Welcome Witchy Women Table

Witchy Women Table
Gus would like to greet all you beautiful witches–
please leave your broom at the door 
come in, take off your cape and hat …
Witchy Women Table

join Lily, Elena, Marigold
Witchy Women Table
Nerida, Titania, Orlagh
Witchy Women Table
and Blossom …
Witchy Women Table
and choose your seat.
Witchy Women Table
Do you prefer
Witchy Women Table
Witchy Women Table
Witchy Women Table
or spider?
Witchy Women Table

Your napkin will be cared for by a glittery friend.
Witchy Women Table
Witchy Women Table
Pumpkins are scattered on the table and suspended around Gus …
Witchy Women Table
Witchy Women Table

Witchy Women Table
and so is Arethusa–oops–looks like her babies are playing on the table, too!  Do you mind?

Witchy Women Table

Witchy Women Table
Witchy Women Table
The cauldron is bubbling with a special potion to put in these beautiful glasses.
Witchy Women Table

Witchy Women Table
Black cats … spiders … pumpkins…
Witchy Women Table


even the Virtual Chicken is at the party!
Witchy Women Table

So grab your cape and hat, find your black cat, hop on your broom, and fly right over.
Witchy Women Table
Or Gus will have to come and find you!!!!
Witchy Women Table



Witchy Women Table
Linda 🙂
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41 thoughts on “Welcome Witchy Women Table

  1. I would choose the spider plate — actually they are all cute! I love the witches — seems like there are carolers and Christmas dolls in this line. I just love their faces and how you name them too! The glasses are beautiful too! Joni

  2. Hey! Who are you calling witchy?

    What a great collection you have. I think those plates are great and had so much fun looking at the different witch figurines that you have. The one in the last picture is my favorite.

  3. I love it all, the witches, ghost and spiders. the hanging pumpkins are great. what a wonderful idea. I think i might need to borrow that one. Love it all. great detail, great fun.

  4. Well, how cute is this! What neat Halloween items you have here! I haven’t seen those witches (I’ve seen carolers that are similar.)

    I’ll take the Jack-o-lantern plate! Love the napkin rings too!

    Great job!


  5. What a fun night to see so many tables in the Halloween spirit. I love to hang ornaments from my chandeliers and these little sparkling pumpkins are just fantastic – maybe next year. I love the plates, I got a couple of the spider ones. Thanks for a fun Halloween table.

  6. What a cute table! I’ve not seen the Halloween Carolers. I especially like the square Halloween plates.
    Thanks for stopping by. I do love how versatile Nantucket Basket is. I hope you had a great birthday!

  7. Where do I start? I love your Carolers. I showed my Pumpkin Lady on my post this week but now I want to gather a few Halloween friends to join her. I love your embellished napkin rings. Great table from start to finish!

  8. Linda,

    Great table. Love the Carolers. I bought some for Christmas this week and just shipped them back to Florida.

    I have a Mac in Florida and I would be interested in knowing what Mac users are using to blog. I am not a huge fan of blogger.


  9. Thanks for stopping by. I will send you a separate email to answer your questions about iWeb.

    Your table is adorable! You have so many cool HW things to work with — lots of imagination, too!

  10. Hi Linda,
    althought I am don’t like so much all this scary things at Halloween I love your table. There are a lot of charming witches and ghosts, this si cute. Love the flying pumpkins.
    Greetings, Johanna

  11. Hi Linda…

    Ohhh my goodness…what a fabulous halloween table, my friend! It’s one of the coolest that I’ve seen this season…I love it!!! Okay…Gus is absolutely adorable! Ohhh…and I loved all of your witch/dolls…awesome! Girlfriend, you really spent alot of time planning for and creating this fabulous table…thanks for sharing it with us! It’s sooo festive and sooo much fun…I’d love to have dinner at your table! Hmmm…does that make me a witch? eeeks! Hehe!

    I wanted to come by to say thank you for your visit to my autumn buffet and for leaving such a sweet note! I always enjoy your visits, kind lady!!! Thanks!

    Have a great weekend and warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  12. Linda, Your witchy table is fabulous! I love the black tulle on the table and your witches as well as your cute salad plates. Nicely done!

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