Winter Whites

  Do you know what this is?  Could it be a snow field of fresh powder?

Baby, it’s cold outside!  
Nine degrees this morning, and that will seem warm by the time this weekend comes.  Brrrr.  These temps and the general January blues that always affect my spirits left me struggling to create a table for Cuisine Queen Kathleen’s party: Snow, Ice, Winter! I want to be thinking Waves, Warm, and Sunshine!  

But there are several months to get through before that happens, so I borrowed advice from the incomparable Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey. I’m “a woman with a brain and reasonable ability” so I decided to “stop whining and find something…”

One of my favorite elements for winter decor is the snowflake, 
and I have them on every doorknob and window latch.

Each is unique, some large, some tiny.

Gathered together on a window and dangling from fine silver thread 
they can create a winter wonderland feeling, 
even on a day like this when we say it is too cold to snow.

The Winter Wonderland effect erased my despair over this challenge, and my only problem became editing the pieces I wanted to add to my table!

To those of you thinking of dangling snowflakes from fine silver thread:
Don’t do it unless you are in a really good mood from which you can’t be swayed when the snowflakes fall on your china or get tangled with each other.  

Mischievous Jack Frost revels in delight during this weather.  
Or perhaps he is the cause of it?  
We used to look for him on the lawn, hoping that his antics would bring a snow day.

On those precious school holidays I would often work on my scrapbook.  Each month of the year had several pages allocated to it, with the name of the month carefully printed at the top.  Stickers, greeting cards, and pictures snipped from my mother’s magazines adorned the pages, but the first items for each month were the flower and birthstone!  
I don’t have a scrapbook anymore, but I think January’s symbols of 
soft white carnations and warm, intense garnets
are appropriate additions to a wintery table.

Thank you, Mr. Fun, for finding these lovely carnations.  
The delicate scent is truly heavenly.

A quick search of my jewelry box, however, yielded only 
the puniest of garnets, and I feared they would drop into the soft blanket table covering and disappear until spring, like Nellie’s tennis balls 
that appear all over the lawn when the snow melts.
(Note to self: I think I need a garnet.  
It is, after all, the school color of my college!)

While I wait for it, I have other wintery elements.

~ Mr. Snowman~
(Wade~Red Rose Tea)

(the red reflection in the Pierre Deux cup is me ~~ does that count as garnet?)

~ glittery pine cones ~

~ vintage, ice-like crystal stems ~
(see them used HERE for Valentine’s Day)

~ more snowflakes and silver ~

~ and shiny votives, some filled with carnations ~

~ some waiting to be lit at dusk ~

 Is romance possible in the cold, icy weather?  I can’t think of too many better ways to warm up than cuddling with your honey.  My parents were married in January, and Mr. Fun and I had our first date in January.
In honor of these important events, I added these feathery love birds ~~

~ and my beautiful wedding china and silver ~ 

The china has tiny blue flowers and a silver edge ~

 ~ and the lids of the sugar bowl and teapot have dainty points 
that look like snow capped mountains. 

The handles of the teacups, ~

~ teapot, sugar and creamer ~

~ are heart-shaped.

~ It was discontinued soon after we were married ~

~ so it is important that nothing falls on it,
even dainty snowflakes.


Freshly fallen snow is so pure and perfect, 
and I never like to see it trampled and dirty. 

To keep the snowy blanket covering the table from becoming stained with drops of tea and cream I used my china set’s platter to place them upon.

Sometimes I use my dishes (china and others) as a plate under vases, too.

Night began falling and 
still there were no garnets to be found.

So I lit the votives ~

and inspiration struck.

National Pie Day!

And inside my pie ~

huge, juicy cherries the color of garnets
(well, close enough!)

It’s easy to see why it’s called 
“the warm glow of candlelight” 
when the table is set with wintery elements.

Everything sparkles.

And even though the scene says 
“Snow, Ice and Winter” ~

~ the candlelight ~ 

~ helps it say “warm.”

Which is just what we are needing now.

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Thank you all!

I hope it is warm where you are, 
but if it’s cold outside, well, set a pretty table, and
baby, it can be warm inside!

Linda 🙂

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67 thoughts on “Winter Whites

  1. Hi Linda: Your winter table is so beautiful. Looks even more beautiful in candlelight. Snowflakes in the window are bright and sparkly. I hung some in my dining room window with tiny, shiny rope. Didn’t get tangled or won’t fall, but realized you could see the different colored thumbtacks I used so had to take a little white paint to them!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. Linda, what a tremendous amount of thought and love your put into this table!! I love the fresh flowers and the “garnet” pie. The dainty blue of your china is perfect for a snowy table. I love your snowflake garden on your window too. Joni

  3. I love all your snowflakes hanging in the window!! Your wedding china is perfect for this wintry wonderland. The pie looks so yummy…wishing I had a slice!

