Waveny Mansion Tables

Waveny 2011
Would you like to enjoy a summer meal here?  Or maybe a picnic on the grounds?
Waveny House was built in New Canaan in 1912 by a founder of Texaco for use as the family’s summer cottage.  The mansion and 300 surrounding acres, designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, were purchased by New Canaan in 1967 for “the future use of the town,” the meaning of which continues to cause endless debate.
Luckily, every other year the New Canaan Garden Club is able to use the mansion for a fundraising event of tablescapes prepared by local merchants.  
Join me for a table tour!

Waveny 2011

South Africa

I’ve never been to South Africa, so I can’t say for sure whether this is an accurate reflection of the colors and plants found there.
  Any thoughts?
Waveny 2011


Waveny 2011



I do like these napkin rings, but I’m thinking tropical!



Waveny 2011

All White
(you knew there had to be at least one–actually there were several)
Waveny 2011

I like the all white look, but my favorite part of this setting was the table itself!  I could clearly imagine that in my house.
(Mr. Fun, are you reading this???)
And look at those beautiful leaded windows!

Waveny 2011

Not sure what this was doing under the table.  You know I like to have books and toys hanging around my tablesettings, but these finials are kind of in the way.  Overall a strange combination of elements.  
But pretty!
Waveny 2011

Our town has actually been called 
New Canine
because it is quite dog friendly.  Waveny Park even has its own dog park.

Waveny 2011


These antique iron dogs were standing on pieces of slate surrounded by moss and violets.

Waveny 2011

Waveny 2011

This stunning table was designed by the 
Roger Sherman Inn in New Canaan.
A Connecticut native, Roger Sherman was a drafter of the Declaration of Independence, and the only man to sign the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Continental Association, and the Constitution!
Waveny 2011

I think he would have a serious problem sitting at this table designed for the current English monarchy.

Waveny 2011

What do you think?
Waveny 2011

I would be tempted.
Waveny 2011

All my favorite flowers.  
Lilacs, tulips, hydrangea.

Waveny 2011
These gorgeous dishes should not have been hidden.  
But the guard ladies were watching me so I couldn’t rearrange the napkins and menus!

Waveny 2011

Blue and White

Waveny 2011

Waveny 2011

My heart was going pitter patter.  Look at these!!
Waveny 2011

And these napkin rings!
Waveny 2011

The flatware and glasses …

Waveny 2011

and linens…

Waveny 2011

…all added up to perfection.
Waveny 2011

In my humble opinion.

**Which table is your favorite?** 
Can you tell which is mine?
**Would you expect Roger Sherman to sit at a table with the Prince of Wales and his son the Duke?**
**And is that really what South Africa is like? (my passport is ready!)**  
Tell me, please!

Linda  🙂

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35 thoughts on “Waveny Mansion Tables

  1. Oh my goodness, what a huge treat! I thought the His and Hers table was a favorite until I got to the lilac one. That is just fabulous. I love every element of it.

    I wonder about South Africa too. Hope some well traveled blogger has some info.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful, wonderful tour.

  2. Love that you shared these with us. How wonderful they all were.. well i think the last was your favorite and it was certainly mine. The fabric in the tablecloth and napkins is divine. So much attention to detail. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful tablescapes! I have looked and looked at them over and over. I love the lilac centerpeice and the beautiful tablecloth but then again I love the blue. I love blue & white! The napkin rings are so unique and the table linens are to die for…I just can’t make up my mind! Thank you for the delightful tour!
    Blessings My Friend,

  4. Gracious, I was squealing (in my head so as not to alarm the others in the room) at several of these tablescapes! I think my favorite is the dog table because, I love dogs, and because I like the little slate runway they are on. I like their natural surroundings and the simplicity of the place setting itself. I love the dotted glasses in what I believe is your favorite setting. And, the great restraint award goes to you for not removing the stuff off of that plate; I was dying to do it myself so I could see the design!
    Lovely settings. Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

  5. All of these are GORGEOUS!!! But I think I am partial to the Robert Sherman table. That tablecloth is amazing. Thank you for sharing all of them with us.

    – The Tablescaper

  6. While I’ll be the first to say I do not know about dishes, I think I may comment on the South Africa theme, seeing I am a South African.
    Suffice to say, this person has probable also not been to SA.

