A Picnic and a Giveaway

We know autumn is here when we make our annual trip to the northernmost reaches of New Hampshire, where the state bumps into Canada in an area whose national identity was still in dispute well into the 1800s.

click here to read about The Republic of Indian Stream

Here, the majestic Connecticut River starts as a spring on the Canadian border, forming three huge lakes before it settles into its river mode and eventually empties at the Connecticut coast into Long Island Sound.

First Connecticut Lake

It is an area of unbelievable beauty, remote and undisturbed, except for 
the huge number of moose, trout, and eagles, loon and ducks.
~~ My header photo was taken on “our” lake. ~~

First Connecticut Lake with Merganser Ducks

This has become our favorite place to say goodbye to summer and transition into autumn.  And the shore of the First Connecticut Lake is a spectacular place for a picnic!

Because we are on vacation 
it’s also time for having a little fun with my camera.

Besides a glorious setting …

… our picnic here has the perfect picnic basket!  
Thank you Mary, from Home is Where the Boat Is, for my cherished prize!  
You would love having your boat in this lake.

I don’t know what I would do without my collection of L.L.Bean bags.  I have them in all colors and sizes, dating from my college days when we used them to carry books (it would be vintage except for the fact that the bags haven’t changed at all in all those years…). 
Nellie even has her own (brown, of course!) embroidered with her name.

The picnic basket and the Bean bag hold everything we need 
for this al fresco lunch.

Metal camping dishes from Bean’s mix well with large enamel plates from Pottery Barn and my black curly flatware that gets more use than I ever expected it to!

Lemon water (no extra sugar–it’s delicious!!) and hot chocolate in a thermos (so much fun to use!!) … 

… will quench our thirst after a fast and furious game of frisbee/fetch.  

Picnic tables can be a little scuzzy, even up here in this idyllic place, so I always bring along a table covering.  My favorite linens to use on picnics are dishtowels! They are huge, wash easily, and can also be used as emergency napkins.

All the fresh air reminds me to feed my family healthy food (don’t worry, there are cookies for dessert) and a fresh fruit salad made in the morning and stored in a glass jar is the perfect first course.

Of course the final touch is always fresh flowers,

 and none could be fresher than these weeds wildflowers picked for me by Mr. Fun and Son.

We are always careful not to choose endangered or protected flowers.

Empty tin cans filled with water from the lake are transformed into ideal vases, and lunch is served!

Patience is required and greatly appreciated when I’m trying to snap a photo and everyone is hungry!  xo

Someone else is also patiently waiting for a bite of a sandwich.  Maybe, just maybe, something will fall from the sky and land near enough to be snatched up before the humans notice.

~~ thank you to my family for helping me ~~

Charlotte for your incredible sense of color and style
Mr. Fun for hunting wildflowers
and Will, because you are my favorite pack mule  πŸ™‚

** And because this picnic basket reminds me that it is FUN to win a giveaway, and because this is my birthday month **

(that’s right Mr. Fun ~~ better get on it πŸ™‚ !!)
I am giving away a Bean bag (your color choice) to a lucky follower.  Trust me, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Just be a follower, leave me a comment here telling me what you like about our picnic table, or how you like to do picnics.  Leave me another if you mention it somewhere. Anywhere.
I hope you enjoyed our picnic as much as we did!

Tablescape Thursday at BNOTP
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because this is just dishy…

for my dishtowel, lemon water and tin can tips 
because this is about the best I can do in this amazing blogland…

Fresh Cut Friday at Rose Vignettes
because these flowers are very freshly cut, and

A Favorite Thing at Mockingbird Hill Cottage
because even though you all think Cape Cod is my favorite place, 
this is really it.  Plus there’s the picnic basket and the Bean bag.