  4. So very very pretty. I love those dishes! And the hanging snowflakes are perfect. It’s just a perfect setting. I love your candle lit shots too. xo marlis

  5. That photo of the pie and ice cream is really beautiful, and not just because the food looks tasty. It’s a really pretty shot. I didn’t realize it was National Pie Day until I was watching the 6:00 news. Too late by then because I was tired and not in the mood to make one. I just made 2 pies over the weekend, so I’m going to declare that I was celebrating early! 🙂 Your china is beautiful, and I could see why you’d be a little antsy about anything hovering over it!!! If 9 degrees is going to feel like a heat wave, I REALLY feel for you guys! I hope the warmth of your love for each other overrides what’s going on weather-wise as you celebrate the anniversary of your 1st date. That’s sweet! You picked some really great pieces to represent the theme, and your table is a hit! Have a wonderful week, and I hope you can find a way to stay warm!!!

  6. Oh Linda, You really have outdone all of us……..Your table is stunning with the china and silver, so special! I love the snowflakes in the window. You really do know how to celebrate winter with all the special pieces you share here. The white carnations, silver cups and pine cones of glitter. And I love those feathery love birds!
    Happy Winter dear LInda……..

    The French Hutch

  7. Hi Linda, Your post is so winter beautiful. I love your pretty snowflakes and your wedding china is gorgeous.
    Now I’m hungry after seeing your delicious pie. Oh my that looks so yummy.
    Thank you for some winter inspiration to still see the beauty even through the cold days.
    We did hit 75 today here in Texas, but it will get cold again before we see spring.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment and email following too. Have a great rest of the week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  8. Beautiful table…I especially like the one with the candles lit…the table just sparkles.
    I thought the carnations were roses in the first close-up…they are gorgeous.

  9. Linda, glad you took the Dowager Countess’ advice and set a table. Fabulous from start to finish. January is my birth month so the mention of white carnations and red garnets made me smile. Beautiful details on your table and the heart covered pie was a clever ending. 😉

  10. I said “wow” to myself with every one of your pics as I scrolled down! Love the snowflakes hanging in the window and when I saw it was the backdrop to your pretty table, I was thrilled! All your little touches look wonderful and especially love how the frosty day scene becomes a cozy night ambiance.

  11. What a wonderful winter wonderland you’ve created Linda! Your candlelight, carnations, icy stems and snowy white table covering are all beautiful! The hanging snowflakes with the snowy scene outdoors are the perfect backdrop! The temperatures have finally dipped into the teens here and there is a chance for snow Friday, a rare occurrence for us 🙂

  12. Beautiful photographs! You indeed made something happen, your table is so lovely with all the white china and flower arrangements, and sparkly snowflakes. Not to mention your pie looks AMAZING!! Your post was so enjoyable, Thank you,

  13. Beautiful tablescape. I was drawn to your bolg from BNOTP when I saw your china…I knew it was Minton and my set is similar. I have Bellemeade. Just lovely all the whites. Thank you for allowing me to share it.

  14. Love your carnation and garnet theme not only because it is just gorgeous,but I am a January baby, so they are dear to my heart!…Love the snowflakes in the windows…I have snowflakes in my windows all year round….they are the Swarovski crystal snowflake ornaments..they reflect the light so beautifully…Your table was so stunning in candlelight…I so enjoyed this post!

  15. Hi Linda,
    Yup, it’s cold here where I am too. Right now it is -20 Celsius.
    I love your window filled with snowflakes! Your china is beautiful and I love the white fluffy, spicy carnations. Mercury glass is always a favourite of mine and your table looks splendid!
    The garnet is my birth stone but I don’t have one. I have always preferred emeralds. Don’t have any of those either. Your ‘garnet’ cherry pie looks delicious and would be lovely with a cup of tea from one of your heart-shaped handled teacups. What a beautiful post! I enjoyed my visit very much and thank you so much for sharing it at my HOME. Have a lovely day and weekend. Following you now.


  16. Wow, a stunningly beautiful table — AND pie? What could beat that? I enjoyed your touches of humor in your post — and loved the snowflakes twinkling in your window — so pretty! I used my wedding china this week, too — similar in pattern and color to yours.

  17. What a darling post, Linda! Every detail is so beautiful! For someone who’s anxious for waves and warm you sure got into the theme of things–in a beautiful way! Your wedding china is surely beautiful, and your photography provides us with so much detail and feeling. Lovely visit. Thanks! ~Zuni

  18. Linda,
    I love your voice!!!
    With each and every element added to this lovely Winter Tablescape, I was mesmerized!!! Your elegant blue & white china is what caught my eye …so delicate!!! I appreciate your tip of placing the tea pot on the serving tray!!!
    As the end of your post drew near, I was thrilled with your Snowflakes dancing in the candlelight! Magical…and so~o~o romantic!!!