    Seems the one cushion peeking out is fitting, if it is a Disa, (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disa_%28orchid%29)

    Lovely building too. The blue table for me, out in the garden though.

  7. Oh my! These are gorgeous – I was immediately attracted to the one with the garden statuary – but that royal one…
    They’re all magnificent!
    So glad you shared,

  8. Beautiful tables! I of course love the table with the floral arrangement including the lilacs…I am such a push over for those flowers! The blue theme is gorgeous and the white theme is tranquil, but that South African table scape is pure fun…don’t know if it is accurate though.

  9. Wow, all the tables and the house is so so beautiful. I love all the tables, but my mode today would vote for South Africa, don’t know if it is accurate, but I love the colors!
    Thanks for sharing and for posting a sweet comment on my Blog 🙂

  10. OMG! At first I was in LOVE with those dogs. What a great idea as I love anything “dog-y”. Then I saw the fish. Love them, because I also love anything, ummm, fishy. But THEN those napkin rings!! Weeeeelll, I think that table is my most favorite. What eye candy here. Love it!

  11. Oh, what a fun event, especially for tablescapers! The tables you shared were all wonderful. The one with dogs and violets was really unusual and pretty, but I have to vote for the lilacs one as my favorite! So gorgeous!

  12. Hi Linda~ The Lilac table is calling my name…the tablecloth is wonderful, I bet it was outstanding to see in person and I have a special place in my heart for pups so the table with the antique dogs is fun for me 🙂 Thanks for sharing these!

  13. Oh my goodness gracious…what gorgeous tables. It would be fun to sit at any one of them. I really liked the lilac one with the hydrangeas…swoon…

  14. Gorgeous tables. I’ll bet that Just Me, Shel can tell us about the South African table. I’m guessing that you love the blue and white one the best. I like them all, and I would particularly love to know more about the spectacular tablecloth on the Robert Sherman table. Thank you for sharing your photos with us! Cherry Kay

  15. Linda, you could have done any of the gorgeous tablescapes. I liked something about all of them. I would hate to have to vote on which I liked best. I could be there all night, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Such an incredible mansion.
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely place.

    The French Hutch

  16. I don’t know what was wrong with Blogger but I’ve been trying to leave you a comment for two days! Oh, Linda! These tables are amazing! My favorite is the blue table and I have a feeling it’s yours, too. Am I right? Although I’d take that lilac table in a heartbeat! I want those fish salt and pepper shakers!

  17. Be still my heart…lilacs, tulips and hydrangeas all in one bouquet! Gorgeous. I also love the His and Hers…And, I love the Dogs…and I love the Blue and White…I love them ALL. Beautiful post. Thank you for the wonderful tour.

    I so enjoyed reading your previous post. You are in such a beautiful area of the country. Spring is extra special because it always seems like a renewal of the earth.
    Has the Robin had her little ones yet? How fun and you get a birds-
    eye-view…no pun intended. Can’t wait to hear more.

  18. Hello, thank you for sharing this…I just love them all.
    I’m from South Africa….I think the South African table is “maybe” depicting the protea…our national flower. Please browse my blog …you will see some tablescapes I did of my country..and beautiful scenery of South Africa including guesthouses and game lodges!
    Shel x
    PS Thanks for stopping by me!!

  19. These tables are gorgeous, and I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at the house, either. It only took me two seconds to decide that the Roger Sherman Lilac table and the Blue and White table were definitely my favorites. Exquisite! Thanks so much for sharing these.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  20. They are ALL wonderful!!! My favorite “THING” is the tablecloth on The Roger Sherman Inn table. BUT there is enough elements on the table to spread around a whole room(OK maybe not a mansion room). There are LOTS of things I would LOVE to follow me home in all the tablesettings. I too loved the white one. I’m thinking GARDEN for that one. AND the last one was STUNNING!!! AND the dogs on the slate walk were just too cute!!! I have never been to South Africa BUT I did love the first one. If you didn’t mention Africa I would have thought Hawaii tropical(LOVED IT)…OK Girl, NOW…Which one is yours??? Thank you SO MUCH for sharing…
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend,

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