Linda πŸ™‚
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70 thoughts on “A Picnic and a Giveaway

  1. Love the picnic with the lake as a backdrop.. so fabulous. OMG. I’d be watching the scenery and forget to eat. Luck gal who gets the great LLBean tote! Love the idea of the dishtowels. great idea absolutely. The dishes looks fabulous. Congrats on the picnic basket.. it’s just too wonderful for words. xo marlis

  2. Well, you better believe I’m a follower, and I always love EVERYTHING you do. You could be a magazine stylist!

    And that table is precious. What’s not to love about it all? I think those metal baskets are SO cute, and they are patriotic, too, in terms of the colors. Love that. I love the fact that you have such a cute mix of wildflowers in the can you have repurposed as a vase. Love that… cute, cute, cute. I love the flatware you brought with you, the dishes… the whole thing! And that dog! Now, he might be the cutest thing with his flower!

    I want to go there and eat with you. It’s warm, it’s inviting, and it’s just as cute as can be in a beautiful setting.

    On a different note, thank you for your return visit to me. I have really missed you and blogging. Even though I’m not officially back, I am going to try and blog more and visit more. I have missed so much, and I don’t want to miss any more!

    And LL Bean is my absolute favorite. If I were to be so blessed to win, I would pick the bag with the navy accents. Can’t go wrong with navy!



  3. Oh Linda~ Your picnic and setting is wonderful with your gorgeous lake view! It’s so relaxing and tranquil to look out and see only water, birds, and trees as far as the eye can see~ no pesky jet skis or houses to spoil the view! I love a picnic and love wildflowers as much as Nellie does πŸ™‚ and they’re perfect in your tin cans and tucked in your picnic basket and bag! I have an LL Bean bag I’ve had since college~ they are work horses and can carry a ton! Happy Birthday Month~ that’s how I like to celebrate too!

  4. Lovely post…I wish I could have joined you on that great picnic in the great outdoors…
    Your dog is adorable…enjoy your vacation…and Happy Birthday..
    Our Thanksgiving is this weekend…gobble gobble…

    Linda :o)

  5. I love everything about your picnic table! The dishes are perfect and I like how you used dish towels for napkins. The wildflowers in the tin can are so pretty! Looks like the perfect place for a picnic!

  6. What a perfect picnic spot. Thanks for sharing the beauty of the area. My favorite thing about your picnic table is the use of the dish towels and the tin can vases holding the wildflowers. Count me in on a chance for the giveaway. I’m already a follower.

  7. Visiting from Let’s Dish, but I’m already a follower. Your picnic table is gorgeous, as are your photos. Very creative, idyllic setting, lucky family! I always grab a vintage tablecloth to take along for table when we’re picnicking, it makes it special.

  8. Linda,
    Your picnic is so inviting. Every element is perfect for the outdoors and what a beautiful outdoors! I love the picnic basket too. Your photos are stunning. Thanks for visiting and your kind comments. Dianne

  9. This is TOTALLY a place where I could relax and unwind! It just seems like you could forget the rest of the world exists!!! A rustic picnic table….ah! What a treat!!! I love to see different picnic baskets. I remember when you won this beautiful red, white and blue one from Mary. It has the perfect home with you so that you can have a good time while truly having more fun while doing less of the stuff you really don’t wanna do! I love the enamelware!!!!! It’s the quintessential picnic accessory! And what better backdrop than the beautiful lake and the fabulous thicket of trees? Hooray for you!!!

  10. So gorgeous girl! Your post is so fabulous, mine pales in comparison. I love New Hampshire. So does my husband. He went to pre-prep at Cardigan Mountain School in Canaan. If you have a chance, stop by for a visit and tell them that David and Susan say hi!!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. What a beautiful site for a picnic, so relaxing and peaceful. Love the photo of the ducks. Your picnic table is really pretty with that plaid picnic basket and those lovely mix of flowers. I am a follower now…Christine

  12. Linda I done got all up in your business!!!….I got so excited about this picnic and your photo’s,I had to scurry and get the Atlas so I could see exactly were you had set up this most amazing picnic that I’ve ever seen….just saying how much I love this don’t even come close…I Love this amazing/wonderful/beautiful country we live in and traveling is my most favorite thing to do and YEP!…I love a picnic.I dream of being able to travel to places like this with hubby and spread a gorgeous picnic.
    We traveled up an into Canada and came back down thru the Thousand Islands(just west of this location),I am crazy about this area….we always say,”we will go back someday”….thanks for taking me on this adventure today,even if it’s thru blogland!
    I’m newest follower,saw you at StoneGable.

