Apples of My Eye

Fall has arrived here in southern New England right on time and in glorious fashion,
and this year without hurricanes or blizzards!  The trees have not changed yet but the crispy air, honking geese and brilliant blue sky are sure signs we will soon see the autumn foliage.
Although the leaves are still green my hydrangea bushes are changing their delicate blue, green and white petals for rich burgundy and earthier greens.  
Perfect colors to complement any apple!
With September and October come many family birthdays, including both of my kids and me!  So when the challenge arrived to set an apple table, I thought about a long-ago apple-picking birthday party for a little girl (who turned 25 last week 🙂 ).
While the rest of the wild hooligans dainty and well-behaved young ladies ran through the orchard I grabbed my kids for a quick snap, unposed and unplanned, but one of my favorite photos ever, and now inspiration for a cozy table:
~~ plaid, florals, apple basket, and apples ~~
(and yes, the bees you can’t see who are buzzing around waiting to sting the little brother)
My cozy plaid throw is topped by wicker placemats, my favorite and well-used Wedgwood Nantucket plates, and floral dishes in a soft red ~~

one of the many “apple red” colors.
 Our apple basket is too large for the centerpiece so it is holding asters, 
mums, peppers and just a few apples.
Hmmm.  I don’t know what that little pink tongue is doing out.  That Guy Wolff pot holding the pansies has dried cranberries as a mulch.  
I wonder how many were sampled by Miss Nellie??
~~ my tip ~~ 
use dried fruit pieces (cranberries, cherries, raisins) to cover the soil on seasonal plants ~~ they smell delicious and will attract birds outside (and sometimes other creatures as well)

The centerpiece is a different gathering basket, filled with eight types of apples and flowers from the yard.   I started with a few sprigs of pink hydrangea which had not yet dried,


but as evening approached with its frosty touch, the delicate blossoms went indoors and hardy yellow mums took their place.
It’s not really an apple table without apple cider, served warm with cinnamon sticks so we can stay outside as the temps fall.


Of course a little bubbly is always welcome,
 especially when it is from France and Green Apple flavored.

Pomme Verte sounds much classier than Green Apple, doesn’t it? 


Apple orchards have a wonderful, mouth-watering aroma, and they also have bees.  Don’t be hypnotized by the smell!  Be careful before you bite into a sample apple.  
Luckily, these little bees don’t sting.

 The birthday party in my inspiration photo continued with games
 and apple pie baking.  Oh, my poor kitchen!  


Flour flew and apple slices were everywhere, but I will always remember how proudly those girls presented the pies to their parents!
It seems so long ago, and yet so recent.
Enough mush ~~ my kids will tell you I am not like that and I in fact have a “sap” intolerance.  
…I hope you will still like me…

So onto happy for me ~~  

~~ pretty flowers ~~
(my sedum rescued from munching deer by brave Mr. Fun)



~~ comfort food ~~
(even if it’s not so pretty)
~~ autumn and its glorious colors ~~
(I’m not a white decor person)
~~ scarecrows too ~~

~~ candlelight ~~
(c is also for cozy and cuddle)



~~ parties! ~~


One of our favorite teachers is having a party and I have an “apple” for her ~~

Kathleen ~~ Cuisine Kathleen

(this is really an apple gourd — it will dry nicely!)

and I have flowers and apples for my other hostesses too ~~

Liz ~~ Rose Vignettes~Fresh Cut Friday
Susan ~~ BNOTP
Yvonne ~~ Stonegable
Sandi ~~ Rose Chintz Cottage
Kathy ~~ A Delightsome Life
Debra ~~ Be Inspired


~~yes, those are my chairs ~~
my chairs before:click here




“We are in for a spell of perfect weather now, every day luminous, every night brimmed with stars.”

~gladys taber~

Enjoy these glorious days ~~ and nights!


Linda 🙂

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54 thoughts on “Apples of My Eye

  1. SWOON Linda! I LOVE your basket centerpiece and plaid throw on the table! I adore your inspiration photo, little wonder it is a favorite. And your mini pie and your Pomme Verte to accompany it is my kind of meal 🙂 I’m anxiously awaiting fall and cooler weather. We usually don’t see the leaves change here til mid to late October. I remember your wonderful chairs and thinking I would have left their chippy paint layers intact but they’re a beautiful color.

