Miss Poppy: Friends, House Hunting and Advent

Welcome to a new edition of The Adventures of My Traveling Totes!  This time we are spotlighting our large totes, so you will see only my Miss Poppy.  Miss Poppy is usually stuffed full, as she holds everything without complaining and gets heavy enough to be carried by Mr. Fun, which of course she loves.  Above you can see her…

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A Happy New Year Wish

********** To all of my cherished blogging friends, I thank you for the fun and the inspiration, and I wish you JOY and GOOD HEALTH in 2017! ********** A message of Hope, brought to you by Zeus, the Bible, 30 Rock, and my iPhone in NYC: “Wisdom and Knowledge Shall Be the Stability of Thy Time” Linda 🙂

Christmas All Through the South: Colonial Williamsburg

It’s Christmas week, what better time for the Novel Bakers to share a wonderful book from Southern Living: Christmas All Through the South!  Not only does this book include tempting recipes (and not only extremes such as Martha Washington’s Great Cake with 4 pounds of sugar and 40 eggs), inspirational decor ideas, and essays from southern writers on such diverse topics as…

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Christmas Shopping With My Traveling Tote

Hello friends of the Traveling Tote Adventures!  Since last we met I understand that my tote, Miss Rosie, took the opportunity to tell you of our summer travels (here)!  She was so pleased with herself that she then retired for the winter to a life of rest and leisure, and my other totes, Miss Posie and Dot, joined me for…

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Pumpkins, Scarecrows and My Birthday Giveaway

When the leaves of the Japanese maple outside my kitchen window turn this color, I know the frosty fall nights have arrived.  I love the feeling of the crispy air and the colors, and although this year fall has been slow in coming, and leaf color has been predicted to be less than ideal due to the drought, Mother Nature…

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Happy Birthday America!

On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress voted to declare independence from Britain, and two days later, on July 4, 1776, the Congress ratified the document so eloquently written by Thomas Jefferson, at once declaring independence and establishing a new nation: “these united Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States … And for the support of…

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Let’s Dish Up an Irish Flag Poke Cake

When I was growing up there was hardly ever a day when there was not a cake in my house, usually chocolate of some variety unless there was a special occasion for something festive.  The cake ALWAYS came from a box mix, baked by me or my sister, and topped by a homemade frosting.  Prepared frostings and the powdered sugar…

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