Harvest Table
The harvest table is warm and rich, in the colors of the autumn fields and leaves …
Harvest Table
… bountiful with the vegetables so 
carefully tended to through the spring and summer.
 Harvest Table
All through the crispy spring and hot summer the Scarecrow stands in the fields, keeping watch day and night over the crops.
Harvest Table
The beating sun and the pouring rain may drive us to shelter, but Mr. Scarecrow stays at his post.
Harvest Table
Harvest Table
Harvest Table
Then the crops ripen and the leaves fall …
Harvest Table
… and he stands alone waiting for the next spring.

Harvest Table

That doesn’t seem right.
 Harvest Table
Let’s invite him to our table.
Harvest Table
We’ll light the candles and remember that we are thankful for the farmers who grow our food, watched over, of course, by the scarecrows.
Harvest Table
This post is part of my Thanksgiving Challenge.
  I am thankful that farmers work to provide food for our tables, and I am aware of the enormous blessing it is that I do not have to worry where I will find my next meal.
 Linda 🙂
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39 thoughts on “HARVEST TABLE

  1. I have a small scarecrow that I have pulled out for years, and I adore him just as much today as I did the day that I brought him home. Maybe our scarecrows could have a play date. I like the colors that you used in your tablescape….a little lighter touch than I’ve noticed in so many tables. Everything is a perfect balance for your lovely dining room. Thank you for sharing your charming design and for stopping by my post. Come visit any time. Cherry Kay

  2. Love that scarecrow in the center! It just makes the table so happy. I really love your stack of plates. That shot close up from the side is my favorite.

    This is such a pretty and warm fall table!

  3. Your table is so pretty. The colors are wonderful – a rather lighter feel and yet still distinctively autumn. Love those leaf plates and of course, your scarecrow is the perfect touch.

  4. Beautiful harvest table…the colors are so rich, the greens, burgundies and golds with the amber glasses, beautiful. The scarecrow is adorable, love the hat! Those candle holders, oh so pretty.

  5. I love your table! Where did you get those goblets? I really like the heaviness of them. I like how you bring out the “straw” with the placemats. So nice!

  6. What beautiful colors. I love the variety of colors in the falls especially the reds of your plates. Your little pumpkin candles are adorable. I almost hate to see them burn! So cute.

  7. Hi Linda,
    I also love your table, who would not? Those warm and bright fruity colors of harvest and autumn and sunshine warms my heart. Lovely table.
    Greetings, Johanna

  8. Hi Linda…

    My friend, what a beautiful autumn harvest table you have set! You know, autumn is my favorite time of the year…I just adore the warm, rich colors and your table so perfectly displays that beauty! I love your place settings…my favorite is the different colored leaf plates..sooo pretty! Love all the beautiful autumn leaves and foliage and Mr. Scarecrow…he’s adorable!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful autumn table with us today! I too, am thankful for all of our farmers who work the year through to grow our food!!! I live in a farming community!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  9. Oh how fun and pretty. Love your scarecrow and the pumpkin candles are just fabulous. Beautiful colors. All the leaves, the dishes and all of your accessories are so pretty.

    You said you didn’t have a Ross. I noticed on their site that they have stores all over the East Coast. Just google Ross Store and they have a store locator on their site. You just put your zip code in and the nearest one shows up. Such a fun store, you would love it. Hugs, Marty

  10. Such a warm and inviting table setting for the Harvest season. The colors are just perfect and every attention to details that make for such nice photographs. Thanks for stopping by my Horn of Plenty Post for the Letter H. I’ll be following you as well…don’t want to miss any of your fabulous blog!

  11. Your table is so pretty..I love all your pretty dishes.
    And…what I can see of it, I LOVE your dining room. The paper looks awesome. I LOVE wall paper..

  12. That scarecrow is adorable. Such a cute face. Like all the fall colors and especially the two different colors in the leaf plates.

    Very handsome placemats as well. Does your flatware have a bamboo/wood look to it? I’ve been meaning to look for some like it, but have to keep my eye out for a good price.

  13. Your little scarecrow is just adorable. Love all your dishes and the warm fall theme.

    As a farmer’s wife, I really appreciate you thanking them for all that they do. People have no idea how hard they work for us to eat.

  14. Linda,
    I love your candlesticks too! I saw a post the other day. I can’t remember where, and they were showing how to faux mercury glass candlesticks. These would be the perfect shape for that. They are pretty green too. I love your leaf plates and your photo of the candles glowing is so pretty!
    So glad Mr. Scarecrow made it to the table. LOL

  15. What a lovely Thanksgiving table! Did you set this for the photo or are practicing for Thanksgiving? Simply beautiful!
    I have a pair of Scarecrows and it never occurred to me to post about them..your Mr. Scarecrow is so cute.

    I had to smile when I read your comment about Martha Stewart..after reading of Joanne’s misadventure with The Barefoot Contessa! I think it is always sad when others don’t live up to our expectations. But it happens.
    And, yes, we do have to take into account that they are humans and do have bad days. Still, in my lifetime NO one has ever excused me for my bad behavior because I had a “bad day.” It would be nice, that’s for sure and if I was ever “not nice” I was told about it! (But, I think I was always nice, at least as far as I can remember!)

    My daughter had an even worse time with Martha Stewart…but she learned that they are NOT like you or I. They are public figures and when on TV take on a different persona so you will buy their books and watch their shows. Otherwise we are just “The Public!” 🙂 It’s always a lesson and sometimes a bitter and hurtful one.
    I am glad you had a fairly nice encounter with Martha. My daughter did not! 🙂 It’s ok. She learned the hard way! 🙂
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  16. Great tribute to both farmers and scarecrows 🙂 How true that we’re very lucky that we don’t have to worry about where we’ll find out next meal – thanks to all the farmers out there who keep our pantries full 🙂

    I love your leaf-shaped plates and your little pumpkin candles 🙂


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