  19. Such a beautiful tablescape. This is my first introduction to your exquisite Minton china…glorious! I wondered how it would pair with a Lenox Harvest Accent plate. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  20. Oh Linda…my mouth started to water just as soon as I saw that cherry pie!!
    Jan. is my birth month & so I have several garnets, but I wanted to say they also come in GREEN!!! Yes, there are GREEN GARNETS. True!

    Your table is just lovely & you more than met Cuisine Kathleen’s challenge. Your icy snowflakes are beautiful & I agree about hanging them. Ugh!

    Stay Warm & Cheer Up…we’re more than 1/2 way through the worst of the weather.

  21. Linda, I so enjoyed my visit to your blog, love the snowflakes but the table setting at night is gorgous! It’s pretty cold here, maybe I’ll try setting the table. Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comments.

  22. Everything about this table is gorgeous, Linda!! Those Minton dishes are beautiful — what a treasure; and I love the fresh, white carnations!. All your votives look lovely and the snowflakes in the window add the crowning touch. You’ve created a lovely, wintry scene.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  23. Such a beautiful winter tea table, Linda. I love every element on the table. Your china is stunning and so valuable now that the pattern has been discontinued. Love the snowflakes too!…Christine

  24. Every tablescaper I visit has something inspirational, and yours is your photography. Showing us daytime and nighttime adds dimension to your post and your closeups of the elements are stunning. Witty, too, with your valentine’s pie. Lovely!

  25. Beautiful table, this one is sure a hit with everyone. Your china is gorgeous and such a treasure. I have china similar to your that I received as a wedding gift. I must go look for it. I think it is packed away. Your window is also stunning with your snowflakes. The candlelight makes the table perfect for the evening.

  26. Simply gorgeous Linda! I totally love your fine and valuable china, with the little blue flowers..like mine..”great minds think alike”, lol! Now for your window…that is gorgeous and a winter wonderland at it’s best..magazine worth. Lovely. Thank you for your sweet and kind visit to my wintert table as well.

  27. This is not just a tablescape. It’s an entire environment. I love the snowflakes hanging in the window and all of the sparkle of silver. your china is beautiful, and the flowers give the perfect fluffy feel of snow. Have a great weekend. laurie

  28. I have to tell you, Linda, I am glad to be in Houston rather than the northeast right now. I hear daily from Maine friends how very cold it is. It looks like you’ve made very good use of time spent inside as your table is a wintry beauty. I really like the snowflakes hanging in the window. They make me happy.

  29. Whow, Linda, what a pretty post. Like a good movie the dramatic increases with every picture to a glorious end. I love everything, from the tangling snowflakes (really pretty winter decoration) to the pretty light reflexes on the mercury glass and the wonderful set table. Thank you so much for this delightful post and for your sweet visit with the kind comment.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  30. HAHA! I loved that line from DA! Can’t wait to see it tonight!
    Your table is stunning, wintery and elegant.
    I love your china, it is gorgeous! Yes, not even a snowflake should fall on it!
    Thanks so much for taking the Winter Challenge at Let’s Dish!
    And I am so glad I am Queen of something other than scrubbing floors and dusting 🙂

  31. These are carnations? These are nothing like the ones I usually see at the supermarket. They are beautiful! January is my birth month and I’ve always known that carnations are the month’s flower and garnets are the birthstone. I love garnets, but I’ve never been crazy about carnations . . . because I’ve never seen beautiful ones such as these! Now I’ll have to look for these!

  32. Gorgeous post! Love all the snowflakes, and your candles and table service are beautiful.

    So glad you found me, so I found you…such a cute style of writing too.


  33. Beautiful!!

    My you get a lot of comments on your posts….
    how do you do that?
    not that it matters I guess, just nice after all your hard work to write a post, that so many come by.


  34. Oh I am so happy you visited me! Now I’ve found your blog. I’m a new follower! Can’t wait to see your beautiful posts. Your table is lovely, and that pie…beautiful! You’ve inspired me to kick it up a notch, and forget the winter blues! See you soon!

  35. What a lovely story behind all the items placed on your table. A table that feels so warm and cozy! The votives lit create such a romantic feel. If there are leftovers on the pie, may I have a piece to take home with me?? LOL

  36. Oh my gosh, what a stunning post!! Where do I begin? There is just too much to love! I dont like winter and always get depressed in January and February. But you sure have made winter look beautiful! I love the snowflakes and your wedding china is sooo pretty! Garnet is my birthstone and cherry pie is my favorite. And that pie looks soooo good!! Beautifukl, beautiful post! Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog 🙂

  37. What a delightful post Linda…really stunning photographs too.
    I’m very toasty here DownUnder in the middle of an Australia summer but your post cooled me down beautifully.
    The tablescape, flowers and china are exquisite, all warmly wrapped in the glow of the candles! Perfect! 😀

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