  13. Oh my, you sure know how to put on a picnic! Everything is beautiful– especially love the plaid picnic basket! That’s such beautiful scenery too– who couldn’t enjoy a picnic there!! I’d love any place that has moose (and ducks swimming in a row)!

  14. Okay, I don’t know what happened, but I hope my comment doesn’t show up twice. What beautiful scenery in this post – the water, the ducks, and your picnic. That plaid picnic basket is so cute, and your dishtowel table covers work perfectly with it. The fruit in the jar looks yummy, and the tin cans filled with wildflowers are such a great addition. Your dog is beautiful- so sweet looking. What a patient family you must have. If I tried to take pictures before anyone sat down to eat, I’d have a mutiny on my hands! laurie

  15. What an awesome giveaway~ Thanks so much, would love to have a Bean Tote too. Your table is so pretty, love the red, white and blue and the water in the background.
    Fall picnics are my favorite. Love having them by the water.
    I am a new follower.

    Mary L

  16. Linda, so you’re the one who won Mary’s picnic basket! It’s so fun to see it in use. Your picnic spot looks incredible. I’ll have to admit that I have not been that far north-upperstate NY is as far as I’ve gone. But I would really love to see this area especially in the fall. My favorite part of your post was your tip about taking along dish towels to use on the picnic table. Your chocolate lab looks so handsome. I used to have one years ago and it was the smartest dog I ever had. And yes, please, enter me in your giveaway.

  17. What a beautiful backdrop for a picnic! I do miss living in New England. Your table is so warm and welcoming…the fruit salad has me salivating.

  18. Oh my. what a gorgeous picnic you have packed and brought to this beautiful lake! I love it all. It’s been a while since I had made a picnic lunch and gone to a special park. Guess I’ll have to wait until next summer now. Blessings, Pamela

  19. Aren’t we lucky to have so many beautiful places in this country to explore! Your table is a delightful one for a picnic and aren’t you lucky to have the perfect picnic basket. We recently did a little NH exploring and enjoyed it immensely.

  20. I WISH I was there! πŸ™‚ What a beautiful setting! I love your picnic tins. They are darling. And of course what is a picnic with our a pretty little bouquet? Wonderful!
    Thank you so much for joining in at Fresh-Cut Friday. I hope you have a very happy birthday. It’s my birthday month too! πŸ™‚


  21. Linda, I like everything about your picnic! What an incredible view for a picnic, and your picnic win from Mary is the perfect gift for you. Boy do I wish I was there sitting at this gorgeous table. Your details will no doubt make Mary smile with delight. I’m definitely a follower. I’ve had an LL Bean Bag for years. It’s great! ~ Sarah

  22. I love picnis….but Mr almost ex didn’t so I haven’t been on a picnic in..eons! Your table is gorgeous and what a view to sit and enjoy!
    My fav part is, of course, the wildflowers! They make a picnic if you ask me πŸ™‚ Love your little trick with you camera..too cool!
    Have a great day!

  23. AWESOME!!
    Bean merchandise is known for quality and longevity!
    have items purchased in the early 80’s when I lived in Rhode Island..
    spent many a weekend in Maine!!
    Love all things picnic!
    and yes!! I now follow your delightful site!!

  24. Lucky you for winning that picnic basket! I thought I recognized it! The view you have there is absolutely gorgeous! I purchased a rolling insulated picnic basket a few years ago and haven’t even used it! It wasn’t cheap either!! We used to picnic a lot when our kids were younger but haven’t had one in a good while! I think I need to plan one since the weather is cooling down a little!

  25. I soooo enjoyed this post! You did an amazing job, Linda, on your tablescape. Every. Single. Detail. is just gorgeous!!!!! And I love that red/white/blue picnic hamper. !!!!!!! And the flowers and the little yellow one on your dog…that made me smile even bigger. Just so happy that you left a message on my blog. I am now your newest follower. And to win an LLB bag? All the sweeter. Red would be great, if there is such a thing.

    Happy fall!


    PS: we have a sweet young lady friend who lives in Manchester.

