Pioneer Time at the Green Star Ranch

Yippee-aye-o-ky-yeah, yee haa!!

It’s Pioneer Woman
 time here at the 

Drop your gear and take off those boots!

These once belonged to 
a little buckaroo who sits very tall in the saddle now  
and can outshoot and outrun Mr. Fun !

Little buckeroo’s big sister is a 
tough and sweet cowgirl who can spend weeks backpacking through the West’s extreme wilderness 
and still manage to come home with 
new additions to her wardrobe

There are all kinds of scary varmints in the wild west

but these feet just belong to Crow.

Crow is looking for some of that good Oklahoma corn 
that is as high as an elephant’s eye.

This corn was grown by pioneers in Canada

but Crow isn’t fussy.

He should be careful, though.  
The branding iron is ready.  

The GREEN STAR is an award this
Connecticut Pioneer Woman
gives out around the ranch
to buckeroos and cowgirls
for extra special accomplishments.

CT Pioneer Woman found this 
very rusty, very used horseshoe in a dry river bed.

But in New Hampshire.

Not Oklahoma.

Rounding up the cattle is a dusty job, 
and a cowboy gets thirsty.  
Lemonade in pretty glasses should quench that thirst.

Grab a clean neckerchief to use for a napkin
because the chuck wagon is on its way!

Boots, hats and green star buttons
hold the napkins together like burritos …
hmm, can you guess what’s for dinner?


Oklahoma Pioneer Woman
makes them like this: 

CT Pioneer Woman 
Green Star Ranch

makes them like this:

Collect the ingredients.

ground beef, tortillas, cheddar cheese, 
enchilada sauce, cumin, chili powder,
garlic powder, refried beans, cilantro, avocado,
onion, tomatoes, sour cream, green chilies

Start the rice.
This has saffron and is DELICIOUS !

Beef, spices, enchilada sauce.  
Fry it up in a pan.

Beans and cheddar.
For your own Marlboro Man.

Heat tortillas in a pan 
very quickly.

Don’t be yakking on the phone 
while you are doing this.

Put filling on tortillas, roll up, pop them all in a pan together, top with enchilada sauce and more cheese.

Worry about calories tomorrow 
when you are out on the range.

Heat all the burritos for a few minutes 
in a 350 degree oven.  
OK Pioneer Woman puts them in the microwave one serving at a time 
but starving cowpokes who live with 
CT Pioneer Woman would not like that.

Transfer to platter. Top with cilantro.

Put out the tasty toppers and sides.

Ring the dinner bell.  

Dog’s eye view.

Keep your eye on the ranch dog.

Mr. Fun was going to earn his burritos by doing a Marlboro Man pose.  He was envisioning riding a wild mustang bareback while lassoing a wild steer with one hand and shooting rattlers with the other

but when he found out he just had to pose in his tightest jeans
 he backed out.
Oh well.
We still have the burritos.
And they are good !!! 

Connecticut Pioneer Woman
would like to thank 
Oklahoma Pioneer Woman
for her inspiration

and these charming friends
for hostessing two excellent parties
Linda  ðŸ™‚
aka CT Pioneer Woman  ðŸ™‚

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50 thoughts on “Pioneer Time at the Green Star Ranch

  1. Linda, you always manage to make me smile! You somehow manage to make every occasion fun! I have a set of the same flatware and I love it, but I don’t think they’ve ever seen a burrito. Now you are giving me ideas! I think I see a Mexican dinner in our future . . .

  2. Linda! I am loving the ranch dog. LOL! That face!

    And I love this whole post. Cute s can be. Those bandanas are GORGEOUS. Love the colors you chose. Everything… from the “irons” for cutlery to the pretty glasses as thirst quenchers… very clever table! OH, how I wish you lived nearer!


    Sheila 🙂

  3. Fun party at your place. I’ll be right over to grab a bandana and create my masterpiece. Love blogs that combine inspired decorations, tablescapes and RECIPES! Thanks for blogging. ~CJ

  4. Well, howdy, ma’am! Yer did a bit of rustin’ around the ranch to set up such a purdy table! And the grub looks so good!
    This was a precious post, Linda! You thought of everything – even the rusty horse shoe! 🙂
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  5. Okay, now I’m craving Tex-Mex before 9:00 a.m.! What a cute setting for a yummy outdoor feast! I especially love the colorful bandannas and the napkin rings. I got a chuckle out of the “dog’s eye view,” too!