  2. Linda, your gathering basket is stunning! Really magazine-worthy! All of your photos are gorgeous — I would love to spend time in this beautiful setting!

  3. Wow!! it is all so fabulous!! From the gathering basket to the scarecrow! The colors are vibrant and gorgeous! I agree with Tricia above – the photos are magazine worthy!!! This would be my happy space for fall! I hope you have or had a Happy Birthday!

  4. Oh my gosh, what a fantastic table, Linda! My favorite photo is the first night shot. That centerpiece basket is noting short of gorgeous, so many fall pretties all together. Those are really cute napkin rings. I have never heard or seen an apple gourd before…now I want to plant one next year! Now to find some seeds…hope the nursery I go to has some…they always have off the wall seeds and plants.
    Have a wonderful week…

  5. Oh Linda, what vibrant colors of Fall you’ve shared… so pretty. Your dishes are beautiful and I love the layering effect. The inspirational photo of your kids is just precious and what a treasure it is. All your displays are just spectacular. Although I enjoy seeing all the white decor, it’s not really me, either. Happy apple-y autumn.

  6. Linda, this is one of the prettiest tables ever. Your baskets of flowers and apples are worthy of a beautiful still life painting. I’ve scrolled up and down again and agin taking in the beauty of this apple table. Your pie looks delicious as well as pretty, and I loved seeing the photo of your children all those many years ago.
    Happy Fall!

  7. Linda, once again, you’ve given me so much to ponder! I just love your apple vignettes! These groupings of fruit and flowers are utterly charming! I’m with you, although I like white dishes, I’m not a white decor kind of gal either, it’s a bit too stylized for my taste. I really like how you managed to incorporate the red plaid throw in this “scape” and I adore those red floral did shes! Lastly, we finally get a peek at your chairs!!! They are absolutely perfect! Love the color! And you’ve made it work beautifully with the rest of the table! Who would’ve thunk it? Oh, and one more thing: That photo of your kids is just so wonderful! Please be a little bit sappy now and again! I have some photos of an apple-picking excursion with my boys when they were younger. Now I’ll have to go pull them out. I’ll be coming back to this post again and again!

  8. Hi Linda, I am surely enjoying the beautiful days and nights we are having here in Upstate NY. There is no rain in our forecast until next week, and the foliage at our camp in Old Forge will be at peak this weekend. Yay! Perfect weather for the leaf peepers too ;o) I love your vignette, the baskets of flowers and the red plaid throw. The photos of your children are so precious. What a great pooch too! Like you said in your comment on my blog, you might not be able to find the Ala Mode Plates from Oneida. I live near the Oneida store, and will look next time I am there. I’ve had mine for four years I believe.

  9. Oh Linda! This is just the sweetest post! Love the photo of your children and the memories of that fantastic birthday party. I cannot believe that you let the girls make pies in your kitchen – how brave of you, but I am sure those girls will never forget it. Your table is lovely, especially the flowers – oh my! Beautiful job!

  10. Linda, Such a fun post to open. The pic of your children is priceless. I never thought of an apple picking party. Your basket with the hydrangeas and 8 different apples is so perfect for fall. I love all the little touches, and your apple pie looks scrumptious. The Nantucket dishes need to find a way to my home. Joni

  11. Love your basket of natural items. The nantucket dishes would be a favorite of mine! The pictures of your kids at the apple orchard is great- what a nice memory! Love your opening picture with the scarecrow, apple basket with flowers and pumpkins.

  12. Your table is so rich with color…I love it. Here on the coast there are hints of color, but yesterday I drove about 5 miles inland and was astonished by how much color is in the hills. Fall is definitely here!

  13. Linda, I love all the color on your table from the plaid throw to the gorgeous colors in the apples, hydrangeas, and sedum! And what a great idea for a birthday party even though it was a long time ago! By the way, your photos are just stunning!

  14. Oh my goodness, talk about gorgeous Linda!
    The centerpiece, the gorgeous mums, the apple cider, what a setting!
    I feel all warm and snuggly now.
    We are changing colors here but so far they are rather muted. I think the lack of rain we had is really affecting our colors. Kudos on an outstanding tablescape !!!
    p.s. love, love the pic of the kids!!

