Picnic Season Begins! ~~ and a giveaway ~~

block island picnic

It’s here!  Summer Picnic Season!

Mr. Fun and I started ours out on a glorious, windy day with a trip across Long Island Sound to Block Island, picnic bag in hand.

block island picnic

Just off the tip of Long Island, New York, Block Island is actually part of the state of Rhode Island.  Yes, lots of islands here!  It’s a bit farther than Martha’s Vineyard, but not as far as Nantucket if you are taking a ferry from the Rhode Island or Massachusetts coasts.  During the many years we have travelled to these three vacation islands we have experienced water conditions of all sorts, from calm, flat seas to huge rolling waves and gusty winds, and beyond to conditions where I wanted to kiss the ground upon arrival on whichever shore.  The ferry boats are small, and the ocean is huge.  And we have been trapped on the islands a few times due to conditions which made air or boat travel impossible.  BUT we always go back.

On this occasion I noticed that our progress was being monitored by this drone.  Unfortunately I had left my light saber at home.

block island picnic

Cue the rescue music!

At the approach of this line of geese the drone scooted back to the shore.

block island picnic

As we continue across the Sound, the Rhode Island coast vanishes and for awhile water, water is everywhere, but soon the Block Island coast, with its North Light at Sandy Point, comes into view.  This light had been decommissioned but was recommissioned in 1996 by popular demand!  The light is the tiny raised dot at the tip of the land.  When I am out on the ocean it is so easy to imagine how welcoming and reassuring the lighthouse must have been long ago, before modern navigational equipment was developed.  These waters hold many sunken ships.

block island picnic

As we approach the island it is easy to see the sandy cliffs, Mohegan Bluffs.  They have been eroded by recent hurricanes and winter storms.

block island picnic

The lighthouse on these cliffs, the haunted Southeast Light, was moved in 1993 to save it from falling into the sea.  The fog horn sounds every 30 seconds and you might wonder how anyone can stand this constant, repetitive sound, but after an hour or so it becomes background noise, and quite comforting!

block island picnic

This is what the cliffs look like here, from the viewpoint of the lighthouse lawn.
block island picnic

Going down is easy. 🙂  I must have been a little dizzy here.  Look at the horizon line!

block island picnic

Mr. Fun had earlier asked me if we would be picnicking on this beach, and I could see him holding his breath, thinking of carrying our gear down (and then back up) these stairs.  But I assured him that we would be going out to another spot.  We headed for the North Light beach, passing the salt pond on the way.

block island picnic

But it was too windy!  Even the seagulls were battling the gusts, flying low over the waves.

block island picnic

So we headed to yet another beach.

block island picnic

It was still quite windy on this side of the island but the beach was deserted.  A perfect place for a picnic!

block island picnic

Orange and purple seem to be everywhere this year, in home and gardens alike, I think a reaction to the colors chosen by the color industries for the colors of the year:  washed out ’80s dirty pink and faded blue from Pantone, and white from BM.  So, I pulled out my bright orange Bean Bag, appropriately monogrammed, added some colors of the sea, and some delicious picnic food.

block island picnic

My picnic bag held everything, including sandwiches wrapped in deli paper, lemonade, festive straws, plastic dishes (no glass allowed on the beach!) and my usual little toys.

block island picnic

Also, New England clam chowder (that means NO tomatoes and otherwise the recipe is up for debate), a delicious melon and berry salad, and a broccoli, chick pea and tomato salad which I was trying, and I will not give you the recipe because it was soggy!  Not a good way to eat broccoli!

block island picnic

Did I forget to take a picture of the dessert?  I know I had brownie bites in pretty paper with little pinwheel picks!

block island picnic

I must have been having too much fun playing in the sand!

block island picnic

block island picnic

Of course when one is relaxing at the beach a good book is required for proper snoozing mode.

block island picnic

I found the horseshoe crab and seaweed on the beach and added them to the treasures I brought with us.  Did you know that I spent some time teaching at an outdoor education center, using my biology degree to teach kids about nature, beach, pond life, trees…?  It was very hard work and I loved every minute of it.  Then I taught at a real, four brick walls big city huge suburb school for a few years and decided I would be reduced to rags, financially and emotionally, if I continued, so off to law school I went.