  26. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful post! The images and photograph is stunning, like for a magazine! The RWB picnic hamper is so memorie filled, it reminds me of my childhood in the Seven Lakes NY. Hoe lovely, wish I went there for a pic nic! Have a great weekend. I’m your latest follower. I loved your visit.

  27. Linda,how lovely this holiday destination is. Very quiet and serene. A better place for a picnic you would never find.
    The table setting is lovely. We also love picnics and do so whenever we have a moment to go for a drive. No cafe’s for us,we always take our picnic basket and flask of tea. Certainly no plastic for us either.
    I belong to a writers group,which meets once a fortnight. The subject for our homework this week is “Picnic” You have given me lots of ideas to write about.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit me and for your nice comment. I am now following you,as you have a lovely blog. πŸ™‚

  28. Now that’s a great tradition, and I can see why it’s a favorite. Well done on the tablescape and what a fabulous give-away picnic basket. Who could enjoy it more.

  29. Gorgeous, gorgeous setting! The lake is glorious. I love your tablescape! (I have 2 of those LL Bean Bags, rather the worse for wear now) I often tote scripts and reference books in them because they are so sturdy!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  30. I am a follower! What a perfect day for a picnic. And the setting could not have been better. Love everything about it but that picnic basket is AMAZING! Wow. I have never seen anything like it.

  31. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m glad you liked my pictures. I can imagine how wonderful day you had enjoying this wonderful picnic, you pics are truly amazing, beautiful day, beautiful table settings, delicious treats…
    Have a nice weekend
    Laura :0)

  32. Hi Linda, What a wonderful picnic you shared. I love your photos and the details. You are very talented with your camera and the scenery pics are amazing.
    You set a fabulous picnic table. The flowers are the perfect final touch too.
    What a great giveaway. I am a new follower from your last post and would love to enter. Enjoy your vacation and thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us all.
    Blessings, Celestina Marie

  33. What a beautiful spot! Looks like it was a fabulous early Fall day!
    Love your picnic basket, and the plates are great!
    I love picnics. We have summer concerts on Wed evening in a park near the ocean here. People bring dinner and it is a delightful evening. A lot of work packing and carrying though! Some people take the lazy way out and pick up a pizza on the way. Being the martyr I am, I spend hours preparing the food and packing it up! πŸ™‚ I remind them of my efforts many times during the evening!
    Thanks for linking your fun picnic to Let’s Dish, and thanks for a chance at the Bean bag!

  34. Linda, Beautiful pictures! I also love LL Bean! It looks like you had perfect weather for the picnic. Visiting from A Favorite Thing Saturday and am your newest follower. Hope you have time to stop by Still Woods Farmhouse for a visit! Have a great week!
    Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse

  35. Well, I know you have good taste in picnic gear because I have that same metal picnic basket. I love it….and I love all the enamel plates along with the towels used as placemats. Your picnic looks so inviting I would love to have been able to spend the day with you!

  36. Linda, I would feel so comfortable at your picnic! I love all that gorgeous blue that’s running through your picnic table. Gorgeous lake, and you are right, a perfect way to say good-by to summer!

  37. I love this post. Your picnic looks like it should be in a magazine for an all american family picnic. Ours aren’t usually so elegant. Food tossed in a bag and take the kids to the park. LOL I’m a GFC follower and would love the chance at the win. Tiffypoot @ (aol.com)

  38. Linda! This is the perfect goodbye-to-summer picnic! The landscape and the view is breathtaking and I would love to see a moose lumbering along!!!!
    Your picnic and all it’s great detail… down to the flowers… should be in a magazine!
    What a wonderful stop! I hope you can get back there to see the fall foliage.. I bet it is spectacular!

  39. Linda what beautiful photos. Such a beautiful spot and a lovely picnic. I am so happy that you found my blog so that I could find yours…looking forward to your posts.

    Margaret, MovingForward

  40. I love the red white and blue picnic bag you won from Mary, your blue bowls and this very pretty picnic spot, Linda! We like to go apple picking in late September and usually picnic then, but we had to skip it this year due to all the “selling the house” plans.

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