Fun in the Sand

You all know by now that I love the beach 
~~ gentle waves, soft breezes, birds, crabs, shells ~~ 
and especially the way the warm sand feels on bare feet.

 Keeping the sand out of our clothes, bags, books 
and even food was once a battle for me.
But I have learned to make peace with those tiny grains that invade 
every inch of every item that is even remotely near the beach.

Less time fighting with the sand that comes into the house means more time for beach fun, like building sandcastles that the tide carries away to a magical sand castle village in the sea.

It also means more time to set the table!

I’m trying not to think about autumn here.  
Will is headed to school in Scotland and Charlotte is moving to Boston.  
So the summer is going to be stretched out as long as possible!

That means we need some beach towels.  
This one makes a great first layer for my August Fun table.

This sand castle / birdhouse is the perfect centerpiece.  Here it is, sitting on the beach, with a Cape Cod scallop shell for the drawbridge.

Topping the beach towel are these cute linens and my favorite chargers, and some oyster shells from the Brewster beach.

I must admit that they have been rinsed of their sand.  My increased tolerance for the grit is a work in progress. 

A pewter fish waits for a cold course

~~ maybe shrimp or crab cocktail ~~

and he is topped by a blue bamboo(!) bowl.  This will definitely hold chowder.  A Cape Cod staple.  New England style — no tomatoes allowed!

I always plan ahead for my serving dishes.  Have you ever started a meal and then realized you forgot to serve something?  

My Vietri starfish dish will hold grilled tuna.  Crusty outside and rare inside.

This fish is waiting for a pasta and veggie salad.

This ball of sand and shells will move to make room for lemon wedges.

I think I’ll serve Cape Codders in bubbly glasses.
Cranberry juice (of course — it’s Cape Cod!) with limes and vodka.  Delicious!!!

To finish off my table I’ll add some seashells in a sand pail,

sea urchin salt and peppers,

a hot plate for a basket of warm, crusty bread,

some of my knock-out roses to masquerade as beach roses,

(the real thing)

and hydrangea from my yard that has changed color from blue to glorious fall colors a full six weeks early this year.

Why???  I’m not ready for summer to end.

A seat for me ~~

~~ and one for you.

Please let’s have those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer 
roll on just a little longer!

I’m joining Cuisine Kathleen for
Let’s Dish — Summer Fun

and Between Naps on the Porch for

Linda 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Fun in the Sand

  1. I have my head hung for sadness as your kiddies will be leaving! OH MY! “BIG HUGS”!!!
    Now WHERE do I start? I LOVE it all. Hmmmm, Favorite, MAYBE the pewter fish, OR that BOWL with the fish HANGING OUT as handles(LOVE THAT). AND that wonderful sandcastle birdhouse(is it REALLY a Bird house???) Oh Yes, LOVE IT ALL!
    Thanks for sharing all your pretties with us…Of Course it’s the NEW ENGLAND Clam chowder for me too… HAHAHA, The great debate in our area of the country…
    Big Hugs,

  2. Hi LInda, I head to the beach every possible opportunity I have. I don’t let the sand spoil my good times either. I know what it means to stretch out the last days of summer enjoying the children being home. You still have your magic touch on the tablescapes, this one is so lovely. Love the sandcastle centerpiece and Hydrangeas. Gorgeous colors.

    The French Hutch

  3. Oh, I’d love to join you at your beachy table. You sure have sooo many pretty accessories. I’m especially drawn to the pewter fish. May you enjoy the rest of your summer with your kids.

  4. Love your layered linens with the beach towel as the basis. The same feelings are floating through my thoughs as I view this tablescape of a never ending summer. My favorite is the sandcastle and just the cuteness says dreams of beach and fun in the sand!

    Thanks, Pam

  5. Wonderful elements for a marvelous beachy table. I’m gaga over those two serving bowls. Wow! Yes, I try to lay out my serving pieces in advance. I usually put a sticky note in or on each piece noting the name of the food item. Saves time in the hurried moments prior to serving the meal. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  6. You have so many wonderful beach items! Love all the fish and the cute S&P shakers. Your photos are just lovely, and the end of summer is always bittersweet.

