Miss Poppy: Friends, House Hunting and Advent

Welcome to a new edition of The Adventures of My Traveling Totes!  This time we are spotlighting our large totes, so you will see only my Miss Poppy.  Miss Poppy is usually stuffed full, as she holds everything without complaining and gets heavy enough to be carried by Mr. Fun, which of course she loves.  Above you can see her…

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Totes Taking Tea

Miss Rosie and Miss Posie ~~~~ went to tea   with a blueberry–peach cake to share,   They sipped on some honey, so glad it was sunny, ~~~~   And could think of no joy to compare.   Miss Rosie said, “Let’s never let this day end, ~~~~   Without sharing with fans near and far,   Oh friendly Posie!…

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Miss Rosie Loves Gardens: Tales of the Traveling Totes

This Spring has been absolutely delightful in the northeast, with cool temps (but no sudden frosts!), and April showers bringing May flowers, so Miss Rosie and I have been garden hopping! GARDEN # 1 One fine day in April, Miss Rosie, Mr. Fun and I stopped at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.  The tulips were in full bloom, and most…

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Butterflies, Petals and Purses

It’s pink petal party time, so pick a purse and join me under my tree! Once a year, if I’m lucky, usually around the time that my bulbs are at their peak beauty, a pink cloud appears on my back deck, when millions of petals pop open on my cherry tree, thrilling me and giving Mr. Fun something to do…

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May Flowers and Blogging

Hello my friends. I have missed you tremendously. I must admit that a somewhat trying year so far has tempted me to eliminate something from my life that was turning from a pleasure into a guilt-inducing, unfinished item on my never ending “to do” list. The longer I avoided opening the dashboard of my blog, the harder it was to…

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A Happy New Year Wish

********** To all of my cherished blogging friends, I thank you for the fun and the inspiration, and I wish you JOY and GOOD HEALTH in 2017! ********** A message of Hope, brought to you by Zeus, the Bible, 30 Rock, and my iPhone in NYC: “Wisdom and Knowledge Shall Be the Stability of Thy Time” Linda 🙂