Lady of the (Napkin) Rings

If a burglar were to invade my house and open my dining room sideboard drawers hoping to find silver treasures, he would be disappointed.  Instead he would find my hoard (oops, I mean collection) of 
napkin rings.

Although it is pouring outside and much too cold to think about eating on the deck, I can think about setting my spring and summer tables.  My only question is … which napkin rings to use with my favorite beachy dishes?

Shall I do an  ~~ elegant ~~  setting?

Hmmm.  Depends on who is coming to dinner.  
Maybe a more natural look.

I use these pewter ones often.

These are a little bit delicate — only to be used with the “well-behaved” guest list.

Haven’t used them yet.

Maybe the beachy dishes need a rest.  I could use my
very favorite everyday dishes, my Wedgwood Nantucket.  They can go 
~~ elegant ~~

~~ or more Paul Revere ~~

(Charlotte is moving to Boston, so my thoughts are going there often)

~~ or pretty in pink ~~

(Charlotte again–it’s hard when your baby girl grows up!)

(here’s her ‘welcome home from college table’ from a few years ago–Nantucket dishes with pink!)

Dragonflies are always welcome at my outdoor tables

but they seem to be more attracted to these 
Mikasa English Countryside dishes!

Lemons with the strawberries are good for when I’m feeling a little 
~~ fruity ~~ 

~~ and of course it wouldn’t be summer in the New England woods without plenty of insects!

The insects could lend a more manly look

although the men in my family don’t think this is manly.
So let’s go back to the pretty dragonflies with these dishes 

~~that works for me! ~~

And while we have the leaf and berry dishes out, let’s look at them with the wicker napkin rings ~~

~~ which of course also work well for Easter bunny tables!
(and there are my favorite Wedgwood dishes again!)

Maybe Mr. Fun and Will would prefer the wicker napkin ring with something a little more “earthy”

~~or maybe a different (NOT pink) dragonfly on a different dish ~~


but I’m thinking
outdoors and summer 
…. so …

How about my beachy dishes with the bugs?

~~ Oh, I could waste many hours playing with my napkin rings! ~~
Do you see a combination you like?

Linda πŸ™‚
Cuisine Kathleen!


Tablescape Thursday
Between Naps on the Porch
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47 thoughts on “Lady of the (Napkin) Rings

  1. Ooh I love so many but the leaf and berry dishes with the wicker napkin rings strikes my fancy right now! That’s funny what you said about a burglar being disappointed -he wouldn’t get too excited at my house either! I love your hoard/collection! It’s fun to just look at them all! The yellow bunnies are too cute!

  2. What a fun post, Linda! You have some great buggy napkin rings. I looked for dragon flies, but didn’t see any so I ended up with the bees.
    You are right about the insects in NE, but not as large as Kansas…I don’t know what they feed on here, but they are huge!

  3. This is cool. I really like this post! This is a lot of what tablescaping is about: playing with the “toys” you have and creating something fun and new and exciting. You have a cool collection of napkin rings, and a savvy burglar would know to take those suckers and run. Oops…but then you would know it was me! πŸ™‚

  4. Can I come and play with your napkin rings? You have a WONDERFUL collection, and perhaps we can make a suggestion to Kathleen that we have a week where we show our collection of Napkin Rings on Let’s dish. I have several of the napkin rings that you have πŸ™‚

  5. Those very beachy dishes just jumped into my cart one day at TJ Maxx — I am really liking those turquoise shells with them. I also have two drawers full of napkin rings, and some others stashed here and there. I think it is not a bad idea to keep would-be burglars guessing!

  6. What fun! So many wonderful ideas. Frequently I let my mind wander from tablescape to tablescape. I like the way your mind works! LOL!

    What are the pink and green dishes in the Easter table? Or is that a pink dish on top of a green one? Great shade of green.

    – The Tablescaper

  7. I just love them all! To me, one of the most fun elements on a table is a creative napkin ring. I would love to have a stash like yours.

    My favorites might be the lanterns that you mentioned with the Paul Revere table. I would love a set of those.

    And I relate to the daughter moving away. Mine moved all the way to DC in January. I’m still wearing black just a little…

  8. What fun!! I love all those napkin rings…so pretty. I have the Mikasa English Countryside, too. I love that set as I can always change out a salad plate to change it up.

