My hopes for a sunny day were dashed when the sky over my house turned quickly from blue

to gray.

That can only mean more snow!

Even when it snows, 
the birds find lots of goodies in my feeder.

Inside there is another storm brewing on my kitchen table!

I love snow globes! 
Imagine the little world inside.

I kind of feel like I’m living in one now.
This is the view out my window as I write.
So I have decided to EMBRACE THE FLAKES
No more complaining.  No more blues!
Except for my pretty blue dishes.

 I know all my

flaky friends will enjoy a warm meal.

How can you be sad 
when you see a snowman 
Standing so happily in the glistening snow 
… always ready for fun …
… waiting for friends to drop by …
and watching the sky for 
a falling STAR
… to wish upon…
… or to put in a pocket …
… and I’m very sure that whether
their little hands are warm or cold

… inside each one beats 
a very 
warm HEART. 🙂

And so I come to my 
New Year’s Resolutions …

~~ make time for friends ~~

~~ follow my dreams ~~

~~ remember that
having fun is important ~~
so is a
warm heart 
Embrace the flakes
I am joining 

I am also joining

Linda 🙂

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  1. Linda, I would embrace the flakes, if they ever would come! I miss the snow. It seems like everyone has it but us — and we usually get snow! Very cute snowmen plats and good resolves for the new years. I also love snowglobes! Wish my backyard would look like a snowglobe today. Joni

  2. I really want those dishes Linda, they are so cute!
    And your table is set so perfectly!
    I also love your snowy pics, and I am embracing it too!
    Those glasses are really pretty and I can’t figure out what you have inside that lantern, but I love the look!
    Happy snowday!

  3. Oh we are embracing, and embracing! Nothing we can do!
    Gives us more time to play with our dishes!
    Love your cheerful table and snowmen plates. Adorable. Don’t let them stay too long, though, they tend to leave a puddle on the floor! 🙂
    Stay safe, it’s not good out there, Linda!

  4. It must be a Linda thing. I love snowglobes, too and try to get at least one everywhere I travel. I broke a big one the other day and found that the glitter is quite a mess to clean up. Oh, like the table, too.

  5. Snowflakes are wonderful! (of course I haven’t been housebound either).. your photos are so beautiful. I love snowglobes myself and the dishes are so happy. Loved your previous post too.

  6. LINDAAAAAAA……I am so in love with this adorable table. So cheerful and colorful and just full of fun and love. The dishes are precious..the little snowman…the lantern in the center…the flatware…I just love it all.
    MOST OF ALL, however….I love your shiny and loving and fun-filled spirit.
    I am so glad you are my bloggy friend. :))

  7. This is an utterly delightful table! I LOVE the blue/all the vivid colors! I can’t believe that we’ve continued to have so much snow down here in Alabama!!! Your snow pictures (truly you’re living in a snow globe!) are wonderful, too. Love the beautiful bird!!!

    About Italy–well, please come and visit. I’m a Southern gal and open up my home here and will there, too!!!

    Thanks so much for your kind comment on my post!!


  8. This is a very pretty table scape! I would like to invite you to link this up to my new link party, Masterpiece Monday, at Boogieboard Cottage. The link will be up all week. Take care, Mary :O)

  9. Linda, you are so fun! Love your theme! Embrace the flakes! I loathe winter but I think I’m going to use this phrase as my mantra! Beautiful table and so cheerful in contrast to this gloomy time of year! Beautiful!

  10. The snow pictures are great. I’m in south Ga. so I can appreciate them since I don’t have to live in it. Cutest plates I’ve seen around.

    I see Nellie is enjoying the snow again. She does no complaining.

  11. Linda, this is a darling tablescape! And I love all of your snowmen. My sister started a collection of snowmen ornaments years ago, and I always think of her and smile when I see one. Yours are precious! I know it must feel confining outside, but it really is exquisite to view. And your sunny tablescape hits the perfect note.


    Sheila 🙂

  12. This is the cutest table! I love your snowman dishes!!!! I put all my snowmen away, not sure why I was so antsy to do that???? YES, I am over the snow now. I want it to go away!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I so appreciate it! XO, Pinky

  13. Hi Linda, I am loving everyone’s snow pictures and yours are no exception. Beautiful! And what could be cuter than your snowman tablescape. It just spells HAPPY to me. So bright and cherry and SO well done!!


  14. Hi Linda…

    Ohh my…you guys really ARE getting the snow! It really is a beautiful sight…and more so…when you can enjoy it from inside! hehe! My friend, you set a beautiful table! I think you embraced the “flakes” perfectly! And you are sooo right, who could be blue when seeing those darling snowmen! Girlfriend, I love the snowmen plates…simply adorable! What a fun and happy table! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    I also wanted to thank you for coming by and taking a peek at my tablescape! I always enjoy your visits and sweet notes! Thank you, Linda!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  15. OMG, Linda, I am drooling to death with your flakey dishes. What a lovely treasures you collect. How I wish, Sweden, starts to catch up the American styles. Hard to find alike.

    Oh yeah… snow is up to my waist (he he…am Asian so I am shorty) but no kidding, snow in Sweden is head-over-heels and mind you? Windy too? Sooo COLD!

    Wish my GH (great hubby) will send me back to where I belong but he refuses coz he wants to go home where I belong first*giggles…

    Have a blessed w/end.

  16. Linda,
    How cute! I love your flakes! This such a fun table. Very nicely done. I really like those goblets, they look like they have colors in them, very neat.

  17. Absolutely adorable. I love snowmen and all of yours have such personality. The blue is all wintery which I love (until about mid march!!)

  18. The snowmen plates are darling, and my eyes were carefully examining the wooden? charger plates…they are wonderful! Great tablescape…thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  19. I could never tire of looking at the happy face of a snowman on dishes or in a snowglobe. This really is the cutest post and is a guaranteed spirit lifter. Just as cute as it can be, Linda. I know I commented on here earlier, but I wanted to drop by and wish you a Happy Blue Monday, too!


    Sheila 🙂

  20. Hi Linda! What a wonderful happy table. Those snowman dishes are adorable and all your blue pieces look like the shadows on the snow!
    Stay warm.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  21. Your tablescape is so delightful, Linda. The dishes are very, very pretty! Love the snowglobes but boy oh boy, it looks cold outside….Christine

  22. Just gorgeous! I love all the beautiful photos – you have so many lovely things. I especially liked the snow globe and the snowman. We’re due for another big storm here tonight — more snow plus ice. But your photos made me smile which I appreciate 🙂


  23. OMG this is adorable AND we are getting “BLASTED” here in Connecticut with MORE WHITE!!! OMG!!! I have to admit, I’ll take the snow(EVEN if I don’t have a CLUE where we are putting it all) BUT I HATE ICE STORMS!!! I’m SO afraid of those!!!
    I LOVE your snowmen dishes and OH those pictures outside are gorgeous! Are your light blue dishes from William Sonoma! LOVE THOSE!
    Hugs to you my Fellowette Connecticut Yankee!!!

  24. Hello Linda,
    Oh my, you created such a lovely snowmen table, I just love it. Despite I am not a real friend of snow and winter but your table is so happy, made me smile a lot.
    Greetings, Johanna

  25. Linda, I think you and I were on the same thought path this week. First we each did a snow theme table, then one for Chinese New Year. Both of yours are truly delightful. Love these little square plates with such happy snowpeople. ~ Sarah

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