Let’s Dish With Portmeirion and Tulips!

Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips

What says “Cuisine Kathleen” to you 
more than GREEN ?
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
Did I hear incredible bargain ???
Or dishes  ?
In honor of the hostess of our new party 
(I’m so excited about another dish party 
I am shaking …. after all this is the reason I felt compelled to join the blogging world!)
I set my table with everything green or 
thrifted/outlet-ed/incredible last chance sale
or free!
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
The only exception are my french Biot glasses
(green but $$$), but they have earned their keep.
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
And even these qualify as vintage under Etsy’s (ridiculous, I think) definition of vintage as anything 20+ years old.


So here’s the dish. I started out with this setting.

Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
placemats: Villeroy & Boch outlet
Portmerion (!!) dishes: HGs
tulip votive holders: CTS
napkins and charger on huge sale with coupon (another Kathleen thing): Pier 1
terrarium: Goodwill
A little dull.  
So I refolded the napkins and tied them with a beautiful ribbon saved from a flower delivery.
~~~I am a ribbon lover!!~~~
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
The pink tulips in the terrarium were from Mr. Fun
(he owes me….) 
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
and are in a milk glass vase I received from a friend.

Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips

Tucked in are some books 
by Ina Garten and Suzy Bales, 
both Long Island talents like Kathleen!
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
The yellow tulips were inspired by the 
adorable tulip votive holders.
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
One stem was broken, and when I placed it in a small vase overnight,
the ends curled up to create a tiny stand!
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
I am thinking of a line up of these on damp pebbles down the center of a table
… so neat and no one would know it was an accident!
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
I tucked a little tulip into each napkin ribbon,
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
added them to the votive holders 
(I only do candles at dusk),
and also added a primrose in my Grandmother’s McCoy planter …
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
but I still wasn’t happy, so I moved the McCoy to the corner cabinet with my ~green cloche~ and a bunny-in-waiting (check back for another table 🙂).
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
Another spot of pink:
 this Liberty of London frame from another friend, with photos of Will and Charlotte taken long ago by the milk glass vase friend.

Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips

I moved the tulips and napkins around until I found a look that pleased me.
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips


Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
What do you think?
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips
Green and low $$$!
A tulip for you–try to make your own little tulip stand.
Let's Dish with Portmerion and Tulips


Thanks, Kathleen, for the new party and something for all of the dish addicts to do on Wednesday night!

and my original dishaholic destination:
(blogger keeps changing that word to diastolic)

Tablescape Thursday
Between Naps on the Porch 

Linda 🙂
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46 thoughts on “Let’s Dish With Portmeirion and Tulips!

  1. Linda this is beautiful. I was just looking at these dishes today…considering buying them. Do I need more dishes? You bet I do.;-)

  2. Linda.. this is beautiful, I love the green and the yellow and tulips! So pretty, I wanted those dishes, but they didn’t jump fast enough into my basket and I escaped! Now, seeing your lovely table.. I want them! great success.. xo marlis

  3. Oh, wow…this is so pretty! The colors are beautiful and spring-like, the tulips are gorgeous, and the look is so well pulled together! Two VERY enthusiastic thumbs up!!!

  4. Linda, This is spring in a table! Just so pretty and happy and all things spring… and on a shoestring! You are a very clever girl to set such a gorgeous table and do it for little money! I love it!

  5. Ack! Another lucky gal with CTS! We don’t have them here in CO and Kathleen taunts me with her finds from there! I love the colors on your table. The tulips and napkins just pop! I felt the same way as you when Kathleen announced her new party! Thank you for stopping by for a visit! I hope to see you again soon 🙂

  6. What do I think??!! I think I love it!! I love your bargains and your beautiful goblets. The terrarium is so pretty as the centerpiece… and the cookbooks, how clever!!

  7. Loved the progression of your table, Linda.
    A very fresh, spring table setting.
    Portmerion is a fave, though I don’t own any…. yet. 😉

  8. Love your table. I like the napkins in the bowls and I am coveting your terrarium and the little tulip with it’s own stand is so cute. Nice job. dianne

