Waveny Mansion Tablescapes 2013

waveny 2013
Let’s Dish about Waveny Mansion’s latest tablescapes.  Believe it or not, two years have passed since my post of the last table event at Waveny.  
You can see the beauties from 2011 HERE .

waveny 2013  
I was missing all of you dish/tablescape lovers during the tour, so even though the mansion was crowded I was determined to take some photos to share!
This year almost every table was centered with a glorious floral arrangement.  It was hard to concentrate on the dishes, even for me. 🙂 
Let’s start in the library.
waveny 2013
A local garden shop displayed this galvanized table and chair set, topped with moss covered pots.

waveny 2013


Would these chairs be freezing in the shade and scalding in the sun?  

I don’t know but they were very attractive.


waveny 2013

Another local garden shop set a more romantic table, complete with a twig arbor and chandelier.

waveny 2013

The pear pot with the chubby bird worked perfectly with the colors on the china!


waveny 2013

And a third flower shop contributed these gorgeous succulents — are you beginning to see why I was focused on the flowers and not the dishes???


waveny 2013
This orchid table could come and live with me!  
Look at the gorgeous salad plate.


waveny 2013

And here’s a perfect use for the garden stools everyone seems to have.
waveny 2013

Was this my favorite?  Well, it certainly was the prettiest!  
Lavender, green and pink.  Truly gorgeous!


waveny 2013

Three small bouquets of peonies and hydrangeas:

waveny 2013


and vases with lilies 
TIED WITH RIBBON so the stems would be beautiful in the glass!!
waveny 2013

Three tables were done in classic BLUE and WHITE!  ALL were gorgeous.  

The first was set with Juliska china, on a table in the beautiful front parlor of the mansion.


waveny 2013


Did you see the pussy willow trellis in the centerpiece?  Love it.

Little bits of pale yellow and purple accented this beautiful table.  
I could take this home too.


waveny 2013

Another blue and white was being closely watched by one of the guard ladies.  I really really really wanted to fix this table up, straighten the flatware and center the glasses properly, but she wouldn’t have any of that!

waveny 2013

She picked it up to show me that it was Royal Copenhagen.  I checked it out online when I came home (see it here!!) and now I’m really glad I didn’t touch it.

waveny 2013

It was truly exquisite china, but I also loved these glasses.


waveny 2013
And oh, did I mention this centerpiece???
Hydrangea again, this time with pale roses.


waveny 2013

The third blue and white table used all white hydrangeas in the centerpiece.
waveny 2013
I think the pop of orange was the perfect accent to this table!


waveny 2013

Now I was taught that if you can’t say something nice you shouldn’t say anything at all.  So I’m going to try to find something nice to say about this bridal shower  
(are you kidding me??) table.

waveny 2013

Nice # 1: I love these little old vase heads, and the flowers in them.

waveny 2013

Nice # 2: And the chair covers were impractical but pretty.

waveny 2013

Maybe this incredibly garish table would be better without so much putrid pink.  
And you know I love pink.  


One table that was so silly it was actually FUN and very popular was this 
Kentucky Derby luncheon setting.

waveny 2013

Red roses for the winner of the Derby, horse head napkin rings and horses prancing on the table left no doubt as to the theme here.  
There’s even a flask to help drown your sorrows or celebrate your winnings!


waveny 2013

But the centerpiece was the perfect final touch.  Yes, those are horses filling the vase.  This table was the perfect blend of whimsy and elegance.
waveny 2013


But the most special part of this entire event was 
the table in the dining room.


waveny 2013

Members of the League set the table with heirloom china from their families, with a description of the pieces and a photograph and short bio of their beloved moms, grandmothers or aunts.


waveny 2013

This, to me, was a more appropriate bridal table setting!


waveny 2013
There were so many interesting pieces.
a sugar scoop
waveny 2013

a fairy napkin ring (!!!!!)

waveny 2013

And what about this Cartier strawberry basket ???


Even with a different china setting at each place, 
this table was truly beautiful.
waveny 2013

Well, what do you think?
Which table do you like best?
What do you think of the putrid pink one?  Am I way off?
Which one would you like to take home?
And the flowers!!!  Oh my my my. Did you love one?

Tell me!

I’m joining the lovely ladies at

Let’s Dish at Cuisine Kathleen
Tablescape Thursday at BNOTP
Fresh Cut Friday at Rose Vignettes
The Polohouse for Favorites on the First
where the theme is flowers
(and I’m sure she will love that horse table!)

So glad to be back!


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36 thoughts on “Waveny Mansion Tablescapes 2013

  1. Welcome back, Linda, I was worried about you!
    What a great post, I could spend an hour looking at these tables. Every one is so beautiful!
    Don’t disappear for so long! 🙂

  2. Oh, wow! This is some major eye candy, Linda, and I enjoyed every table. I want that Cartier silver basket. SO cute. And I loved what the garden shops did. Really all of the displays. You must have been in heaven seeing these in person. I really appreciate you sharing them with us. Lots of good ideas here!