  15. Linda…..Just beautiful!!!! all of your fall colors are wonderful…I love the picture of your children and the stories intertwined in this post about that party…
    Your basket is perfect for a fall table…all of the hydrangeas and the sedum with the apples…I love it!
    Love, Mona

  16. Hi Linda,
    What lovely memories you have shared as well as a beautiful table. Those little pies are so cute and would put one off from eating them. Then again…. Love your flowers and pumpkins. A simply lovely post and thank you for sharing it with us at my HOME. Have a lovely weekend.


  17. This was an inspired and inspiring post — I have been eyeing the sedum in my garden and thinking that it’s usable in a tablescape. Your gorgeous photos are truly beautiful and I loved the story.

  18. GLORIOUS!! Absolutely wonderful colors & textures & ideas galore…you really met Kathleen’s challenge with this beautiful setting, Linda! I loved every single inch of it & that precious photo of your children when they were little is Priceless. don’t you wish we could just freeze time?

  19. Oh my goodness, your table is just fabulous. You have paid so much attention to detail such a cute story you have shared. It is so fun to think about those memories of our kids growing up and what fun to pick apples and make pies. Not only is your table beautiful, but your outdoor pics are showstopping. Love, love, it all.

  20. Amazing setting for Fall and for the apples, with a picture of your darlings even! Cute Little pie and all your dishes ser gorgeous…what isn’t, even the great photography! Thanks for dropping by and visiting me. Big hugs,

  21. Hi Linda! I never knew how beautifully apples and flowers go together! There have been a lot of bright red tablescapes, but I really love the softer hues of yours. The photo of your kids is adorable, and what a great theme for a birthday party!

  22. Ho Linda, this post is so full of fall inspiration! Such a beautiful basket of apples and hydrangeas and your tablescape is amazing. I am still waiting for the cooler temps and the nip in the air! I’m so ready for a change in the air. Happy Birthday to you and your children.

    The French Hutch

  23. Linda, this post is just filled with the glorious colors and sights of Fall. I love the scarecrow vignette of flowers, gourds and pumpkins, and I love the red, metal chair. Your plaid throw, used as a table cover, is Fall perfection, and I love those floral plates. The basket filled with Fall treasures makes a wonderful centerpiece. And that little apple pie is beautiful. I love the idea of an apple-picking birthday party, and what a fun photo of your children. I’m sure that was a memorable party for all of the children who were lucky enough to attend. Have a good weekend. laurie

  24. I could just sit and sit here with all the beautiful flowers and fruits! Your home is just lovely and blessed with all the amazing nature just for the picking! I love the picture taken and yes, it was perfect for your inspiration. I’m afraid that here in Texas, our temps are not showing fall, even though the calendar says so…ugh…
    Your post was just lovely…perfect colors for fall! Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. I just started following your blog and am addicted to your tablescapes, they are so beautiful! Fall is my favorite season, I just love how you incorporated so many beautiful fall features! The picture of your son and daughter is so precious and such a great memory. Thanks for sharing it with the blog world! 🙂

  26. Such a beautiful table filled with the gorgeous details of Fall…I am loving that wonderful vintage metal chair vignette…and you are right, Kathleen is certainly a mentor of tablescaping…your table not only is stunning in the daylight it is so romantic in the moonlight!

  27. Absolutely marvelous, love the photo of your children – the impromptu ones are the best! Your decor is marvelous and I love how you use dried fruit for a mulch! Miss Ella is wonderful! I will be featuring your post in this week’s Home and Garden Thursday,

  28. What a beautiful post! All the vibrant colors are wonderful. I am not a white decor person period! But, a challenge is a challenge, lol! You can use one other screaming vibrant color!!! Go for it.
    Oh yes about the bees! I was guarding our little one year old swatting them away
    Thanks for linking this beautiful post. Not crisp and cool here, 82 right now, and AC on! Summer is back!

  29. Linda, what a pretty, pretty post that reflects Fall so perfectly! I love everything about it ~ the photo of your beautiful children, sweet Miss Nellie, the lush tables, food and drink goodies ~ and especially your scarecrow!
    Absolutely delightful! Have a beautiful weekend. ~mari
    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. ((hugs))

  30. Linda! LOVE that tip for the cranberries and raisins. I will sooooo be using that idea. Thank you very much!
    What an incredible table. The colors and details! PERFECTION! Thank you for joining in for Fresh-Cut Friday!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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