  9. What’s not to like? The terrarium with those sunny tulips, the beautiful botanical plates, the glasses, all beautiful! I love the napkin tied with the pretty ribbon too.
    Thanks for your kind words and for bringing this perfectly Springy table to Let’s Dish!

  10. This is so delightful! It speaks spring to me. Love the Portmeiron plates and the tulips are just gorgeous. Everything is beautifully put together, Linda!..Christine

  11. I’ve always really liked the Portmeirion Botanical pattern. A good friend of mine has used it beautifully for many years. Your tablescape is so perfectly situated in front of the window looking out on your lovely vista. The curled tulip is “Da Bomb”. Love it! Thanks for inviting us for a peak at your marvelous design. Cherry Kay

  12. Linda~ I love your tulips presented & tied on your napkins! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that recycles ribbon 🙂 I love your Portmeirion~ it’s one of my favorite patterns with all the different botanicals~ Happy Spring!

  13. Love, love, love this table! All those tulips are putting a huge smile on my face. All your touches are charming, and I’ve really enjoyed your thought process as you put together the tablescape.

    I’m also a big fan of Ina Garten and have a few of her books. I’ll have to check out Suzy Bales, next!

    I’m so happy that it’s Spring!

  14. This is such an adorable table! it is so fresh and pretty! I love it. And I enjoyed all the “changes” throughout the post. I would love for you to link this up to my “Thrifty Things Friday ” party (which will be live today at 4:00EST). I also host a once a month “Thrifty Tablescape” party on the first Saturday of every month.

  15. Hi lovely lady.
    You are asking what do I think??!! I think your Tablescape is Beautiful the way you put it all together for Spring love it!! I love your bargains and your beautiful goblets and dishes. The terrarium is so pretty as the centerpiece.you can always add pastel Easter eggs to it and keep the Gorgeous Tulip within the terrarium.
    This would be beautiful for Easter. I also love the napkins with the yellow Tulip this was a great Idea.
    I just love it all great job!!
    I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Easter Tablescape. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  16. This table has the look that’s actually my very favorite. I love yellow and green, and tulips are a favorite flower. I loved everything you did, and I really liked being taken through the steps it took to get there.

    And the tulip tucked into the ribbon around the napkins was just plain perfect.

  17. THIS, my little fun friend, is one of the most delightful tables I’ve seen. Just love it….everything is JUST RIGHT.
    XO bj

  18. Great job! I love Portmerion china. I have some miniature tea pots stowed away somewhere by Portmerion. Your green stemware is very pretty and I love the metal box with the flowers and books! The tulips look perfect with the outdoors cast behind them! That is cute how the yellow tulip folded up like that! I love the votives with the flowers place in the bowls! Very cute!

  19. You make me want to run to the store and get some tulips! I always have a few that I can cut in the garden but not enough! What a pretty table and your view out the window is incredible. I love how the little tulip formed a stand. I thought it was some cute knickknack that you found. Great way to start out Let’s Dish.

  20. Hi, Linda,
    My goodness, you did a wonderful job on your springtime table setting! I, too, love pretty dishes and yours are lovely. The tulips add the perfect touch to everything. Thank you for visiting me at Bunny Cottage and telling me about your childhood memory of reading on the rock at your lake house. I loved hearing it. Enjoy your weekend, my friend~ Vicki

  21. Linda, such a lovely spring table. I didn’t join up with Kathleen, but I will. I enjoy her engaging style, and I love a bargain too. Your glasses are wonderful even if they weren’t a bargain, and I have been tempted to buy the dishes you show. They are so classic. Lovely spring table. P.S. I know you are right about our new cat. We have only had strays, and I love them! Joni

  22. What a lovely spring table! I love your portmerion dishes with their sweet botanicals. The yellow and pink tulips are charming along with the green gingham placemats and the terrarium. Absolutely charming spring table!
    PS. I am glad to know I’m not the only one who saves ribbon.

  23. Such a Sweet Spring Table! I LOVE your color combo and everything you did! You are right about that little tulip and it’s curly Qs making a great line up. TOO CUTE! My FAVORITE THING! Your “Grandmother’s McCoy Planter”. First it’s your Grandmothers and second, WOW did it make everything “POP”! Don’t you love bringing out SPRING!
    Keep warm, it’s going to be a COLD NIGHT!
    Big Hugs,

  24. WOw, wow, wow! So beautiful, I wish I could sit at your table to sip some tea. Thanks for leaving a comment on “My Hubby’s China”. Visiting from CuisineKathleen’s Daffodilly-Brunch-Let’s-Dish

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