Starting At the Center

When I set the table I usually have to do the same thing I do when I pack for a trip–look at everything I have out, then reduce by half.  

Otherwise, there is simply not enough room for the food.

A single large centerpiece requires space planning!

This basket will adorn my dining room table for Easter dinner.  

~~ I filled it with violas and pansies ~~ 

~~ and creeping phlox with the gorgeous names of
 Emerald Blue and Purple Beauty ~~

and the perfectly named
~~ Amazing Grace ~~

Dancing bunnies

~~ can peek into the basket ~~

 ~~ and find ~~

~~ a bunny I made when I was little
 and my mom took me to her ceramics class ~~

~~  joy of joys to me ~~

and two tiny bunnies she made for me.

The Easter bunny has also tucked in a 
special golden egg

and wrapped the handle with golden yellow ribbon
 tied at the top in bunny ears!

The kitchen table will have its own Easter basket ~~ 

~~ filled with daffodils from my yard ~~ 

~~ I love daffodils~~


Happy Easter
to all my friends
and to my family

Linda 🙂

~~ Thank you, 
of these wonderful parties ~~

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49 thoughts on “Starting At the Center

    I LOVE your basket and all it’s details…I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE using things INSIDE that can be planted OUTSIDE after the occasion has gone! Your daffodils are GORGEOUS and “I’m IN LOVE with the bunny YOU MADE and the two little ones from your Mom”! Wasn’t ceramics FUN? Does anyone do that anymore?
    Big Easter Bunny Hugs to you Neighbor!!!

  2. Sweet sweet bunnies. Love them all! Your basket is really pretty. What a lovely idea for a lasting centerpiece. I love that idea. Happy Easter.. many blessings, xo marlis

  3. Is it just me, or does that bunny you made resemble Clark Gable???? I just keep looking at him, and he has that look. I pulled up a photo of Clark Gable on Google, and the resemblance is there. Or maybe I’m slowly losing my mind……..! Your bunnies in their pretty dresses look like they’re all decked out for “Dancing With the Stars”!!! (If they get to dance with William Levy, they are SO in!!!) Very pretty flowers…have a Happy Easter!

  4. Very cute1 I love your opening statement. That’ll be the day that I reduce by half when I pack, although I am sure my husband would like to make that happen.

  5. Linda~ I so love your flower filled basket! How sweet that you have your mother’s little bunnies and the one you made with her at class! I love Amazing Grace 🙂 Happy Easter!

  6. That is beautiful, i love all the colors you picked! How frugal too, you can plant them in the garden after Easter! I love daffs too, so cheerful! Mine are done, but I enjoyed them!
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish! A very happy Easter to you and yours Linda!

  7. Your basket is so beautiful! This is the first time ever that I do so very little for Easter, but with the mess in the house right now, I just couldn’t muster the energy to take anything out. I’ll have to make it up next year! I love your bunnies, too! What sweet memories! Happy Easter, Linda! Many blessings! I hope you have a blessed day!

  8. This is beautiful Linda. I saw a basket similar to yours, the other day at the lake. It wasn’t planted. I wondered what I could do with it. I love yours and my need to go back and pick up the basket next time we are there.

    I am happy to hear you enjoyed learning a bit about Missouri at the Mark Twain event. Hannibal is situated on the same highway as our town. It is just a little way up the road. We’ve been there many times and enjoy it so much.

  9. The flowers baskets are gorgeous, the dancing bunnies are darling, and my favorite things are the sweet bunnies that your mama made for you…family treasures are always the best. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  10. What a darling expression the rabbit is wearing in the last photo! Your table will be beautiful. It can’t help but be with that amazing, cheerful spring arrangement. Have a lovely Easter…

  11. This basket of flowers is SPECTACULAR, Linda! All your little bunnies, in & around it, are precious & full of sweet memories for you.
    I know both tables will look beautiful when you get the food on top & the family seated around them. That’s the BEST decoration of all!!

    Have a Blessed Holy Week, Hon,

  12. Linda, your basket of flowers is fabulous! Love all the variety and color. I know your tables will be special when all is set and your family will enjoy a beautiful meal together. Happy Easter, my friend! ~ Sarah

  13. What alovely Easter post. I love all your flowers and tableascape. I also love your tartans. I also love tartans, used to have skirts in tartan too but now and then I throw out clothes which I always regret later. But then there would never be room for more clothes, right?
    I was going to follow you too but I says I am a follower already. I must have a look or will come back later.
    Happy Easter

  14. First, I must not forget to tell you that I was so inspired by your napkin ring post, that I went out and bought some black plastic dividers to organize my napkin rings in!! They are stored in my buffet drawers too — hopefully thiefs won’t find my silver too! Love your centerpiece basket! I also love daffodils too. Joni

  15. Linda, both your Easter baskets are beautiful, but that first one really took my breath away! SO gorgeous! I love the combination of all the pretty flowering plants and the bunnies with sentimental connections. How perfect to find Amazing Grace flowers! Thank you for your kind comments on my Easter table. Yes, I think china from the 70s and early 80s is now considered vintage — so will soon be at the height of style! Have a blessed Easter!

  16. Your baskets are absolutely gorgeous. So beautiful and the colors are fantastic. Love the dancing bunnies and the cute ones you and your mom made are so precious. YOur tables will look amazing. Happy Easter. Hugs, Marty

  17. Oh Linda, What a BEAUTIFUL basket..well, two beautiful baskets..I love them. And it’s so cute you still have your bunnies..wishing you a wonderful and Happy Easter.

  18. Linda, what a gorgeous basket of flowers and a lovely bouquet of daffodils! I love that you have included the bunny you made as a child and the bunnies your mom made for you. Truly a beautiful Easter basket!
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter.

  19. Linda, that will be a darling centerpiece for your Easter dinner! 🙂 Those sweet little bunnies are the cutest! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your fun post for Fresh-Cut Friday! 🙂 I’m so glad you did! I hope you have a Blessed Easter weekend.


  20. This is a gorgeous flower arrangement and centerpiece, Linda!
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!

    PS: I blogged about the Church of the Pilgrims in my prior post –I know you like to see Brooklyn Heights 😉

  21. BEAUTIFUL!!! I especially love the phlox basket! But I love daffodils too! I want to copy this idea next Easter! Is it OK if I pin one of your pictures on my pinterest board so I won’t forget?

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