My Sunshine

What do I do when my little pink bundle of joy is having a birthday and I can’t share this most special of days with her?
I find her favorite old friend 
~~ doggy ~~
(who is also missing his girl)
and I dress him up with a new pink bow.

 I think about the day she received Doggy from her new baby brother when she had just turned 3 and he was born ~~ 21 years ago.  

 His fur has all the signs of a well-loved and cuddled friend who has shared so many birthdays with her!

Of course there are memories of other birthdays, like her 10th, spent happily picking apples and baking apple pies with the baby brother.

Guess we could bake a pie.  Doggy and me. 

And we can set the table.

And we can plan a wonderful day of fun in the future
~~ when we can all be together ~~
Mr. Fun, my pink bundle of joy, her brother who is all those miles away “across the pond” in Scotland, doggy, of course Miss Nellie Belle,
and me, the Mom.

Happy Birthday little pumpkin!
~~ September 16th ~~
We love you and are so proud of you.
You are the sunshine of our lives.

Linda πŸ™‚ 
and just a little bit πŸ™

~~I’m joining parties with these lovely ladies~~
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26 thoughts on “My Sunshine

  1. Aw. That well-loved doggy is so special. He looks mighty handsome in his bow! Happy Birthday to your dear girl. And thanks so much for joining in this week.


  2. Delightful post! Celebrating your daughter’s birthday with doggy is a lovely tribute. Happy birthday to your girl and I know you’ll enjoy celebrating again when you all are together.

  3. Awww..I know how hard it is when they go away to college and the house is empty, but I’m sure your little pink bundle also missed being with you on her birthday! I hope your children will be home for the holidays, Linda. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to your Sweetie!
    The pink bow dressed up Doggie! Sometimes it’s really difficult being an empty nester!! Bet she misses you as much as you miss her!! Maybe next year you all can celebrate together!!

  5. So sweet Linda! That stuffed dog looks well & truly loved! What a wonderful photo of your towheaded twosome apple picking~ Happy Birthday to your daughter πŸ™‚

  6. Awwwe, this post is so touching!! It’s tough work being a mother, especially when they grow up and you don’t get to mother them much anymore!! I hope you are able to spend some time with your daughter soon.

  7. That puppy is so adorable, Linda. And I can see why he’s your favorite when he’s such a lovely reminder of your little girl. It’s so lovely that you still celebrate in your own way, despite being so far from one another. I hope you get to see her soon! (I think an apple pie with doggy is the best plan!)

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