  7. Linda~ We didn’t make our annual family trip to the beach this year so I’m soaking in all your beautiful seaside photos! Your last one could be a travel brochure cover or post card! Love your FUN sandcastle/birdhouse as your centerpiece. I have those same PB fish plates and I think I’ve mentioned I have sea urchin shaker envy 🙂 Thanks for the fun in the sand & sun!

  8. Linda, I love the idea of the beach towel as the tablecloth/placemat. Perfect to hide any grains of sand that end up on the table. I’ll be on the lookout for some of your spectacular accent pieces. I hope your remaining summer days are twice as long as normal.

  9. Linda, first of all, your blog name always makes me smile and I am definitely following that advice today. I am so sorry about your kids leaving. Mine are far away and I have been counting the days until Thanksgiving for way too long. Your serving pieces are so unique! I just love that bowl with the fish hanging over the edge. I, too, get out all the serving pieces in advance, complete with serving utensil. After my husband “helped” me a while back, I realized I much rather have it figured out ahead of time. Beautiful photography brings me right there. Loved the sand castle! Lovely table!

  10. Prayers for you and your children.. OOh I will be thinking of you. I love all the serving pieces and the pretty place settings. I love love the glasses. xo marlis

  11. You’re going to think either I have 20/900 vision or that I’ve had one too many mimosas for breakfast, but I really thought that sandcastle/birdhouse was something newly sculpted you created for this tablescape!!! It looks like real sand that is….I’m just freakin’! That little dude is really cool!!! I love the way you embellished it with bling! Such a pretty setting, and I love the serving dishes…especially the one for the pasta/veggie salad! Super unique! The sea urchin S&Ps are really slick, too! I’m a big fan of New England clam chowder, too. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted that other kind. It’s cool here this morning (FINALLY!!!), so that actually sounds good for breakfast! Have a good weekend!

  12. Here I am in my little cottage steps away from the foothills of the Rockies ~ but you have made me feel like I am at the beach! What a happy and fun tablescape in such a carefree and beautiful setting!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. Feeling your heartache of your children leaving! just don’t listen to the new song by Jason Mraz called 93 million Miles, it will make you cry! Beautiful song though!!! Now back to your fun summer beachscape- now that made me smile!! so cute! so many little details all come together For Fun!!

  14. You set the most fabulous and creative table’s Linda!
    And this one is a pure delight!
    I so feel for you with the empty nest syndrome!!!
    But never fear, soon there will be little grandbabies to take their place and the cycle will continue!
    Hugs friend,

  15. I love the pewter fish plates! This is a fabulous Summer Fun table.

    We are anxious for Fall here in Missouri. All the fields/crops are ruined from the drought. We are finally around to temps in 90’s for the most part. The triple digit temps killed so much of our lawn and gardens. When we look out across the lake the trees have turned brown, giving a false image of Fall. Even though I usually enjoy Summer, I am so ready for Fall this year.:-)

  16. This is FUN and beautiful!
    I love those starfish plates!
    My hydrangea pretty much fried, I wonder if I will have any to dry.
    Thanks so much for linking your fun in the sand to Let’s Dish!
    Cheer up, you will be used to that empty nest in no time! You may even like it!

  17. Love your table, Linda…it really does make one feel like they are at the beach. I love the little fish plates…and the sand castle is so cool. The chargers remind me of whitecap waves!

  18. Hi Linda! Oh, I’m just enthralled by your wonderful setting. All of your cute dishes. I love the bowl where it looks like the fish is hanging over each side.
    Thank you for popping in to see m.e
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  19. What wonderful seascape items you have for a tablescape. Just reading your words about bare feet on the sand make me long for a walk on the beach. I grew up just miles from the Gulf, so beach days were part of my childhood. Thanks for sharing these views of the beach. 😉

  20. Linda, I love the ocean shots and this beautiful refreshing table. So many elments to it, but I think I love the pewter fish plates. You have an extensive selection of beachy tableware! Joni

  21. Beautiful tablescape, Linda! One of the things I’ll miss the most when I move will be the ocean and beaches! I love your glass sphere full of sand and shells…it’s a beautiful decoration. Hope your children have settled in well in their universities!

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