  3. Linda, thanks for taking us back to Waveny Mansion for the 2013 show. Wow, you are right about the flowers. It’s difficult to concentrate on the dishes with all these amazing floral arrangements. Love the succulent table! The blue and white with the pop of orange really stands out for me. I like the details, and since I have similar chargers and bamboo edged plates it has inspired me. Thanks for taking all the photos to share with us. What a treat!

  4. wow! wow! I can hardly catch my breath. Each table is so gorgeous and detailed. I think I need to go to this show. Thank you sooo much for sharing it with us.

    – The Tablescaper

  5. Hello there, Miss Linda! Long time no see! Glad to see you back in the saddle…like the jockeys should have been on those horses on the Derby table!!!!! What a fun idea! I have done several Derby tables in my lifetime, but never would I have thought to have them sailing through the air like that!!! That’s so cool! I like things that are “different”, and that certainly fills that bill!!!

    The fabulosity of the centerpieces is the exact reason I hesitate to do things like Dining by Design and other events. I just don’t think I can compete with the creative minds of those in the floral design industry! Or let me phrase that differently: I have some great ideas, but not the floral acumen to see them to fruition. Maybe one day I’ll stretch my little neck out there to the chopping block and give it a try.

    Good thing you didn’t mess with that china on the Royal Copenhagen table. That could have been some very expensive rearranging if you slipped up! 🙂 Wow…can you believe how much that stuff costs??!?!?!!!

    Now I’m going to have to agree to disagree regarding the bridal shower table. A lot of the young women these days are into that very nostalgic, vintage look. Peek at the “Look” and “Life” and “House Beautiful” magazines from that era, and the ladies’ dressing rooms and powder rooms were often in monochromatic shades (a LOT of blue for some reason) that kind of assaulted the eye. Maybe if I saw it in person I’d feel differently, but from the photos I thought it was pretty. A lot more color saturation than what I might feel comfortable with for a shower (unless it was a lingerie shower), bit still…I kinda like it. Maybe because it IS so avant garde, so far out of “the box”…I don’t know. Like I said before, I’m different! 😉

    I’m so glad you shared all of these photos! It’s always a good thing to get a little kick in the pants as to what the designers out there are up to. I like to see what designers outside of my part of the country are into because we’re always light years behind everyone else here in the silly Midwest! Aha! Maybe THAT’S why I like the putrid pink table so much…I’m rebelling against my Midwestern roots!!!!! 🙂 Have a great week!!!!! Welcome back to the fray!

    1. Hi Alycia–I think the pink table looks better in my photos than it did in real life–it was kind of a mess overall. There was a lot of head shaking going on…but there were indeed some pretty elements, like the heads and the cloth. And I am glad to be back–just so much going on here! Linda

  6. I wanted to leave a comment that I was here and have enjoyed this post so much.. However, I’m not through looking yet and that might take a day or too. These are such lovely tables. I am so glad you took your time to share this with us. I’m thrilled with all the table and need to look more and more and more.. Just perfect eye candy. xo marlis

  7. The lavender, green, & pink had me the moment that i recognized the Herend Queen Victoria china…one of the few remaining patterns on my ‘list”. And of course. I am a devoted blue & white girl, so the Royal Copenhagen made my heart skip a beat…also on my list, with a sigh…some day. The blue hydrangeas on that table were perfection. I’m so glad that you took us along on the tour. It’s lovely…minus that icky pink table. I’m with you…it was pretty horrific. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  8. Wow, what a fabulous tour! I’d have been tempted to linger for hours, just soaking in all the beautiful tables and flowers! You need to organize a tablescapers’ meet-up for the next tour! I really loved the dining room table, set with all the different vintage patterns. What a wonderful idea!

  9. SWOON! I can’t begin to select a favorite Linda! The twiggy arbor…the run for the roses…the lavender, pink & green! I even like the pink bridesmaid table in an over-the-top kind of way! And the flowers…oh my…the dishes and creativity! I have a need to find some fairy napkin rings although sterling silver is out of my price range 🙂 Thank you so much for the tour, I can only imagine experiencing it in person!

  10. Linda, I had to come back and tell you I found Reed & Barton Silver Plated Woodland Fairy Napkin Rings on eBay, starting bid 6 for $400, still out of my price range…*sigh*…:)

  11. Linda, it’s so nice to meet you…these tables are so beautiful…I will pin many of your pictures…I have to say that galvanized table and chairs gripped…love them. and the lady head vase…I have several and they are great with flowers…there are so many good ideas to gleam from your post. It was wonderful of you to take the time to do this..Thank you…I am now your newest follower..Love,Mona.
    and thanks for visiting my blog..please come again.

  12. Linda, I am blown away and can’t begin to choose a favorite! The pussy willow arbor is definitely going on my list to make next spring. My mom has the tree! Thank you so much for this fabulous tour! Fabulous, Fabulous!!

