpiece Wednedsay and share your ideas!

    Karin πŸ™‚

  18. Thank you for sharing your lovely tablescape and inviting post. I’ve only ever been to the ocean once as a toddler and have no memories so it is great to read about your trips and get to imagine how wonderful it is. Maybe someday! But for now, thank you for sharing your fun.

  19. What an enjoyable post. I haven’t been to the cape since I was 10 years old. I loved it as a child but never got to go back. You have some beautiful coastal dishes and accessories and I love the ones that made the final cut to your table. The wood on the table is the perfect backdrop so maybe the Robin family did you a favor. I’m partial to Robins!(get it?)

    Robin Flies South

  20. Sigh Linda…this is a fabulous table!
    You have it all, the colors, the flowers, the dishes, the setting, I am drooling!
    Well done my dear and the story about the Cape left me dreaming!
    I have been to Martha’s Vineyard and the up the coast of Maine…such gorgeous places!
    Around our parts it’s Door County (like being out East only on Lake Michigan) and then my all time fave is Mackinac Island, Michigan.
    Hugs friend,

  21. So very pretty! Those forks are amazing! Love the colors, the blues and green glasses, lovely!
    We love the Cape, used to rent 2 weeks every year. Once we bought in Southampton, we stopped going. A very similar feel here.
    Thanks so much for linking to Let’s Dish. Enjoy the weekend!

  22. Just found your site and love it. The name of your blog is perfect! Beautiful, vibrant photographs. I’m your newest fan/follower and really enjoy your posts. Great job!

  23. What a pretty and fun post. All of your pictures are wonderful and your collection of beachy dishes and accessories are fabulous!

  24. Beautiful post!! The photos are gorgeous!! I love the layering of the dishes against the wood table and then the beautiful flowers that soften it all!!

  25. HI Linda,
    Your all things Coastal post was wonderful, so enjoyed it! Lovely table, and
    all your pics are gorgeous. That was a lot of work putting that all together I am sure…………thanks for taking the time, it was certainly fun.
    Loved all the colors and scenery as well as the pretty tableware, very creative.
    Have to call it Coastal cause Beachy isn’t quite elegant enough for it!
    Have a great weekend,
    Blessings, Nellie

  26. Hello Linda~ Lovely photos. I like how you layered the blue dishes..charming. How sweet of the birds to make a nest in the crook of the umbrella. Have a nice weekend~

  27. Hi Linda~ I sent you an email but it may be in your spam folder. You won my picnic basket giveway! Please send me your address so I can get it shipped to you πŸ™‚

  28. I swooned when I looked at your table! I love everything! For someone who was raised (and continues to live) in a landlocked State, I have always been enamored of the sea. It’s been five years since I was last at Cape Cod and your lovely tablescape has me longing to return.

  29. Linda, I’m sorry to be late visiting this gorgeous setting. Love every detail! Those Vietri dishes are some of my favorites. Don’t have any in my cupboards, but I’ve done a couple of posts on tables that features these.
    I dream of Cape Cod and Nantucket frequently. πŸ˜‰

  30. All of the above, I am drooling and dreaming. You have such a talent for painting word pictures while accompanying them with awesome visual art. I want to try all the dishes you mentioned. I never met a seafood I didn’t lik and your beach tableware is exquisite.
    I dream of Hawaii. Bob and I relaxed there at least once a year for many years, every island, every beach. Since we have gotten older and the airports so exhausting we havent been in five years and I miss it so. We have many memories and loads of pictures. I should start a scanning schedule. Thanks for allowing me to dream.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of the cape.

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