A Dog’s Eye View

Welcome to my home.  My friends call me Nellie, although I answer to Nellie Belly, Nelle Belle, Miss Brown, Brown Beast, Smelly Nellie, Nellie Belly Burp (because I have been known to…), and most anything sounding like Treat or Ball.  
My official name is Naughty Miss Nellie Belle, in keeping with my ancestors who include 
Bad Buster Brown, Good Golly Miss Mollie and Magnum Express.
My Mom, the alpha dog, usually calls me GetThatDogOutOfHere.  
She loves me SOOOOO much!! And I love her too.  
That’s why I’m taking over her blog today.  She’s been a little blue lately because the other puppies went back to college.  Me too.
Dad (I think you know him as Mr. Fun) got her some PINK tulips to cheer her up because those are her favorite flowers.  
That’s one reason we don’t like the deer.
My favorite place is outside, 
so that’s where we’re going.
January 2011.  
We woke up on New Year’s Day to this amazing view.  PINK sky, white fluffy snow.  I love it!

Then a few days later, more of the white stuff.  Even at night it was pretty, and it made Mom happier. 
WALK is one of my favorite words, and when it snows we walk to the mailbox.  Our driveway is long, winding and hilly. 

Mom and Dad walk in a straight path there and back.  Booooring!!!  I like to take side trips.  

See my dog tunnels?  I just stick out my chest and march.
And see my beautiful PINK collar?  

Santa gave it to me so everyone will know I’m a girl!  I mean, how can you not tell?  I’m quite dainty!
Our part of Connecticut has lots of these stone walls.  One of my jobs is to inspect them for creatures and chase the chipmunks back into them whenever a little nose comes out.  
This wall separates us from eight wooded acres. 
Mom calls it Deer Heaven.  I think it’s because all the deer in our state live there.  They come to visit us, eat the tulips, and leap back over the wall.  Sometimes I follow them even though I’m not supposed to!
Back down the big hill to the house.  
See this tree?
Just a few months ago it looked like this! 
 And my front yard, which looks like this today, 
sometimes looks quite different! 
There’s my fairy friend by the door. 
She stays out all year. And she keeps me company during my futile attempts to go in that front door.  
Around to the back yard, 
where we see our apple trees.  
They sometimes look like this.  
Onto the deck.  Oops.  Too much of the white stuff. 


 Mom says in just three months this tree 
will be PINK!



 Then I can stay outside and do more of my jobs–keeping critters off the deck and warning her when those pesky deer try to eat the apples.


I love the snow, but I’m not so crazy about 
the ice storm we just had.  
I can’t walk on the frozen ground, 
or leap through the snow banks.
But these icicles hanging from 
the back roof are impressive. 

The sun has finally come out, and my patrol of the yard is complete.  Time for a well deserved rest.
Mom says I was snoring.  But when a girl is almost 10, she needs her beauty rest!  And when I sleep it gives Mom time to play with her dishes.  She has a cute snowman tablescape in the kitchen.  Come back in a few days to see it!! 
I hope you enjoyed our time together.
I’m joining a few parties today (I LOVE parties and party food, especially birthday cake and chocolate rabbits when I can get them). 
Please visit these fun parties with me! 
Love, Nellie
 (for my Mom, Linda) 🙂
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62 thoughts on “A Dog’s Eye View

  1. Oh, Nellie Belle, how sweet of you to post for your mom. I am sure she appreciates all your effort so much! What a beautiful yard and home you have! I think you deserve an extra biscuit or two for all your work on keeping those pesky critters in their places. That must be a full time job there. I love your new pink collar. It’s so you and how could anyone not know you’re a girl? Some humans…
    Thank you so much for taking me on your walk with you today and showing me how it looks when it’s not all covered in snow.
    Love your name, too. My mom used to have a ’64 chevy that she called Nellie Belle. It was a sad day indeed when she traded it in in 1981. We all had a tear.
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Nellie — I just loved seeing you tunnel your way throught the snow. I agree with you — I LOVE SNOW, but we don’t have any snow like you do! Thank you for the tour of your owner’s home and very wonderful large yard. I am sure you think it is dog heaven — love your new pink collar, although I could tell you were a girl. Joni

