Weather. It Changes.

“If you don’t like the weather 
in New England, wait and it will change.”

This year, in the strangest ways.

In August, Hurricane Irene blew through, taking down one of my favorite backyard trees.  

It was huge with pink spring flowers and deep plum leaves.  For days afterward, birds fluttered around the fallen limbs, as confused as I was mournful. 

I comforted myself with the knowledge that my beloved apple trees survived, with their apples still firmly attached. 

But less than two months later, Old Man Winter came through New England early, as if to remind us of what he could do.  The snow from Winter Storm Alfred was even more destructive than the hurricane winds.  The apple trees, like so many others with leaves, lay on their sides in the yard.  

The red maple outside of my kitchen where I watch the birds 

was bent and broken.

The kitchen window was completely blocked by limbs which were never meant to bend so far.

I anxiously waited to see if this tree would be another casualty, but a few days later, the snow melted, and I could see the glorious fall colors on the remaining limbs.

After the storm passed, summer seemed to return, and the confused trees kept their leaves until after Thanksgiving.  

Now my Christmas cactus, which always blooms at Easter, is in full flower.

We awaken each day to see whether it is summer, spring, or winter here. On many weekends, we have had the unusual pleasure of beach time!  

Yes, in New England!  Nellie is especially enjoying this as dogs are only allowed on Connecticut beaches from October through March, when it is usually too cold on the beach for those of us without fur coats.

The Labrador DNA is strong.  We can’t keep her out of the ocean, no matter what the temperature of the water. 

 This Westport beach is on Long Island Sound. 

Kathleen, are you over there?

Nellie and Mr. Fun like this beach at Greenwich Point.

Both of them are hobbling around lately–Nellie because she is almost 12 and still insists on running and swimming as if she is 2. 

Mr. Fun — well, he has the same approach to life as Nellie. 

Non stop action.  

He has spent many years 
— more than me 🙂 — 
running gates on his titanium skis 
and racing on his titanium bike 
and golfing with his titanium club 
(is it the putter or driver–who knows?–I don’t play–TOO much patience required!)
and now he will have a titanium hip! 

 This Wednesday!  What will I be doing?  Not sure.

  Thinking about Spring maybe. 

 The apple trees won’t be blooming this year.

But the pansies are almost ready to plant —

— and other buds are beginning to sprout.

Confusion and upheaval.

Today we awoke to bright blue skies.

No, wait, it is snowing.

And now,
here comes the sun again.

“Apparently there is 
that cannot happen today.”

Quotes from my favorite Connecticut Yankee, 
Mark Twain.

I am very pleased to join the talented

Linda 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Weather. It Changes.

  1. We have experienced 4 seasons this winter too. Anxious to see what March has in store for us.

    Molly refuses to go into the water! We have a Lab who does not swim! When she was a pup, we lived on the farm. J had a well stocked pond. Huge catfish. He fed them every evening. Molly loved to go with him to feed the fish. The fish sensed when they were approaching and the water would seem to boil. Big fish with big mouths came up out of the water, to be fed. We believe this made a huge impression on Molly, she has never forgotten. It never kept her from going to the pond or to the dock at the lake, but that is as close to the water she will go.

  2. It’s so nice to see you posting!!! You’ve been missed. Love your post. You hit this crazy weather right on the nose. What a year! Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays!

    – The Tablescaper

  3. Yes, I am, waving out you! The wind today has been awful, still blowing! But we didn’t get the storm that took your tree, we have been very lucky. The one storm we did get melted by the next day!
    Beautiful pics, love the beach pictures.

    Glad you are back! Now get ready for my St. Pat’s party on the 13th! 🙂

  4. prayers for skilled surgeon, expert care and fast healing. My plants are all confused and the humans as well. It’s been a mess of weather around here. xo marlis

  5. Good to see this post from you. I guess your husband is going in for a hip replacement. I wish him well. My friends who have had replacements are just like new.
    Love seeing the beach shots. Makes me wish we lived near the water. ~ Sarah

  6. What amazing photos you have here. Enjoyed them very much.
    We’ve not had much rain or snow…not nearly enuf to get us out of this terrible drought.
    I wish your hubs fast recovery.

  7. Wow, Linda, I can’t believe a post after all this time! I was curious to see who won your Tuscan giveaway last summer. Hope your husband’s surgery goes smoothly. Beautiful photos, and yes, this winter has been very unusual. xo

  8. Their you are…great to be back darling !!!….i hope everything goes well…….and that you recover soon…….have a nice sunday…yes !! almost spring !!!…love it…xxx…

  9. Hi Linda~ So happy to see a post from you! It’s been a relatively mild winter here but we did have a mix of snow & sleet that came on the heels of a couple day of 70 degree temps…only to have 60 mph winds that almost ripped every newly formed bud off all the trees. Confusion & upheaval indeed!

