Parading in My State Tartan

When I think of TARTAN I think warm colors and woven woolens.  The kind of fabric that can keep you warm in the cold Scottish winters.  (And summers.)  And like any good New England family, we have a large supply of cozy tartans in the form of scarves, flannel shirts, pjs, robes and certain other men’s undergarments.  None of which you will want to see.

So, in honor of National Tartan Day, my plaid French Country kitchen window treatments will masquerade as Scottish tartan.

I love this fabric!  
I also have a favorite vintage tartan piece in my wardrobe.  (It’s hard to call something vintage when you have a clear memory of buying it, but my Laura Ashley tartan shawl is definitely vintage.)  Does it say 1984 to you?  Well, that’s when I purchased it in London!

Viyella is a woven blend of wool and cotton developed long ago in England.  It’s soft, lightweight, and not itchy.

I used to wear this shawl as a little skirt wrap, but I tried it on today, and while I can still tie it at the waist (well, sort of) the rest of it opens in a way that leaves nothing to the imagination!

The next time I go to Scotland I think I would like to have a kilt custom made!  How’s that for a bucket list item?  Mr. Fun is laughing in a way that says to me “talk to the fish in the sea.”  Do you know that story of the fisherman’s wife who always wants something?  Makes me mad when he laughs like that.
Back to the point–this is the tartan I will choose for my kilt:

It is the official Connecticut State Tartan!

Each color represents something about my state.

blue ~~ Long Island Sound (our longest border)

gray ~~ granite (left behind by the last ice age glaciers and used for the stonewalls which are everywhere)
white ~~ snow (of course!)

green ~~ our state forests (this is really my yard–do you see the little hawk in the tree?)

red and yellow ~~ autumn leaves

Do you know what your state tartan looks like?
Find your state tartan here!

(if your state is not listed, google state tartan for your state–almost all states have one!)

I think this tartan is a very accurate portrayal of the natural wonders of Connecticut!

Do you approve of the choice made for your state tartan?  
More importantly, would you have a kilt made from it? 
And would you parade in it?

I’m joining the Tartan Parade

even though I don’t have my kilt yet. 
(And I promise not to wear the vintage shawl as a skirt.)

Seasonal Sundays

“T” for Tartan!

Linda πŸ™‚

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44 thoughts on “Parading in My State Tartan

  1. I am SO IMPRESSED Linda! I didn’t know we had our own tartan here in Connecticut! Nice to know! AND of course you should go back to Scotland and get your Skirt made! I LOVE visiting the weavers there. I have LOTS and LOTS of blankets, etc we brought back. BUT they are all packed away…
    Your little hawk is very cute, I see him “Watching”!!!
    Have a pleasant Sunday,

  2. I never knew that each state had a plaid. I love CT’s – so full of color and vibrancy. Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays. I think they need to move Tartan Day to when it’s a bit chillier, a bit more in season!

    Never mind Mr. Fun’s laugh. We ladies know what is important!

    – The Tablescaper

  3. Linda~ I had NO idea each state had an official tartan! I had to peak at NC…I approve! Connecticut’s is beautiful~ I love your landscapes to match! Your window treatments are beautiful~ love the cheery plaid~ it looks like it matches your LA shawl πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Linda,
    Love your tartan post and that gorgeous Laura A, Viyella tartan wrap.
    I hadn’t a clue, before today, that the States each had their own tartan, how amazing.

  5. Love your tartan window valances and what a perfect pictorial post to honor and describe your state’s tartan. I am excited to follow the link and check out my state’s tartan now.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with the Tartan Parade and I am still smiling at your comments about your hubbie and your kilt plans.

    Too cute!


  6. Linda, the Connecticut state tartan is gorgeous. Your images perfectly describe it and the connection to the beauty of Connecticut. Oh do I remember shopping at Laura Ashley in London in the 80s. I’m smiling at your description of wearing your shawl as a skirt. If only, I keep saying these days!
    Thanks for joining the tartan parade with this fantastic post. ~ Sarah

  7. Hi Linda,
    I love your tartan post! Your tartans are warm and inviting. Love that Laura Ashley shawl. Could you use it as a tablecloth? YOu made my day with the state tartan link! Now I know what California’s tartan looks like. I didn’t even know we had one. Something about redwoods and the ocean. It looks like the placemats I used in today’s post. But Connecticut’s tartan is prettier. It really captures the beauty of the state.
    Thanks for linking up! ~Delores

  8. Great to connect! Love your tartan shawl (and don’t I wish I were the same size from the 80’s!) Googled the PA tartan and it is based on the Black Watch blues and greens – never knew that!
    xo Cathy

  9. Believe this is the first time to your lovely blog. Your state is breathtaking!!!! I love the way you showed examples of the colors, very creative and I love your tartan for your state. I will look up the tartan for Kansas = hope I can find it. Thanks for your comment on my Seasonal Sunday post.

  10. I had no idea some states had an official tartan!!! I just looked it up on Wikipedia, and there’s no photo of the Connecticut state tartan. Maybe you should submit your photo to update the entry! Missouri does not have one…yet. I understand it is being considered.

  11. Your tartan valences and Laura Ashley shawl are just gorgeous. The CT tartan is one of the prettiest I’ve seen and I love your pictorial explanation of the things that inspired the colors.
    Thanks for joining the Tartan Parade and have a Happy Tartan Day.

