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Outside my kitchen window is a beautiful maple tree which is the last to turn and lose its leaves.  Sometimes the leaves are still on to greet the first snowfall.  When they turn this luscious bright red I know it is time to put up the birdfeeders.
ornament giveaway
 Woodpeckers, finches, chickadees,
cardinals and bluejays visit daily.
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ornament giveaway
ornament giveaway
ornament giveaway
Once the leaves fall I can see the sunrise through the trees from my back deck.
ornament giveaway
ornament giveaway
The sunrise is reflected 
in the windows of my dining room.
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And inside the dining room …
ornament giveaway
ornament giveaway
another sign of the season is in bloom.
My beautiful Christmas cactus blooms right before Christmas and Easter every year!
ornament giveaway


ornament giveaway

 Before my own decorations go up, I take a little trip to 
ornament giveaway

Ornaments galore in any theme!
ornament giveaway
Gingerbread houses good enough to eat!!
ornament giveaway
And speaking of eating, how about a slice of Christmas pizza …
ornament giveaway

and some yummy dessert?
ornament giveaway
Have you ever heard reindeer like these
prancing on your roof?
ornament giveaway
Glittery or vintage …

ornament giveaway

… you will find it here.
  Isn’t she beautiful?
ornament giveaway

ornament giveaway

I can spend hours here, 
new ideas whirling in my head!
ornament giveaway
I don’t think I have ever looked for 
any type of ornament that I didn’t find.
ornament giveaway
When my mom was recovering from a stroke this fall, we spent quite a bit of time at the Christmas Barn, helping her retrieve her words!
  And it worked!!
ornament giveaway
 Was that part of the Magic of Christmas?

ornament giveaway

This charming snowfellow lives with me now 🙂
ornament giveaway
And so does this pretty pig
~~ (she’s happy even without her mud!) ~~
ornament giveaway 
And to celebrate this joyous season
 and all my new blogging friendships,
 I am giving away these two ornaments.
A snowy starman
ornament giveaway
and a beautiful country church with glowing windows.

ornament giveaway

If you would like a chance to add one of these to your own magical Christmas celebration,
 leave a comment on any of my posts this week. 
If you are a follower or become one
 leave another comment telling me so. 
I will announce the two winners next Sunday on my Seasonal Sunday post!  
The ornaments will fly to the two winners by Christmas Express 
and arrive just in time to join the others on the tree.
‘Tis the season to be jolly!
Be sure to leave a jolly comment below
and you might win an ornament!
Linda 🙂
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40 thoughts on “‘TIS THE SEASON GIVEAWAY

  1. Hi Linda, Love the photos of the birds in your back yard. So pretty! Am jealous of your woods view. Lucky you! Christmas Barn looks like a wonderful store. And it’s open year round? Wow! How fun!

    I’m a follower – would love to welcome one of those ornaments to my collection! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

    Enjoy your Christmas season!


  2. I’m jealous that you can get your Christmas catcus to bloom. I used to have one, but no matter what I did, it never bloomed, so eventually I threw it away.

    Looks like you get quite a view with the birds. Very pretty! You should make the bird seed jar I showed how to make on my blog today.

  3. what fantastic bird pictures!!!
    I love the christmas cactus too. My mother had my grandmothers christmas cactus. This cactus was something like 60 or 70 years old and still blooming. she had it up until she moved to a smaller home a couple years ago. I couldn’t believe it could last so many years and keep on blooming!
    Love your blog!