  13. Linda, this must have been heaven for lovers of dishes and flowers! So many beautiful dishes…I think my favorite was the blue/orange…for some reason that combination makes me smile. And…all those hydrangeas, wow! Thanks for the tour…can’t wait for next year.
    Have a wonderful week…

  14. This is incredible! So sweet of you to take pictures for all of us to drool over. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite, but like you I would have found it hard to find something nice to say about the PINK table. I did love all the blue and white. Dianne

  15. I enjoyed every moment of your post — from the Royal Copenhagen to the putrid pink. This just makes me want to get my church ladies to do one of these events as a fund raiser. I keep bringing it up, but they’re not getting it. Thanks for sharing this so that I could enjoy it vicariously!

  16. Oh my goodness Linda, I would’ve been oohing and ahhing at every turn I took. What beauty you’ve shared with us with the gorgeous display of flowers to the lovely tablesettings.

  17. What a fabulous event! I loved the Hydrangea in the 3 tiered server so much but I have to say that the mother’s table with all the personal touches was my very favorite. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing this great post on Fresh-Cut Friday!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    P.S. YES!! Do a post on all your little chairs! 🙂

  18. It would be too hard to pick but I did find my heart skip a beat at the real $$$ table..
    The blue was so beautiful..I also love the BETTER wedding table..such a lovely pattern.
    I would take them all.

  19. LOVE that derby table! I am so glad you even brought the horse in the clear vase
    to our attention too. I think I may have missed it otherwise

    Looks like an amazing event to attend. So much inspiration at every table.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Favorites on the First!

    Alison 🙂

  20. Wow! This was such a wonderful exhibition of table settings and flower arrangements, Linda! So much eye candy! I love hydrangeas and roses, but sadly I probably won’t see many growing here. It would be hard for me to chose a favorite table but I agree the pink bridal shower table one as over the top!

  21. You were very fortunate to attend such a fabulous event! We have something similar in Dallas, it is a fundraiser held by Kappa Kappa Gamma with tablescapes by designers from around the country, they are always over the top and fabulous, plus the tickets include a speaker and lunch at the different tables. Your photo of the table with the green tablecloth and purple placemat has Herend’s “Queen Victoria” china hand painted in Hungary and is today’s Meissen. The Royal Copenhagen “Blue Fluted Full Lace” pattern you identified in the photo, they hand paint their china and produces the most expensive pattern in the world called “Flora Donica”. The dining table set with the pink crystal dessert goblet and pink rose swag pattern is Haviland Limoges. The pattern with the silver strawberry basket is Wedgwood “Wild Strawberry”. Many of the patterns on the dining table with the teapots, creamer and sugar sets are either the Old Paris sets or old Limoges! This was a very interesting event and thanks for sharing it with all of us around the world.

  22. I truly enjoyed this post and so appreciate you taking us along. I had to laugh about the pink table, when I first looked at the photo, I’m sure I had a bad look on my face and then was happy to read your remark. All I could think of was my bad experience with Pepto Bismol. Ha! I must say though, I do like the ladies head vase.

    So many beautiful place settings but I think my favorite table would have to be the one from the members of the league and all of their heirloom china and stories of the women in their families.

    Such a special event, it was fun to see part of it.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  23. Thank you for taking us on the tour. I loved the first two blue and white tables. I liked the galvanized table and chairs but agree with you about them probably being either too hot or cold…the look is great though.

  24. Oh, my gosh, Linda! I now know for sure that I could send you to the store and you’d know just what to buy me! You zeroed in on the very things I love. The fairy napkin ring is darling. I have fairies on my head lately because I just went to a fairy birthday party that was so charming! Aside from that, you know how people always ask what would you do if you won the Lotto? I would go hog-wild and buy the Royal Copenhagen! And I’d get a mix of their Full Lace and Half Lace patterns. I could easily bring home the pale pink setting with the soft pink flower garlands. So delicate and beautiful. I’m a pink girl, too, you know . . . As for that atrocity in pink and fuschia . . . well, this is exactly what gives pink a bad name. Yuk! What a delightful trip! I’ll be coming back to this one again and again.

  25. Hi,
    Yes, I saw last year’s post. Amazing, and this post was great. I loved the table with table settings with a story about family. We all love kids, animals and families. Thanks for the tip on a movie about A Year in Provence…I will put it on my netflix list now. Thanks for sharing a beautiful post.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  26. Well, Hello, Linda….I’ve just returned from a hiatus, from making our southern move and stumbled across your beautiful blog. I am hooked and will be following you! I hope that you will stop by and see some of the things that I have posted on my. Your cheery blossoms are magnificent and it really makes me sad to think that we didn’t get to see ours in bloom this year. Well, maybe next year our daughter will snap some pics and send them our way!

  27. Wow, this post is amazing. Those tables are such eye candy. What ideas and talent. All have their own inspiration. I do love that FRoyal Copenhagen and the vintage Verenese Pattern. I am saving this post for sure. Thank you for sharing.

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