In my foyer is a chest with two drawers full of beautiful cards and writing papers.


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Even though I am always happy to open my email and find notes and pictures from my friends and my blogging buddies, I am thrilled when I open the mailbox at the end of the driveway and find a handwritten note with a real stamp in a pretty envelope.  And I have learned that to keep receiving those little parcels, I must also send some.  
One of my favorite places to write or blog is in the study.
On my desk I keep all the little goodies I like to have nearby, in pretty containers that keep them organized, because everyone in this house likes to use this room for studying, writing and reading!  
 Inside the box are two files filled with cards, postcards, clippings and stickers, ready to send to my two kids at college.  Almost nothing beats mail from home!
I find interesting postcards, holiday cards, get well cards and others to help remind my kids that I am thinking of them!
The containers on the other side of my desk hold colorful pens and markers, US and international stamps, return labels, seasonal stickers, confetti to add a little surprise to a letter, my computer mouse, and the controls for the fireplace and stereo system. 
I like to have everything VERY organized.  The need to be completely organized is one thing I am trying to fight with my blog!  
Fun CAN come before the laundry!  
Yikes!  No it can’t!  Yes it can!  Oh, well, I’m trying!
And while I sit at my desk I can stare into the fire for inspiration.
Sometimes I prefer to curl up on the window seat behind my desk and let the outdoors distract me.


This evening, however, I am sitting at my desk with my new notecards and a cup of tea.


The tiny, fat blue sheep goes well with my favorite Irish mug.
And around here the little red guy is a hedgehog, like the one I carried home from England many years ago.  Our English hedgehog welcomes visitors to the back door, and comes inside when it gets too cold.
Our hedgehog is guarding hedges that are covered in ice today.  
It looks like it’s time for him to come in.
And it’s time for me to sit at my desk in the study, with the fire and a cup of tea, writing a note to remind a few people that they are special.
Write to someone you love, today!  
Maybe they will write back to you. 🙂
Witchy Women Table 

Today I am joining, for the first time, 
Tabletop Tuesday, 
hosted by Marty at A Stroll Thru Life
Linda 🙂
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29 thoughts on “A LETTER IN MY BOX

  1. Well, if I organized myself like you, I think I would write snail-mail letters myself more. I remember how much fun it used to be to get a fat letter from a friend! Love your set up and your new note cards. Joni

  2. Your study is just lovely! I think people like the instant gratification of email! And those were invitations to a party in early Dec. I send very few cards …only to the people I don’t keep up with via email! 🙂
    I love your chair, and I am looking for 2 like that!
    Hope it warms up, too early to be worrying about slippery roads!!

  3. Linda,
    I love real mail too. I still have a bunch of letters from my parents when I was away in college. It was great to get mail. It is getting rarer and rarer to get mail from some of my family. Your paneled room by the fire is gorgeous!!! Very inviting place to write.

  4. “Beautiful post Linda”… I LOVE the same things you do, and I also have a similar chest of drawers arranged with similar items… AND I also have the same hedgehog, hehe, see we think alike! I LOVE your silver caddies, they are gorgeous. I don’t have any, Hmmmm, I guess I’m going to be watching for some now! We have that frosty look up here in northeast Connecticut too, and our fireplace has been going every night to keep us “toasty”! Hugs to you, Donna

  5. What a beautiful place to write cards. I love all of your fun containers and your accessories to make your letter writing more fun. I have to admit I used to get frustrated when Joni would send cards with confetti and it spilled all over. I learned to open them over the sink or trash can! Now I think it is fun. Wonderful TTT post.

  6. OH, I want your desk and pillows and fireplace!
    It looks so pretty and organized and comfy!Lovely post Linda!
    We have been in the 60’s here in Wisconsin which is really warm for Nov. but of course it’s coming to an end soon.

  7. Your study is absolutely beautiful. And how incredibly organized you are. Oh dear, if you could see my office… well, let’s just say I’d be a bit on the embarrassed side. Maybe you could swing over my way and organize my place. Goodness knows I could use it. 😉 I love your stationary and sheep cup. I love sheep.

    Just a beautiful and wonderful post.

    Susan @ CluckleBees

  8. What a beautiful home you have! I must admit, I am a terrible letter/note writer. And I have some lovely stationary just waiting to be used. Thanks for the reminder to drop a note in the mail to a friend.


