Love and Other Bugs

Everything was in place for a pretty meal — the kind where you have your best friends over for a few laughs, chit chat, and a low calorie salad followed by chocolate dessert.

  My table was set with new plates,

my best silver, and red glasses for sparkling water or a little bubbly. 

My ruby red antique bowls

were ready for a thimble sized serving of cream soup, 

and chunky mugs would hold something warming,
 as the temps were in the single and negative digits and a blizzard was on its way.

 Dainty hearts sprinkled across the white cloth 
set the mood for the simple girls’ Valentine luncheon,

 and there were even (you’ll have to believe me on this) two dozen red tulips in a white vase, ready to open in two days just in time for the party!  
I was smitten with the sheer prettiness of this simple red and white table.

But the luncheon was not to be.  Nearly three weeks ago, (before my last post!) a bug — NOT the Love Bug — made its way into my house, and launched an all out attack on me!  
All activities stopped.

Today, for the first time, I was well enough to take a look at this sad sight.  
The tulips of course, needed to go before photos.  
But ready to stand in was one of my new favorites!

Although she is not a swan, she certainly has the air and grace of one.

Centerpieces must be equally attractive from all sides to make the final cut on my tables, 
and this Goose shows her tail feathers with all the confidence of a girl who knows 
she looks good from that view too.

  (She is actually a gravy boat, one of the 6 Geese-a-Laying, from the PB 12 Days of Christmas collection)

I don’t think this table is going to make it to the “really used” list, so I’ll just make a few adjustments and hopefully it will be ready to welcome Will home this weekend!  I know he won’t want hearts and glitter and pretty dishes, but the placemats can be a starting point for something … and maybe breadsticks in my Goose … but first I must rest. 

Of course, neither 22” of snow nor a mom with the flu stops Nellie’s expectations of ball time, so she will be delighted to see her boy!

I hope you are healthy and enjoying a happy, loving Valentine’s week.
Stay away from your friends with the FLU!
It is NOT fun!

note to self : flu shot next year!

Linda 🙂
SO happy to be well enough to join

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30 thoughts on “Love and Other Bugs

  1. What a disappointment to be so ill and at just the wrong time. Your plates are darling and your menu. Maybe your friends would like to come over for a post Valentines party?

  2. Awww so sorry things turned out like this cause of that stupid nasty flu bug~I NEVER get the flu shot anymore (at least ten-twelve years) and so far, well….. I had better keep quiet!!!!! Love the goose centerpiece. Ready for snow this weekend? Ugh. xo

  3. Wow, that sounded like a nasty bug, indeed! Glad you are on the mend, but how disappointing not to be able to entertain your friends at your pretty red and white table! Those little plates are darling, and I love the red stemware.

  4. What a terrible waste! Such a beautiful table set with beautiful new plates and silver. I’m sad it didn’t get used and appreciated for all your love you put into this tablescape. Sadly, flu had your name. I think you will get to enjoy a lot of this table for the special occasion of your son returning home. I’m glad you felt like making photos because we all get to enjoy your beautiful tablescape Linda. Hope you feel better for a nice Valentine’s Day tomorrow.
    Sending you a get well hug…..

    The French Hutch

  5. Pooh, I feel your pain, and it sounds like you and I were flat on our backs about the same time. I’m still fighting a lingering cough. The birthday party that I posted this week was supposed to have taken place two weeks ago. Your tablescape is darling, and I am in love with your antique bowls; your plates are cool, too. Miss Goose reeled in quite nicely. Happy Valentine Day! Cherry Kay

  6. We’ve been trying to avoid the bug here. We have had two doctor appointments during flu season…I really dread those! You can go in healthy and come out with the bug, so easily!

    Your table is delightful!

  7. Linda~ So sorry your were bitten by the flu bug! I love your simple red & white table and your stand-in goose centerpiece is doing a fine job in place of your red tulips! Nellie with her ball makes me smile 🙂 Hope you’re staying warm & cozy inside with your snow!

  8. I cannot believe how many people that I know who have been seriously ill with the flu this year. Some of them have said that it is the sickest that they have ever been. Hope you are feeling much better and can enjoy Valentine’s Day tomorrow. It is all about being with those whom you love – the table will be fine. Love that centerpiece!!

  9. So sorry you’ve been sick, it’s been a dreadful year of the bug! I love your sweet table covering.. it’s a pique isn’t it? The dishes are sooo pretty. Great idea using the swan.. a perfect stand in.. Happy Valentine’s! xo marlis

  10. Though I’m sure your tulips were lovely, the love goose makes a pretty substitute! Love your dishes and glasses, and Nellie looks like a sweetheart! This post really made me smile. I hope you are feeling better!

  11. I looove those dishes! I wonder where I might get four of them . . . Oh, wait! I DO have four of them, thanks to you!

    Your goose is delightful and I’ve enjoyed the unusual view. Pretty heart feathers, too!

    Take care, Linda! I hope you bounce back quickly. Being sick is no fun.

  12. Poor Linda! I’m so sorry to hear that ole flu bug got you and put a hold on your sweet luncheon. Hope you’re feeling better now. Your table is so pretty and I know your friends would have loved it. You little goosey centerpiece is very elegant and she does look like a swan. Your dog is adorable and ready to play!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Happy Valentine’s Day,
    Shelia 🙂

  13. Bummer, the flu! I’ve been lucky to escape so far this season and hope the luck holds out. I’m glad you are doing better. Love your ruby red bowls. They look like they’d go with my plates. Take good care.

  14. Hi Linda,
    So sorry you were sick. I had the the flu once and that was enough. Convinced me to get a flu shot ever year! I have those checked placemats, so you know I LOVE them! Your sweet duck centerpiece if really strutting her stuff. I love her bow. Happy Valentines. Dianne

  15. I love, love ,love your table Linda!
    And I am so sorry to hear you picked up that nasty flu.
    And the snow, well we have snow too and I swear it’s never going to end this year.
    Even though you didn’t get to have the luncheon, you still brightened my day with your table!

  16. I’m so sorry to hear you had the flu, Linda! I always get a flu shot, but I heard that ddin’t help this year with so many strains going around. I hope you are feeling much better by ow and celebrated Valentine’s day a little late. your table looked so pretty!

  17. Hi Linda. Such a pretty table and no place to go!!! I hope you were feeling up to putting it back together for Will this weekend. Hope you are feeling much better and, I’ve been lucky enough to hide from the flu so far, but have heard it’s not fun! Your old guy looks like ours. Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor flu can deter them when their minds are made up. Thank you for your lovely comments to me. It all puts me in mind of Downton Abbey also. You must have some wonderful family tales of your grandmother’s service and if so, you should post about them…Happy Tuesday..Judy

  18. Hi Linda!
    Your pretty reds & whites in this table are wonderful. I’m hoping you’re feeling better, especially since it has been a full month since you’ve posted anything. We worry, ya’ know!

    Healing Hugs,

  19. Linda, checking back in to see how you are. Hope you are better. The flu this year is a mean one. My husband is still fighting some bug that hit him in late December. Take care and get better soon. ~ Sarah

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