I STILL love to explore the shore and find periwinkles and other sea creatures!  Sometimes I find them at Pottery Barn! 🙂

block island picnic

Mr. Fun mentioned that eating like this on a beach was only possible when people had servants to haul the goods.  I pointed out to him that he was, indeed, eating like this on the beach, and he reminded me that I had in fact brought my servant along.  So I made him hold the pinwheels.

block island picnic


In honor of Picnic Season, I would like to give one of my friends a Bean Bag to use for picnics or another exciting adventure.  It is properly called an L.L. Bean Boat and Tote, but no one in New England would ever say that.  We know them as Bean Bags and there are few homes, especially at the shore, without at least one!  Just leave me a comment telling me something ~~ where do you picnic ~ have you read A Gift From the Sea and what did you think ~ have you been to Block Island ~ do you like pinwheels ~ are you a lighthouse fan? ~ what did you do before blogging became an obsession ~ OR anything else you would like to share!  You can choose your bag color and add the monogram of your choice.  See them HERE.  (this is a large, regular handles, no zip). If you get my posts by email add another comment telling me so.  And if I get more than 20 comments I’ll give away two bags because sharing is indeed fun!

block island picnic

Thank you for coming along with me on my adventures!  Don’t forget to pack a picnic soon!

Linda 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Picnic Season Begins! ~~ and a giveaway ~~

  1. What a delightful post you’ve shared, Linda. We’ve traveled to Martha’s Vineyard by ferry on one trip to New England, which was a pleasure to explore. I loved traveling vicariously with you, and can only imagine the kinds of different weather conditions you’ve experienced. The ocean definitely demands our respect! The area you chose looked totally secluded. Thank you for the opportunity of the bean bag. An iconic!

  2. I need to scoot out the door for my morning walk, but this is way more fun. A picnic on the beach – yippee!
    I’ve been to Rhode Island many times, but sadly never ventured out to Block Island. A Gift From the Sea is a favorite as are picnics and beaches and lighthouses. I’ve always wanted to stay in one of the lighthouses that have turned B&B of sorts. Have you done that? I have a Bean Bag that I used to cart all my tutoring materials when I was tutoring. It was like a movable office. 😉 Love the idea of monograming Picnic on a Bean. I may steal that idea for a wedding gift and then fill it with fun picnic ware. Believe it or not, I even have some pinwheels I can toss in. Great give away, Linda.

  3. Wow what an adventure! I like the picture with the pinwheels spinning- cute and summery! One of the goals I have is to get to Martha’s Vineyard. Ever since I learned about it (being the filming spot for Jaws) I was intrigued to go there. I’d have to find a calm day or I’d be green!
    I’ll have to pass on the nice Bean Bag- great offer though!

  4. Love your pics – There’s nothing like a picnic by the sea, is there? I will be heading to the sea in 2 weeks – back to the Cape….and I just left the Pacific – – I think I need a home by the sea!! Count me in for your giveaway – we all certainly love totes!!!

  5. We picnic almost every weekend from May to October at the beach right off Monomoy (Chatham, MA) in front of a decommissioned light house, so I enjoyed this post. There are so many interesting melamine dishes out there that it’s easy to serve food in style.

  6. Love your sandscape and the bag you carried it all in. It looked like a beautiful spot for food, conversation and reading. I picnic in our backyard, at the local park and on the beach in Ocean City, NJ. Bean bags are awesome because they can hold so much and the sand is easily wiped away! I’d be thrilled to win one! 🙂

  7. What a fun giveaway Linda! I have always loved picnics, but have gotten lazy and now we just picnic “on the porch!” I grew up in New Canaan, and we used to go to Nantucket and I thought it was so much fun to drive on the beach- Your husband deserves kudos for toting your supplies, you definitely picnic in style! Love the pinwheels!