  3. Sweet Nellie Belle! Thanks so much for the tour of YOUR yard! BTW, it is GORGEOUS! So is your Mama’s hpuse! I loved seeing you tunnel through the white stuff! I bet you are the bEST guard doggie ever! Tell your Mom we said thanks for letting you “guest blog” today!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky PS< tell Mom I have started a tour on my home on my blog is she wants to stop over:):)

  4. Oh, Nellie Bellie, I loved this tour with you, and I felt like I was right there! That picture of you barrelling through the white stuff just made me smile. Enjoyed your tales (or is that tails?) of chasing the deer for eating the tulips. You are a most industrious pup!

    Please tell your mother that I love her tulips (they are a favorite of mine, too) and that I think these pictures of the house and grounds are lovely. Thank you so much for posting for her today. Please give her my love and save a great big hug just for YOU!


    Sheila 🙂

  5. The flowers are my favorite as we have that white “stuff” here too! And so cold! More coming this week too.
    Stay warm, and don’t be blue. They will be back soon! May is very close!

  6. Oh, Nellie, you are adorable! It’s crazy snowy here, too. And my doggies didn’t like the ice, either. Too slippery and dangerous. As it was, we had to chop up all the ice on our driveway. Not fun!

    Have fun in the snow!


  7. Hi Nellie. Well, honey, of course I knew you were a girl – you are the most dainty little thing and as pretty as can be. You did a marvelous job posting for your mommy! I hope by now you’ve cheered her up! Your snow is so pretty and I can see how deep it really is as you walked in it.
    Now go give mommy a big ole sloppy puppy kiss and tell it’s from me! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  8. G’morn Nellie ~ I’d be right out there with poochie having a ball! Your pictures are just gorgeous.

    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~


  10. I am going crazy over all of your beautiful photos!! The snow is just gorgeous!! We never have any snow in San Antonio so I get to imagine it through your photos. I love Nellie, she is so pretty! And that sunset you captured…amazing! Your blog is so pretty…I plan to be back and visit more often! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hello sweet Nellie Belle. You made me laughing about your second name “GetThatDogOutOfHere”. Thats the cutest name for a dog I ever heard. She must really love you at those moments. LOL
    You are a pretty girl and I am sure your Mom is happy that you are not small and dainty like a Chihuahua, because then she had to carry you all the way in that high snow. You look somehow like a Saint Bernard and she should give you a pink barrel to carry.
    Hello Linda, you made the most wonderful photos, I have seen since a long time. And you have a wonderful dog. I enjoyed your post so much.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend.
    Greetings, Johanna

  12. What beautiful snow pictures. I can’t imagine snow like that and probably will never see it. I’m a Georgia girl.

    Many thanks to Miss Nellie Belle for sharing.

  13. Happy Pink Saturday Linda Sweetie…
    Of course you too Nellie Belle. I love that name by the way, that is what I call my computer.

    You have the most beautiful brown coat and eyes and just look at the yard you have to gallop around in. I imagine you never tire of things to do. You even have a beautiful bed by the heat and air vent no doubt. It looks ideal for a gal like you.

    I hope you will stop by sometime and visit with my Handsome Bruiser. He loves meeting new friends as well. You will find him in my scrollbar.

    I am Country Wings in Phoenix, your newest follower. I can’t wait to see what adventures you take me on next. Please stop over and woof a little hello or two. I would love to have you follow Bruiser and I as well. We love meeting new friends and sharing along the way.

