Remembering Your First Love

Long ago, in the magical world of 
“just out of college with no money and saving for grad school,”
there was a very young Woman, who one day walked into a brand new store which had just opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  It was filled with white dishes, bright blue towels, large glass storage jars, and lots of bold linens in the bright, geometric prints now so easily recognized as Marimekko.

The store, Crate & Barrel, became her First Love.  Her heart skipped a beat every time she entered, due to both the visual delights and the shockingly grand (to her) prices.

She met her True Love soon after, 

but still she would visit the store and dream.

Slowly, over many years, as she and her True Love became more comfortable, assorted pieces, especially the jars, made their way into her home.
But other beauties (especially English, Scottish and French), featured in magazines and homes, distracted her and she wandered.  
Toiles, provincial fabrics, even homespun, checks and tartans.  

Then one day, her first born was about to set out into the world (back to Boston!).  This first born was not the shabby chic kind of girl.  No, this girl, fairy princess that she was, wanted her grandma’s blonde mid-century furniture with its clean lines, strong geometric shapes and burnished brass.  How would they furnish the first home of this fairy princess?

A memory crept into the Woman’s mind, slowly at first, 
until distinctive letters became sharp and clear.

Did it still exist?  
Luckily, YES!!  And not far from home!

(Oh no, says the True Love.)

Their first visit thrilled the fairy princess.  But the Woman was very, very surprised.  
Shocked, in fact.
Her heart skipped a beat.  Two beats.
In fact, it positively fluttered with excitement.
Bold prints, a clean look, bright, exciting colors … and the Woman, with a tingling sensation of joy, remembered her First Love
Maybe a future house could hold the goodies she saw before her.  Not that she wasn’t happy with her home, NO, she loved it TOO!

How many loves can we have at once?

TRUE CONFESSION time (which every good love story needs) :  the Woman has been back to her First  Love.  Several times.  And brought home goodies.

You never, ever, ever, forget your First Love.

Which is fine, as long as you live 
~~ happily ever after ~~
with your True Love.



~~ puff pastry hearts and Cosmos recipes ~~
are from Ina Garten’s Foolproof (if only LOVE was the same!)

beautiful Lenox swans
visit Marlis for more info here
~~ symbol of endless love ~~
~~ February’s flower, symbol of young love ~~

Wishing you all the time to cuddle with your
~~ True Love ~~

I’m joining
Linda 🙂 
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28 thoughts on “Remembering Your First Love

  1. What a fun post!!! I love the way you wrote it 🙂 And your pieces are so pretty. I am so in love with those swans!! I havent been to Crate & Barrel in forever, now I want to go back for a visit 🙂

  2. You make it sound positively magical!
    I don’t think you should have to chose between so many loves…why can’t we have it all?
    I’m sure we can have more than one love…I’ve got the divorce papers to prove it! *snicker*

    I’m curious if your DD intends to paint your furniture? Let me know & take photos if she does, please?

    I’m off to check out Marlis & the swans, which I used to collect back in 6th grade. Yes, I was a collector waaaaay back then, even.

    Warm Hugs,

  3. Crate and Barrel is a wonderful place to dream. I’ve gotten to where I don’t go in too often because I can’t resist coming out with a bag(s) full of stuff.

  4. That was so cute!!!!!! I was just so caught up in it and SO sure you were going to say that standing behind the counter was the man with whom you knew you couldn’t live without. I cracked up when I realized I could not have been more wrong!!! Glad you found your TRUE LOVE later, but yes…your first love is a thing to behold in all its glory!!! Those martini glasses for your Cosmos are rockin’!!! They have that cool late 50’s/early 60s vibe. Have a great weekend with your true love!!!

  5. I was certainly taken for a ride.. Love your sweet story. Crate and Barrel.. Oh yeah. I love those martini glasses.. the hearts and of course Ina’s foolproof!! Such a darling post.. xo marlis

  6. Love this post!! I remember dating a guy in Boston when I was in college and I would love to go to Crate and Barrel! Those glasses are awesome. I bet you’re having a ball with your daughter.

    – The Tablescaper

  7. How enchanting! I think I fell in love with Crate and Barrel too many moons ago. It was probably what was one of the first fun places like that to go. We have one a little closer, but still half an hour or more away. Your puffs are beautiful. They look like art themselves.

    I actually let my oldest daughter come and haul off a lot of dishes and it didn’t look like she took a thing. Her hubby says now he is going to have to build shelves. I told him to build a whole room.

  8. Fantabulous post, Linda! Love those glasses!

    Thanks for your comment at BPM. We have a wood burning fireplace on the back porch, which is off our room. Lots of people have asked why we didn’t have it done double with one side in room. That wouldn’t work for us, as I too do not want the wood smoke in the bedroom.

  9. Delightful post! I, too, adore Crate and Barrel and rarely leave empty handed. Glad you are willing to share your first love with your daughter!

  10. Cute post…I love those martini glasses, perfect for Valentine’s. Can you believe I have never been in a Crate & Barrel…I do know there is one up in Leawood, maybe my next trip to the city I will stop in.

  11. I haven’t been to a Crate and Barrel for a long time Linda but I did enjoy it when I was there.
    Love your pretties and your story too.
    Thanks for coming by, I always love hearing from you.
    Oh, and I love my bag too!
    p.s. They do actually plow our roads but that was right in the middle of a snowstorm. I just had to go out. Tonight…30 below with the windchill…it’s wicked cold.

  12. Linda~ What a FUN love story and oh so creative! I have several loves, only one true 🙂 I ADORE your martini glasses and your romantic fireside trayscape~ cosmos and puff pastry hearts what could be better?! I don’t get by our Crate & Barrel often, it’s an hour away in a direction I don’t normally drive, although certainly worth it!

  13. Great sweet post! I love Crate and Barrel too but have to go to Houston to get to one.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  14. Linda, what a great post. I was all set to find out something juicy!! I love Crate and Barrel too, but it wasn’t my first love. I just found out about it a few years ago as I was never close to any of the stores until then. My first love was a sundry store called TG&Y.(An upscale 5 and dime). Hubby worked at nights and at 4:00 pm I put the kids in their stroller and off I went to spend a few pennies. That’s was really started me collecting..Happy Weekend..Judy

  15. Hmm, I do not remember my first love!
    I do recall while in grad school a nice store I found myself buying little things for my apt.
    I guess I am fickle, show me the dishes, etc and I will love you!

    Sweet post!

    Thank you so much for linking to Let’s Dish!

  16. Love this post and the pretty yellow primroses in the little swan. Also…

    Your last post Winter Whites is incredibly beautiful. I found a few photos I,d like to pin, if that’s okay.
    Have a great week.

  17. It’s so funny! Crate and Barrel was my first love, too! Eventually I ventured towards a more traditional look, but I STILL love C&B. I never walk out empty-handed. My oldest son, prefers a more modern/Asian/Zen style so C&B is right up his alley.

    I have been coveting those swans since I saw Marlis’ post. If I ever spot a pair, they will be mine! I have a pair of Swarovski swans that I’ll be featuring soon on my blog. Love those graceful birds!

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