  6. Hi Linda, Wonderful post! I love that you used those buttons for the napkin rings. Great idea! I love how sturdy they are, don’t you?
    I haven’t had breakfast yet and wouldn’t mind one of those yummy looking burritos right now. 🙂
    Love the rusty horseshoe!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Linda, dropping back by to ogle those bandanas and to say I’m glad you enjoyed Go-Go boy! LOL! Every time I look at it, I laugh out loud. I almost danced at WalMart when I was there at the crack of dawn, but I decided it might not look too cute with the outfit I had on. I had crawled out of bed to get a lot done before anyone was up. I can’t stand crowds, and I like to shop there before the “huddled masses longing to breathe free” awake. 😉

    Have a great weekend…


    Sheila 🙂

  8. YEE…..HA….
    I am lovin that ranch dog. and those enchiladas. GOOD GRIEF..those are to die for.
    This party is makin’ me soooo hungry..

  9. Linda, Your post is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! You are very creative. The burritos look great and your set-up is awesome. Cute comments about your hubby too! Definitely one of my favorite posts tonight!
    Blessings, Beth

  10. Oh Linda, this is just too funny. Great post. I love all of the beautiful shades in the bandanas. Just gorgeous. And I love those blue dishes. I saw them at HomeGoods and resisted…now I’m wondering if I should have. They look great.

    – The Tablescaper

  11. What a great post! I enjoyed it all! Such a good idea to keep those old boots! We toss away too many neat things like this! My four-year-old grandson has some now, I must remember to tell them to save them for me!


  12. Such a cute post! Love the table scape too! How cute is that?! These look awesome! I am going to have to try out your version.

    Thanks for visiting! I think if I make these again, I would wait for Christmas time and pass them out to friends and family. I know I don’t need the extra calories either!

  13. So-o-o-o, I’m a thinkin that you had a whole lot of fun preparing this feast for the eyes and the stomach! Ree Drummond actually lives on one of the historical and beautiful Drummond ranches in the ‘Tall Grass’ area of Oklahoma. It’s pretty magnificent country, and she has become a part of a significant ranching family. Her recipe book really is wonderful. Of course, I’d gain a hundred extra pounds if I made everything that she offers. Love the bandanas and the personal items that belonged to your buckaroos. Thank you for sharing your delightful design. Cherry Kay

  14. Hi Linda! How FUN is this?! What a wonderful pioneeer woman you make…I so love those adorable bandanas & your cowpokes no doubt enjoyed those burritos! Love all the props you wrangled up…boots, horseshoe & belt buckle and of course your Ranch dog 🙂

  15. Hello Linda,
    thanks for stopping by and leaving that sweet comment.
    Whoohoo, I love that post. I feel like a cowgirl when I read it. So nice!
    Greetings, Johanna

  16. ADORABLE POST………I see imaginations run wild in New Hampshire too! Love your story, those little boots are so sweet, mine are being saved too. How cute are those different colored bandanas, like easter eggs. Yum, your dinner menu sounds good. Maybe I’ll play pioneer woman tonight. Delightful
    Easter Blessings

    The French Hutch

  17. Linda, I am lovin’ all of your cowboy/girl accoutrements! I grew up in the southwest and once even had a cowboy boyfriend! I always wore a traditional blue bandanna but I’ve always liked the more colorful ones. They are perfect as napkins, especially all tied up with those cool buttons! I make a more traditional New Mexico burrito- no ground beef or enchilada sauce. In NM, we use red chile and steak or shredded roast beef. The husband’s siblings beg me to make them my enchiladas, burritos, sopaipillas, polole, and tortillas. And yes- ya gotta not talk on the phone when you’re making real tortillas or frying up the sopaipillas. Can you say, icky burned spots? I loved this post!!
    ~ Sue

  18. Linda! I’ve been missing you lately! Thanks for stopping by my blog, but I need another post from you to see what you and Mr. Fun have been up to!

  19. Your burritos look delicious! Especially with cilantro on top! (I tried to grow cilantro last year and failed miserably.) Love using the bandanas for napkins. Where did you find the little western charms?

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