    Country hugs to you and Linda both, Sherry and Bruiser

  14. Wow, so many great pictures! Everything is so beautiful when it’s covered in snow. Except the roads! Love that shot of the sunrise too. Gorgeous!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  15. Hi lovely lady. I love the snow seeing we do not get this in South Texas,love your big pup!! looks like she is having lot’s of fun !!!I have a 150 lb.Blue Great Dane she is three years old. you have a lovely home sweet lady.I hope you have a Great weekend ~~~Diane

  16. Nellie Belly….Let me introduce myself. My name is Buckskin, which yes, I have lots of names to but Buck, Buckie Buck seems to be a it. I am a yellow lab. I too am missing my puppie (and so is Mom) and am soooo jealous that you have all of that snow to play in! We have not gotten an inch yet this year! I thoroughly enjoy your adventure and hope you share some more. My Mom said you put a smile on her face. A BIG THANKS!~~~~Andrea

  17. Nellie BellY! What a fantastic post you did for your Mom, Linda!! So beautiful in all of the seasons. You have a beautiful home that looks stunning in all four seasons! Here in Pa., we have four seasons too and I would not have it any different!


  18. Love your post! Reminds me of our dog Sampson – he was great! Loved the snow too!
    Your picture comparisons are wonderful – love the showered pink petals on the patio!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  19. Oh, Nellie … will you marry me? I’ll be on my mom’s blogspot later today … for the Pet Party … I think you look just like me! Thanks for visiting my mom’s snowman birthday post … please come back and visit me … later today!


    Junior Moore

  20. What a wonderful post. So sorry to hear you’re blue, but I can just imagine. I have a bit of time til my first heads off to college, but I’m already not looking forward to it. I can’t imagine having them home for a bit and then gone again.

    Nellie did an awesome job on her post. You have such a lovely home. Thanks Nellie for bringing your home to Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  21. Linda, what a great job you did of capturing Nellie’s story. It’s amazing the stories we can tell with our pictures. I hope you are enjoying all the snow coming your way. Do keep the images coming for those of us who don’t experience it!

  22. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Linda – and of course, Nellie, too. I am so glad you joined us, and I hope you will continue. I clicked to follow your blog, and I hope you will follow mine, too.

    Whew! Look at all of that snow. It is a good thing you have a sweet guy to give you flowers, beautiful sunrises and dreams of pink springs.

  23. I love love love this post! Miss Nellie is a beauty.

    What is it with Labs and snow. Molly loves it. The granddog next door visited the other day. She’s a Lab too. They are like kids when it comes to snow. Molly will stand at the window watching the snow fall, then she goes to J and tries to coax him into going walkies. Yeah right walkies. She just wants to get out there and roll around in the snow.

    Great post and beautiful images!

  24. Love Miss Nellie and her snow tunnels. Wow, that is a LOT of snow! We had a flowering plum tree in our last yard – I do miss it. Dropping by from Met Monday.


  25. Nellie you are one active lad, I mean lab:) Just gorgeous…you had me smiling from ear to ear. Such beautiful spacious runs Nellie can take too. Thanks for sharing this with us. I would love if you added my link at the end of your post too. Thanks. Debbie

  26. I can see where Isabella will look like Nellie – she looks like Izzy’s older sisters! I assume Nellie is an Eng Lab…You’re right she will be a big girl – not like our past lab who was taller and lankier.Thanks ever so much for dropping by and leaving a comment…furbabies are the best

  27. Linda, I am up early (5-ish), and I wanted to drop by and say thanks for your sweet note on my blog. I enjoyed perusing your pictures again, and I am in love with Nellie. Those pictures of her, that determined look on her face, trudging through the snow are adorable. This just makes me want another dog SO bad!

    And I adore your home. It is so lovely in the snow, and it is equally as beautiful in the spring. I cannot get over the deep snows this year, and I hope that you and all of my friends thaw out soon. I stopped to get gas yesterday at a convenience store on my way to-ing and fro-ing, and I got into a conversation with the man who was behind me in line. He said he was a truck driver and had been in Tennessee where his truck jackknifed on the ice, and he saw his trailer come parallel to his window!