  8. I would love to snooze on the beach with a good book! When we go to Naragansett, RI we usually go to Block Island. Yes there can be some rough water! Love your orange bag, and I wish I had more time to put together a delightful picnic like yours. When I retire! Your giveaway is very generous, and you know that I love every tote I can get my hands on. Did you visit Kathleen?

  9. Linda, where on earth did you get the orange colored bag??? I went to the site and saw every color except that one! How do you always manage to find the beautiful and unusual? This is why I’ve been subscribed to your blog for years! I don’t always get a chance to comment, but I always read your posts. It’s truly a little treat when I check my emails and find that you have a new post – although I’m still upset that you didn’t share more of your daughter’s wedding details on the blog. Oh, that would have been fun to read. Anyway, I love the interplay between you and Mr. Fun! I was laughing out loud. It reminds me a little of when my husband asked me, after helping me set up a tablescape, when had he acquired a new hobby. My husband and I love picnics, but we are very much urban folk, so living in Chicago, with the beautiful Lake front and the extensive grounds of Lincoln Park, Millenium Park and Grant Park, there are plenty of places to spread out a blanket and eat a delicious lunch, all while being treated to fantastic people-watching. Also, for the last few years we’ve been going to Ravinia – a concert venue and outdoor park where you can picnic while listening to wonderful music. Gosh, I love summer!

  10. I just recently found your blog and love it!! Your pictures are so pretty and a beach picnic sounds divine.
    Great giveaway, thanks so much!

  11. Here’s my second comment, but since I already told you I follow you by email, I’ll just say that I love New England Clam Chowder, and you are right, there are so many variations! I’m far from a connoisseur but I prefer the lighter versions that don’t put me in a food coma right away.

  12. What a fun picnic post to read, Linda! I enjoyed my time on the beach with you, and I didn’t have to carry a thing! However, I’m thinking that the Picnic tote is a lot less cumbersome than a picnic basket. Seeing your copy of A Gift From The Sea, brought me back to a long ago time. I must’ve read that book in my late teens, and I really must read it again. One of these days, I’ll get to see New England, and your pretty neck of the woods!

  13. Thanks for stopping by Linda – and glad you visited Dingle Peninsula and had such fun riding horses there. How lovely the entire area and Ireland was – I so hope to return some day.

    Love your beach/ocean pix and the fun description of your picnic. I lived in New England 12 yrs. before coming south and I do miss the Summertime there with more comfortable temps. and less humidity. I’ve not visited Block Island but it certainly must be peaceful and lovely – and don’t we all need such places in these difficult days?

    I’ve tried to sign up to follow you via e-mail but so far it hasn’t worked! Will try again as I would love to read more from you in the future.

    Mary – A Breath of Fresh Air

  14. Me again – didn’t realize you were doing such a wonderful ‘Bean bag’ gift-away – how generous.
    We often picnic so a regatta blue bag would be always a special carry-all for us. Fortunately, like you, I have my own version of a ‘Mr. Fun’ who will carry just about anything I ask – he even carried my backpack, along with his own, on and off those Irish trains and buses, with a big smile and no groans! I love packing a picnic for him – and he’d be proud to show off anything from LL Bean – including his new – for Ireland – khakis and jeans, haha!!!!!