  9. Your study is beautiful! What a warm and cozy spot to sit and write letters and cards to your friends and family 🙂

    You’re so right – especially in this technology age, the best thing to find in your mailbox is a handwritten message on lovely stationery – congrats on your giveaway win 🙂

    And maybe your luck WILL hold and you’ll win Fifi’s painting in my giveaway – good luck!


    PS Love your blog name 🙂

  10. oh my goodness, how wonderful! i love letter writing and letter receiving, but it just doesn’t happen anymore. and what a wonderful space you have to curl up and write in…love all those windows and the fireplace! i do send clippings and comics that are funny to my mom, so that’s something.

    thank you so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your kind words on harvest decorating! i truly appreciate your comments.

  11. Linda your study is so warm and elegant. I think I would get lost in daydreams looking at the fire or out the large windows if I were there. I love how neat your cards and stationery are organized. Mine are in a jumble in my desk so I really should do the same. Your new notcards are beautiful! I also sent funny cards and news clippings to my children when they were away at college.

    Mr. Hedgehog is so cute! He’s a lovely souvenier to have from England.

    xxoo, Pat

  12. Hi, Linda!

    What a lovely room in which to dream and correspond. Love your chair by the fire and all of your pretty notes, especially your cute new ones.

    I can’t believe there is frost there. I am in a t-shirt and just got in from photographing trees in bloom. We did have a bit of a coolish snap, but today dawned warm and sunny. But oh, how I love a fire! There is nothing that says cozy like a fire in a fireplace. I grew up in a house with several, and we used them all winter.

    Sending hugs from Florida…


    Sheila 🙂

  13. Hi Linda,
    Blogger lost my comment, so I start a new one:
    thank you for your visit and your nice comment. That was a wondeful post. I can imagine how nice it would be to sit on this very orgaanized desk and write those wonderful cards. Oh my, I promise I will tidy up my desk right after this comment. Your home looks so charming and cozy. Your are right, nothing is nicer than to get post from home. What a nice idea to add some confetti for the special effekt. That sounds like post from Hogwarts even when it is not brought by an owl.
    Your hedgehog is very cute and indeed he looks as if he is a bit cold. I wish you a very nice time.
    Greetings, Johanna

  14. Hi Linda! Oh, what lovely cards and what a beautiful home you have. Your window seat is gorgeous too.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  15. Hi Linda~ ~My first time here so I’ll have to find the follow button before I leave. Beautiful window seat, what a great place to sit and BE. I adore the two matching pillows on the seat they would look great on my sofa. When you get tired of them you know where you can send them!
    It’s nice to meet you and I’ll be back later.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  16. You have a GORGEOUS home. I can’t take my eyes off those pillows. Where on earth did you get them!!! OK, now that I’m shutting my jaw about the pillow, I love your post. I too love getting a real written letter. It’s so wonderful that you take the time to send these special touches to your children You’re very fortunate to have the space to set aside an area in which to write a note or letter while snuggling by the fire. I love how you have it all organized in the little containers. When you walk in that room, you feel inspired to settle in and write a letter or read a book – not flip on the TV.

    Just gorgeous! I would love to know where you got those pillows.

    – The Tablescaper

  17. You are so right, it is always lovely to receive a note or card from a friend or family member. I think it’s also fun to find a special card to send to a friend and know they will feel special that you took the time to think of them.
    Your study is so warm and cozy and beautiful. The perfect place for a cup of tea and blogging. I took note of the frost on your hedges. Happy to see Mr.Hedgehog has a cozy place to shelter.
    Have a great day!

  18. Hi Linda,

    My first thought when I saw your card/writing paper drawers was, “SO organized!” I’ll never achieve that kind of perfection, but I admire it in others! You’re so right about what a rare treat it is to receive a hand-written note these days. Good for you that you’re still sending them to friends and family! What a beautiful “writing room” you have — love the warm richness of the paneling!

  19. Hi Linda,
    You have such a pretty room for a study. So cozy to sit by the fireplace with a cup of tea or on the pretty window seat.
    Love, love, your chest of drawers with writing papers. In your collection, I spied a modern turkey design postcard; ohh he is too cute and silver ornamented containers I’ve kept some handwritten notes over the years, too. Have a few friends that send annual Christmas letters and hope that they continue to write since sons just went off to college. We do have a collection of thank-you notes in various designs. Perhaps this year you have inspired me. Come on in from the cold, little Mr. Hedgehog!

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