  4. Linda, I’m recommenting because I seem to have left a word or two out of my original comment. I loved your photos of the birds and beautiful Christmas cactus! I would really like to visit the Christmas Barn, but am afraid that I couldn’t tear myself away! Happy Holidays! Annie

  5. Oh my goodness- that Christmas Barn looks to be an amazing place to shop! I could stay for hours. LOL I cannot believe that your Christmas cactus blooms twice a year. I struggle to keep things alive for one month when I buy poinsettias and little miniature chartreuse trees!! Something about a very brown thumb…. Love the name of your blog. I am ironing and came down to check mail- and what do I see? A blog that tells me I should let the laundry go!!! Ha, I love it… does that mean I should go unplug the iron so I can stay down here and read blogs?!
    ~ Sue

  6. How pretty! I would love a trip to the Christmas Barn. What a great idea to stimulate your mom’s word recovery! Dh had a stroke at 53, he didn’t lose his ability to speak though. They say what doesn’t come back in 6 months, won’t. I tend to agree.
    The ornaments are beautiful. I think they should come across the LI Sound to your neighbor! 🙂

  7. So much to see! The bird pictures are great. It looks like what we have been seeing out our kitchen window. With snow on the ground the birds have been flocking (if you’ll pardon the pun) to the yard. What a sight it was this morning!

    Now…those ornaments! Wow! I love them all. I think the pizza one gets to me the most. If I could find one locally I’d buy it for my oldest son and his wife as I have a pizza delivered to them once a month. They have a new baby (my first grandchild!) and I figured this was something I could do to help them out. That ornament would be perfect.

    Fun post!

  8. What a great shop – I would have a hard time making up my mind with all of those goodies. You took great pictures of your birds too, I need to get my feeders out! {I feed the ducks every day, do they count? 🙂 }

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a great comment.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Boy, there’s so much to comment on! First, your Japanese maple is wonderful! It’s so full! Love your visiting birds, too! I love Christmas stores, but sometimes, they overwhelm me so much I can’t buy anything! And that’s no easy feat! I loved your captures of the ornament displays. I would love one of the watermelon slices! Now I’m going to have to go looking for one! This IS the Magic of Christmas! Thank you for bringing it to us with this delightful post!

  10. I LOVE your post AND I’m SURE you and I have probably been in that Christmas Barn together “More than Once”!!!hehe…LOVE those places… I felt AWFUL when the one in Bethlehem closed…I am SO Happy your Mom is coming along, I am Praying for her every day…
    I would LOVE to win an ornament, Please enter me!!!
    Hugs to you, Donna

  11. This is such a great post Linda!
    I had so much fun reading it and seeing the pics!
    I love the birds, the tour of the barn and well just everything!
    So glad you stopped by so I could remember to get over here!
    I want to win the giveaway too!

  12. Oh what a great field trip! I could do a whole bunch of trouble there!!!! Goodness! I love the angel. She would have to come home with me!
    Thank you so much for the well wishes.
    I just had to tell you about one of my very favorite Christmas gifts. We have a rule in my house… no appliances for Christmas. But my hubby surprised me with an All Clad Slow Cooker. I was trilled. It is worth every single penny it costs! I can brown, sautee or cook on the stove with it and plop the inset into the cooker and it slow cooks. It is the royals royce of slow cookers and a pure delight!!! I hope you find one under your tree.
    xo Yvonne

  13. Hi Linda! Nice snaps of the birdies in your yard!! That looks like a wonderful Christmas shop! I’d love to see it.
    Please enter my tiny name in your giveaway!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  14. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments. I wish I had one of those stores by me.I would go broke in there. What a lovely Christmas cactus. I have never been successful with these. Happy Holidays,

  15. Thank you so much for dropping in and leaving your sweet comment. We’ve just now gotten back to town so I can catch up on my blogreading.. Yours is fabulous.. wow. Your birds and sunrises and cactus.. and then such a treat to see the Christmas Barn. Merry Christmas.

  16. I hope you mother is doing better. What great outdoor shots. The Christmas Barn looks like a fab place to shop. I would like to see those gingerbread houses in person. Thanks for the fun and festive giveaway. Joni

  17. Your bird photos are amazing. Just beautiful.

    We have a store here that has beautiful Christmas things. In fact, I am going there today…just to drool.:)

    Hope your mom is a lot better. My friend is recovering from a stroke, too. She is a lot better.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win a beautiful ornament.

  18. How cool is that Christmas Barn? love it! Such great things! Really enjoyed your post, still smiling! A pickle ornament?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m enjoying yours!

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