  12. OOh i think i’m adopting the north carolina tartan.. Texas leaves a bit to be desired.. Your tartan is lovely.. Love the valances too.. xo marlis

  13. But are ye Scottish? I know you said there wasn’t a drop of Irish blood in you, a little too proudly I might add! πŸ™‚
    I looked up my name’s Tartan, not too crazy about it! I do love your shawl, and I think it is timeless, like a cashmere blazer. Love your window treatments too.
    As for the CT tartan , very pretty. It would have to be since it borders LI! πŸ™‚

    Off to look up NY’s tartan. Blogging is so educational.

  14. Hi Linda, I love your French Country window treatments. I really like the tartan plaid you selected and It really made a gorgeous treatment. I have plenty of ahemmmmm, vintage Laura Ashley, just about everything except tartan! I love your scarf and I almost lost it when I read what you wrote about the fit. I know those same kind of fits!!!!! Love your state tartan, beautiful colors. I would love to go back to Edinburgh too, we didn’t have long enough there.
    Happy Easter LInda.

    The French Hutch

  15. Well I’ll be darned! Learn something new every day….I never knew that there were State Tartans — I wasn’t crazy about ours — what a gorgeous plaid from your state. I’m going to have to go back and look again. Thanks for sharing thsi.

  16. Such an interesting post, Linda! I must say I absolutely love your French plaid kitchen window treatments, so, so pretty! I also love your Laura Ashley shawl. I am sure you need one for your cold Connecticut winters. You have a lovely state, and I would love to visit some day. I know your autumn leaves must be spectacular. I am now going over to see if Texas has a state tartan. Blessings to you~ Vicki

  17. So happy you found my blog! I’m now following you back! I see you have the same problem as me . . . you’re a “dishaholic” LOL!!!

    I’ve also enjoyed poking around your blog. I burst out laughing when I read all the “titanium” comments about your husband! I’m sorry to hear he had to have his hip replaced, but happy to hear he’s doing well!

    Where in Maine do you spend most of your time? We have a small cottage in OOB. We spend most of our time doing DIY, but we love it! The beach is fantastic to walk, 7 miles of sandy beach – you can’t beat that! The town is still a little honky-tonk, but it’s fun!

    Have a wonderful week!


  18. Hi Linda! Oh, your plaid window toppers are so pretty and so is your shawl!
    Thanks for poping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  19. Hi Linda! What a fun post – so much I didn’t know. I can’t believe I missed Tartan Day! I do have quite a few tartans myself and love them. I have been to Scotland many times. But I didn’t know about the State tartans. So I looked it up (Washington State) and yes, we have a tartan, and predictably it’s green and blue. πŸ™‚ Your state’s is beautiful with the light blue.

    Thanks for an entertaining and informative post! – g

  20. Hi Linda,
    Well I got all caught up here and it was fun! Love this tartan post especially about your gorgeous state!
    The napkin rings…wow…your collection is just amazing!
    And I love that cheery, fun, and cottage looking tablescape!
    So pretty and so unique too!
    Hugs friend,

  21. love love love your kitchen wall paper and window treatment…..so very pretty….and my state tartan…Yuk! very ugly…

  22. I love your plaid window treatment, and that Laura Ashley scarf is timeless. I didn’t even know our State had a tartan, so it was fun to click over and find out about it. Yes, I’d like to have a kilt from my state’s tartan. Great post! laurie

  23. How very interesting. My state was not listed as having one, though I Googled and found it right away. It was decided in 1964 and is predominantly blue and green with a bit of red crossing at major “intersections.” Yes, I’d wear it, though I’d prefer to have it on the back of my sofa. Thanks for the new information. BTW, I think your kitchen wallpaper and drapes are lovely.

  24. How pretty your kitchen wallpaper & drapes look…I ♥ them, too! Your shawl/skirt is also very pretty even if it doesn’t fit the same way it did years ago. nothing does!! LOL

    Thanks for the link to the state’s tartans…lots of wonderful information that I did not know. Unfortunately, Ohio doesn’t have one but I saw lots of familiar ones that were school uniforms my DD wore!


  25. Unfortunately, Tennessee doesn’t have a state tartan listed on the link you provided. I did Google this and found Tennessee’s tartan and I learned it was adopted in 1999. Being I carry the Kennedy name in marriage, I do have small swatch of the Kennedy tartan. I had bought it years ago when I thought I may somehow incorporate it into our first DDs graduation. It didn’t work out, but I still have the fabric. Thanks for the sharing a bit of your tartan history with us through Alphabe-Thursday’s “T” post!


    Read today’s post: Trouble

  26. I didn’t know our state had a tartan, and didn’t even know what a tartan was till I read your post! Thanks for the education! …And yes, I like our Arkansas choices!

  27. Lots of colors in your tartan (and state). I think that’s pretty cool. I had a tartan skirt when I was in junior high…it would now be considered vintage…heehee. And our two little Scotties should have tartan kilts…but they don’t like to dress up so much… πŸ˜‰

  28. I think I’m borrowing your idea of having a kilt custom-made and adding it to my own bucket list. That sounds beautiful! I just checked the website you indicated and it doesn’t look like Illinois has a state tartan. I may just have to adopt another state. Now here’s a conundrum. I was hoping that my next state would be a warm place where I wouldn’t need a tartan . . .

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