    I’ll never forget the winter it snowed in Florida, and we were traveling out of state for Christmas. We woke up in Tallahassee with snow on the ground and ice on the roads. And as we drove, there were cars all off the highway. We proceeded with extreme caution and made it to our destination safely, but I would just be lost as to what to do in deep snow and ice. I think you all have snow plows there, but in the South, we are helpless. I love looking at it, though. It’s like a fairyland. Many of my ancestors on my father’s side were New Englanders with some pushing to the frontier of NY where there were stories of sleighing parties (with the ladies wrapped up in fur hats, coats and throws) to Canada across frozen iced over water! I actually bought an antique farm sleigh in Tampa about thirty years ago, and it resides in the garage and makes an occasional Christmas debut. But that’s as close as I’ve ever come to sleighing.


    Sheila 🙂

  28. Oh My thats a lot of snow nellie! You have a lovely home there! Every season is beautiful. We call our nelly nelly belly also! You are a beautiful little girl Nellie and you have a sweet mommy.

  29. Oh My Linda your yard looks amazingly like mine!!! We could be neighbors… AND Your driveway also sounds like mine…I always tell everyone “If I can get OUT of my driveway then I can go anywhere”… Sound Familiar??? Where in Litchfield County is your Mom??? Did you see Wednesday there is another storm coming???
    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your Nellie Belly…She’s a sweetie! Thank you SO MUCH for the tour…
    Hugs to you,

  30. Nellie thank-you for the tour of your property! You have a great place to roam! I’ll bet your glad to be inside warmed up again!
    A note to Mom…Linda you must live somewhere like me! We have lots and lots of snow here in northern Michigan!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  31. Linda, your house is so beautiful – even covered in snow! You had me at Nellie’s pink collar! What a gorgeous girl! I can’t wait to see more of your home in the summer! Thank you for commenting on my blog. You seem to always put a smile on my face!

  32. Dear Nellie Belle — you’re just the cutest thing on four legs with a hot pink collar! Lucky you to have such a fabulous place to live with the other pups (when they’re home) and your Mom and Dad. Glad you love the snow…I think it looks mighty fine….at YOUR house! (I think I like the “pink” season a little more than the “white” one!)

  33. I love your sweet Nellie Bellie! I used to have a basset I called Nellie Bellie, too! Looks like she had a wonderful day in the snow! Your yard is beautiful!!

  34. This is the second time I have visited you Nellie Belle. I swear I thought I talked to you the first time but I don’t see it. You are a wonderfully faithful friend to your mom. It is so nice of you to clear the way for mom and protect her through the ice and snow. I am glad you got back into the warmth of the house. Stay warm sweet Nellie Belle. Ginger

  35. Nellie Bekllie was a wonderful “guest blogger,” Linda! Your part of CT had a lot of snow and it looks so pretty where you are. Unfortunately snow doesn’t stay pretty for very long.

    I received a new McKenzie Childs catalog today so I had to smile when I read your comment. I will have to see if they will allow me to take pictures inside their store on 57 Street in Manhattan.

    I have many Flatiron building photos on my blog (look under Gramercy/Flatiron label)so I was confused by your comment about not having any? When I visited Eataly after it opened I took a good shot, and another when the “Falling Man” scuplture exhibit was in that area this past summer, and when I did a post about Madison Park a couple years ago. I love that area so I’ve often photographed it.

  36. Nellie Belle – I love this name and my goodness, what a beautiful place for a big nice looking girl to roam and have fun! Love the post!

  37. Nellie, I loved your guest post. Your mom sure has a beautiful home and you have a great place to take walks. You look like a very happy dog. I hope you will tell your mom how much I appreciated her visit to my blog and that I wish her a happy belated Pink Saturday.

    Hugs and scratches behind the ears,

  38. You made my day with your post. Love your dog going through the deep snow. You took some great pictures. I live in snow country too but I really don’t like the cold.It went to 30 below the other night. Now that is cold. Love your snowman dishes. So cute.

  39. Oh Nellie Belle, thank you so much for the lovely snowy tour. Your mom certainly has a beautiful home and yard. She takes beautiful pictures too! Nellie, you must be exhausted after all that work. Your tunnels are amazing.
    Thank you so much for showing us such a beautiful snowy day and please tell your mom how much we appreciate her beautiful photos.

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