  9. What a clever post! This is fun to see your different dishes paired with various napkin rings. I can tell you have a good time planning and setting a table. I do too! My napkin ring inventory is limited to just a few styles, but will say that napkins at our table are always “ringed”. Thanks for sharing these. You’ve got a great variety! We have Nantucket Basket too. Guess i should find some nautical rings. LOL

  10. where I a burglar.. well then your treasures would be gone.. he he he.. What a lovely collection. Love those pottery barn nito napkin rings.. I am sorry i didn’t pick them up.. I love your pewter starfish too. well i love them all. xo marlis

  11. Oh I love all your napkin rings. I ADORE the leaf and berry dishes and have SEARCHED for them for quite a long time! Can you tell me where you found them??? Just gorgeous. I am dreaming of outdoor tables too! XO, Pinky

  12. Oh my, your collection of napkin rings is glorious! I am so very behind the curve. My eye kept roaming back to the beautiful blue and white shells. Thanks for inviting us for a peak…and a tour. Cherry Kay

  13. I love your hoard. I am waaay behind you on napkin rings, but I can aspire can’t I. They just really jazz up a table, don’t they? Love the dragonfly ones. If you would invite me, I promise to behave at your table with the delicate napkin rings. Joni

  14. I love the leaf and berry with the wicker. I also love your wedgwood nantucket dishes. I am also a big fan of the napkin ring. I have some that were my mom’s and some that I’ve collected. I sometimes thin out my hoard and sell or give away some too.

  15. Hi Linda,
    what a stunning collection. I love the pearled dragonflies. They are so beautiful made.
    Thank you for sharing and have fun.
    best greetings, Johanna

  16. A great collection of napkin rings! I thought I found one I liked then looked at the next picture and by the end…… just decided I want all of them.
    Your dishes are beautiful too!
    Blessings My Friend,

  17. So many choices…sooooooo many napkin rings!
    OK… WWHD? What Would Hyacinth Do? πŸ˜‰

    Leaf and berry dishes on wicker with blueberries. Yes, that’s the one for me at the moment. But I like the one below, too, with the cute little Easter basket. Lovely dishes!

  18. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your napkin rings. You have a Beautiful collection !! I also have the dragonflies from Pier One. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my Spring Tablescape. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  19. Oh I saw a few I would ask the burglar to snatch for me!
    Those bunnies could hop right across the Sound to my table!
    I have some bunny place card holders from WS that really look like little rats! Why did I buy them? πŸ™‚
    Loved seeing your great stash! Debbie suggested we do that one week on Let’s Dish.
    Thanks for linking up!

  20. I’m with you…napkin rings are just fun! I don’t think I have ever spent full price on more than 2 or 3 sets of the many I have. I recognize quite a few of yours from PB (always have some on clearance). My favorite Goodwill always has them and often they are brand new too. I could never pick from your ideas…love them all! You have some really beautiful things.

    Robin Flies South

  21. What a fun post! I love your collection (obsession!). I recently purchased some dragonfly napkin rings and cannot wait to use them. Your tables will look wonderful for years to come with all of those choices.

  22. Hi Linda! My what a wonderful collection of napkin rings you have! I keep mine in my dining room in my sideboard drawer just like you! You have some cute beachy dishes!
    Now, I’ll tell you about the date on my blog you asked about. I clicked on the new blogger posting thingy and I don’t like it! I had preposted that post. I always use the following year on my preposts and then I come back and pick the ones I want to post. Well, I picked a date in 2013 but it came up anyway. I guess I haven’t figured it out yet! πŸ™‚ I wish Blogger would just leave us alone.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  23. You are so organized, you inspire me. Perhaps napkin rings will be my next project! As soon as I can finish the closet organization.

    We have many of the same dishes. I love how you have used yours to make beautiful tables.

  24. Goodmorning! Your tablesettings are so darn pretty! My fave is he white and blue with blueberry placemats..love your burgular senario…my thought as I ead it was..unless he’s a closet blogger on tablescapes..lol He’d have hit gold.:) Enjoyed reading your blog girl and am your newest follower.

  25. Linda~ It’s a napkin ring extravaganza~ I love your pewter starfish & crabs ones too! I thought I didn’t need anymore white dishes, but I always rethink that when I see English Countryside…*sigh* I love the relief and the flowers mixed with the fruit πŸ™‚

  26. “I DO NOT have enough napkin rings”…NOW I KNOW where to head when I need some! LOVE your assortment! I REALLLLLY Love those bunnies in the first picture! It looks like treasure to “ME”!
    Big Hugs,

  27. I love that you decided to display your napkin rings and I love how you displayed them. I also can’t resist a great napkin ring, although I think you have me beat!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  28. Hi Linda, love your napkin ring collection. I collect them too. And I love all your pretty dishes. I didn’t even know about Tablescape Thursday. I just learned something new. Thanks.

  29. Wow!!! That is quite a collection. I can honestly say I don’t have a single set of napkin rings. How sad is that? I love the dragonflies!

  30. Hi, Linda,
    I’ll just take those adorable yellow bunny napkin rings. And those round ones with the orangey flower, I’ve seen you use before, and I loved them so much, I tried to find them, but no luck.
    What an unbelievable collection you have, and they’re all so darn CUTE!

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