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your favorite tree 🙁 but I’m as excited to see your surf & sun photos as Nellie is to run along the shore! Hope Mr. Fun’s hip heals & rehab is not too taxing 🙂

  10. Your post captures this crazy winter perfectly! I often come home to missing trees in my yard, not due to the weather, but instead my husband moves them or sells them. I have had to learn, that it becomes another opportunity to redecorate the outdoors! Dianne

  11. Beautiful pictures, we never know about the weather, it has been 60 several days here in the Kansas City area, tomorrow is to be 46, so weather has been so unusual. Thanks for your pictures.

  12. Great post! Love all the beautiful pictures and the story behind them. 🙂

    Hope all goes well with the hip. Sounds very … painful!


  13. that is one happy lab! I am sorry for your trees, that would sadden me deeply. I think your poem about titanium is funny, particularly as my man just returned from a weekend racing on his skis 🙂
    Happy Spring!

  14. We’ve had crazy weather, too – very mild (for Ohio) and I hope it continues and we don’t get hit with tons of snow in March! I love your photos of the ocean and Nellie (that was my Mom’s name, too!) Thanks so much for commenting on Buster’s post and becoming a follower! I’m following you now, too!
    Hugs, Cindy, Buster, Rudy and Sam

  15. So . . . you’re back. Yes! I’ve missed you!

    You’ll be in my prayers for your husband’s surgery! You’ll have to change his name from Mr. Fun, to Mr. Titanium! I hope everything goes smoothly.

    In the Midwest, we’ve had a mild winter, but I’m not a winter person at all, so mild or not, the trees are still bare, the sky is grey and the grass looks like straw. I can’t wait for Spring!

    Oh, and the Connecticut Yankee is my favorite Mark Twain book . . . right after Huck Finn.

  16. Linda, you’ve been missed! Welcome back! Did you know that the “If you don’t like the weather…” quote is from Will Rogers…and he was speaking of Oklahoma? Your description of your year sounds like every year out here on the prairie. I refer to people in our state as ‘sky watchers’ because we’re always trying to be prepared for what the weather will bring next. Never a dull moment. Glad that your ice laden trees seemed to rebound. I enjoyed your post. Cherry Kay

  17. Gald to see you back on your blog, LInda!

    It’s sad to lose beloved trees. We lost a backyard tree a few years ago in a bad storm. It split in half and we had to have it cut down. I cried for days afterward and still miss it.

    I’m glas spring is approaching!

  18. Oh, we are definitely snowing today and nothing is budding or looking pretty before the snow hit! I was sickened by the images of your broken trees! We have lost half our flowering plum like that and last spring I screamed for help from hubby when I saw it happening again!

  19. So happy to see you posting again! You have been missed.
    You are so right, the weather has been crazy everywhere. Last summer we only had 5 really hot days in southern California and we have had very little rain this winter…we really need it.
    I am sorry about the loss of your trees. It is heartbreaking when that happens.
    I wish your husband all the best with his hip replacement. I’m sure he’ll feel like new very soon and you will enjoy summer walks on the beach.
    Have a great weekend.

  20. Oh boy, do I understand this post! You had me in tears at the loss of your trees and the damage to your other trees. You know I’ve just been through this. Also happened during Hurricane Irene. It’s like a stab in the heart when a beloved tree is lost.

    The weather is crazy. There’s snow on the ground here and it’s going to be 56!


  21. I hope & pray that all went well with your DH’s hip replacement on the 29th. I have said a little prayer for him & for YOU, as I know the caregiver often needs it, too.

    I’m sad to see all your beautiful tress down from the storms. I truly enjoyed the views of your lovely home, though, both inside & out.

    I hope you find some time to try making a yeast bread soon. They really aren’t difficult. Just get the liquid to around 105º & it will come out fine.

    Hugs & Prayers,

  22. Love your pretty plant pictures. It is always heartbreaking when you lose a tree to nature.

    I think your hubby would get along very well with my husband and I. We love to bike and ski but we play tennis instead of golf.

  23. Would you consider sending me a small piece of your beautiful white christmas cactus. Thanks so much. Janice Urffer 1100 Newportville Rd Apt 132, Croydon PA 19021. I have some to swap too in red, pink, and blush.

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