gobble gobble


Perched on the sideboard in my dining room are several woodland creatures, overseeing the preparations and waiting to hold turkey, stuffing, and other delicious side dishes.
gobble gobble
The deep wells on the huge Woodland Spode turkey platter hold all the juices from the tasty bird!
But not from this bird!  He’s a guest.  
gobble gobble
 Serving spoons and plates await the cranberry orange relish (homemade and my favorite) …
gobble gobble
… and others hold the turnips and stuffing (with sausage and dried cherries!) …


 gobble gobble
gobble gobble
gobble gobble
… and an antique bread board holds homemade 
pumpkin bread … at least for the few minutes before it disappears!

 gobble gobble


gobble gobble

Spoon rests are ready to protect the beautiful sideboard.
gobble gobble


gobble gobble
 The pumpkins will move to make room for other goodies …
gobble gobble


and the candles will be lit.
gobble gobble
After the feast 
and a walk in the woods with the dogs
 (no naps!!),
pumpkin pie will be served
on the turkey dishes.
gobble gobble


NOW it’s time for a nap.
gobble gobble
My son is home from college for turkey dinner!
And even though that means MORE LAUNDRY
it also means MORE FUN!
I am also thankful that my daughter is home
from college too, and that she knows 
where the dormitory laundry room is! 
I am most thankful that our family is together for Thanksgiving.
gobble gobble
I wish all of my friends a wonderful, festive Thanksgiving Day,
and many reasons to be thankful.
Linda 🙂
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33 thoughts on “GOBBLE GOBBLE

  1. Oh my! That laundry, that is so funny in a few years I won’t be laughing. 2 Sons about to go to college! Love your Spode! It is just gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You have so many turkey-themed pieces and they are all terrific! Although I;m sure it is great to have your son (& D) home from college, maybe you’ll have to remind him, its MORE FUN, LESS LAUNDRY! Happy TG to you!


  3. Your turkey platter is beautiful and I’m in love with your bunny plate. Everything looks beautiful and poised for the big day tomorrow. Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. First before we get to the decor, the sideboard itself is a gorgeous piece. I absolutely love the woodland characters on your plates. The bunny is my favorite. What charming and delightful plates. Everything is so pretty. Hope you have a wonderful meal tomorrow and that everyone’s hearts are filled with gratitude.

  5. I love your beautiful Spode dishes and the carolers. Sounds like you are having a really nice thanksgiving with the kids being home. Happy Thanksgiving to y’all, Linda!…Christine

  6. Linda, Thank you for stopping by and leaving such an upbeat and happy message. You sound so full of life and fun. I would love to plan a day trip to Nell Hills. Always love going to see her beautiful things. She has 3 of them. 2 are in Atchison and one at Briarcliff. All of them are about an hour or so from me… I would truly enjoy meeting you and watch your eyes as you enjoy all of her eye candy. Happy Thanksgiving.
    hugs ~lynne~

  7. Hi lovely lady, I love the little Turkey on your Beautiful china~~~ I would love to have your China so lovly!!! Did you make your pumpkins so sweet looking.Do you have the name for your China with the Turkey Pattern on them. See if you can get back to me~~ and Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Tablescapes ~~~

  8. I adore your cute post title Linda but your sideboard had me at *Hello*. Wowsa! Gorgeous, gorgeous decor’ throughout your entire room. Love it all!

    Happy weekend! ~Melissa 🙂

  9. Love your beautiful sideboard set-up, Linda! Your turkey platter and animal plates are gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment! I am a new follower!

  10. Linda,
    I LOVE your dishes. I am trying so hard not to covet them. But I am weak when it comes to spectacular dishes, especially when they are beautifully displayed!
    I really relate to your blog name. I would always say (jokingly, of course) to my kids, don’t go to school, let’s be dumb and fun!
    Thankfully they both just graduated from college and are employed. Sometimes not listening to me was much smarter.

    We had 2 in college just a year ago. YIKES! Those were the “lean” years. But they were so fun. Enjoy them!!!!
    xo Yvonne

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