    Mary x

  15. Linda, You know I love a picnic, especially by the water! I had to chuckle at leaving your light saber at home to battle the drone. We haven’t been to the beach in about 5 years, since all our nephews outgrew a *boring* family vacation but I loved to walk in early morning and watch the sunrise, looking for turtle nesting tracks and search what other goodies the surf and receding tide left behind. These days I have to find my sea creatures at Pottery Barn or HomeGoods too 🙂

    Our husbands are good sports with the promise of meal, hauling our totes and such aren’t they? We had someone come give us a quote to do some work recently and looked over at my shed as he was leaving and said “Are y’all horticulturists or somethin’?” My hubby said, “No, my wife just likes to watch me dig holes.” !! He has a digging reprieve until fall and we hope to picnic on the pontoon this weekend. We’ve had a break in the weather and our mid 90s are supposed to be 80s this weekend…yay!

    I haven’t read A Gift From the Sea, I’ll have to download it from Audible. I have been downloading and listening to a lot books lately which love, providing the narrator doesn’t wreck it. I listen from an app on my phone while I weed, water, or walk the dogs.

    I haven’t been been to Block Island…and wait for it… I haven’t ventured above the Mason-Dixon line {insert red face}. My hubby and I talk about taking a road trip every fall to do some leaf peeping and would love to visit New England but we have never organized it.

    I *heart* pinwheels and lighthouses.

    Before I was blogging obsessed, I was a retail servant and sold women’s apparel in the 80’s (a bad decade for fashion), then furniture, home furnishings and accessories…much more fun but WORK unpacking, hauling, and dealing with motor freight deliveries. I had no holidays or weekends off,and John Q. Public is a difficult task master. My hubby says now I work just as hard blogging…but for free 🙂

    I received a “Bean Bag” as a graduation gift before going to college and loved it, but I don’t know what happened to it. They make great graduation gifts monogrammed and filled other college supplies and off-to-school goodies. We had 5 nephews graduation from high school last year, no nieces who would appreciate one…sigh. Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win!

  16. I follow you by email and would follow anywhere, especially shopping at Terrain and visiting Carolyne Roehm or Bunny Williams 🙂

  17. This picnic brought back memories of one my husband and I had back in the 70’s when we were newlyweds. We went to a beach near Charleston, SC. The wind was blowing the sand into our food; other than that, happy memories! I would enjoy using the tote bag. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  18. Linda.. I have never been to Block Island but after your gorgeous pics I have put it on top of my bucket list. Love your picnic bag! Looks like such a wonderful day! Enjoy your Sunday.

  19. Linda, You have entertained me throughout your post. Then I got side tracked for at least 30minutes reading fun posts on your sidebar.
    I haven’t read A Gift from the Sea but now I am intrigued. Your picnic sounds like a fun adventure. I live in south Alabama and we are 85 miles from the Gulf of Mexico where I have enjoyed many picnics but haven’t been in your neck of the woods for a picnic.
    I’m off to read more of your posts.

  20. The sandy shores of Lake Huron beckons us for an annual family beach picnic. A tradition that has spanned more than 15 years. As we near the end of our 45-minute drive to our favorite spot, the kids (preschoolers to teens) enjoy playing “who can spot the lake first.” Comparing the lake level from the previous year is an educational discussion (a brief one). We wade first, then swim. Locating a sand bar close to shore is a treat as is gathering pretty rocks. What would an afternoon at the beach be without building a sand castle. Lucky for us, there are trees nearby which gives us shade so we don’t ‘cook’ in the sun and makes for a pleasant picnic lunch. As we leave, we say that we’ll come back a second time, however, the Michigan summer slips away too quickly.

    What did I do before I discovered blogging? I read good books. The kind that has a cover and has paper pages that need to be turned. I do miss it. Coincidentally, today I decided to participate in the library’s adult summer reading program. I think I shall add “A Gift from the Sea” to my list. Wonder if there is a “A Gift from the Lake?”

  21. Linda, I have been subscribing by email as I love traveling with Miss Rosie, and I don’t want to miss any of her adventures.

  22. For all the years we lived in New England, we never made it to Block Island but did go to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket where friends have a home. Loved Mr. Fun’s comment about the servant…just the way my husband would react. 😀 What a wonderful giveaway, Bean Bags have a reputation for being almost indestructible.

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