Looking More Like A Cow

Even a cook like me can 
create a tempting dessert with
cute bowls

the best ice cream 

and the 
right toppings !

Of course it helps to have the proper
kitchen gadget !!

One of my most favorite
kitchen gadgets is this 
~~~ ice cream scoop ~~~
which belonged to my grandfather.

He came from Poland as a young man at the turn of the (last!) century
and had nine children, the youngest of which was my mom.

 It makes perfect scoops.

And even though I have no memory of my grandfather, I think of him every time I use his 
ice cream scoop.  
And in this house, we love ice cream.

Choose your dish!

I always pick the clouds.

I don’t like to think about cows when I’m indulging.

Fill it with ice cream and top it with goodies.

Sprinkles, shots or jimmies?


What’s your 
favorite ice cream?

I’m joining our very entertaining hostess 
for her Favorite Kitchen Gadget party!

Linda 🙂


42 thoughts on “Looking More Like A Cow

  1. Hi Linda! I’m lovin’ that great ice cream scoop! I’ll bet it out lasts anything we could buy today and how special that it was your Grandpops! I like good ole chocolate ice cream and I’ll have it in the cow bowl just to remind me to have a smaller scoop:@)
    Thanks so much for joining the Gadget Party!

  2. Cute cute cute!! Hahaaa I don’t wanna think of cows while eating ice cream either but since black and white is my fav. color combo..I’ll take the black and white, filled with Vanilla Bean ice cream, smothered in HOT FUDGE, whipped cream, pecans and cherries on top.:)))
    I LOVE that scoop…it is sooo cool.

  3. Fantastic bowls! They are so cheerful and whimsical. I would choose the clouds, too.

    I also have my grandfather’s ice cream scoop. It means a lot because he LOVED ice cream. Whenever you visited grandpa, you were sure to have a bowl of ice cream. :o)

  4. You have the best bowls and goodies for ice cream and your scoop is one of those timeless gadgets.
    My children were deprived as I didn’t buy ice cream very often but they would have loved how you serve it.
    I buy frozen yogurt sometimes and my favourite flavour is butter pecan.

  5. Those are very cute bowls and that was a very funny post. I do like it how when you are using something passed down you are always thinking of that person. I used to work at an ice cream parlor as a teenager; I bought their ice cream scoop. It had their name on it and I loved it. I washed it in the dishwasher and wrecked it. Yummy ice cream. Joni

  6. My favorite ice cream is cow tracks or moose tracks so I should choose the cow bowl. The insides of those bowls are so pretty too, I’d hate to get them dirty.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love the cute bowls and the super-sweet antique ice cream scooper! My all time fave ice cream was in one of the pictures—Cherry Garcia!!

    You had asked about my stamping club; we get together and do about 6 stamping projects, learning new techniques or getting new ideas in the process, then we get to keep the cards we make. We also then place orders for things we need. We meet about once a month and take turns being the “hostess”. The hostess also brings snacks and drinks. It’s very fun.

  8. What a fun memory every time you use the scoop. So glad you shared it and I love the bowls, I am picking the clouds too because I feel like I am in heaven when I have ice cream. Fun gadget.

  9. I’m not sure how ice cream can look even tastier then it already is but I think those cow bowls do the trick. My garage is my command central for a majority of my kitchen gadgets and storage containers. I love the metal shelves, we got them at Target when they went on Sale. I’m also going to start following you now. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day!
    My favorite flavor is Cookie dough but I once made a really yummy strawberry cheesecake icecream.

  10. Love you grandfather’s ice cream scoop. That is neat and it is sturdy too. Gotta love that! I think the large edge on the pie pan would make the crust burn, I covered it with a foil wrapper for 25 minutes of baking time.

  11. So Sweet a post! and OH YES an Ice Cream Scoop is definitely a Fantastic Favorite kitchen gadget. ADD IN the sentimental value of a Grandfather and “It’s a Winner”…
    I thought of Stew Leonard’s when I saw the cow dish BUT the cloud’s are DEFINITELY Ben&Jerry!!!
    Such a FUN POST!!!
    Hugs, Donna

  12. I love your ice cream scoop and your bowls! BTW, my office is next to my laundry room. I’m folding clothes in between visiting fun blogs like yours. The laundry isn’t going away, but I’m definitely having more fun! Annie

  13. Hi Linda. Thank you for stopping by. Ice cream would hit the spot just about now. Love the old ice cream scoop. The vintage items always seem to work the best don’t they. When I see vintage kitchen gadgets I always day dream about them and wondr about all the meals behind those gadgets.
    Happy Valentine’s Day

  14. Oh you have no idea how hungry you made me and I have not had breakfast yet! Ben and Jerry’s Mint Choc Cookies!!!! I am originally from outside of Albany, NY…..LOVE LOVE LOVE B&J from the start. Have been to their factory and LOVE LOVE MCC ice cream. Thank you for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment. Happy Vallentines Day. LOVE the balloon. Yes, I really do get passionate about things I love, lol

  15. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Your grandfathers scoop is wonderful, how lovely for you to have it still.
    I’d like a cow bowl please (living in Normandy you gotta love cows!) and my favourite ice cream?
    B&J’s Cookie Dough or Baskin Robbins Rocky Road.

  16. That’s one great gadget, Linda! Things from long ago were made to last, weren’t they? I hope they won’t be saying that about the items we use today- so much of what is made today is so junky and cheaply made.
    Love those cool bowls you’re using for an ice cream treat. I am a Chunky Monkey fan, for sure. There is a local dairy farm nearby that makes some of the best creamy ice cream I’ve ever had. Not inexpensive, but oh my- it is delish! Thanks for coming by today for a visit. I hope to start filling my shelves with new and interesting pretties once I get that room done.
    🙂 Sue

  17. If I could only eat one food….it would be ice cream. I love Cherry Garcia, it’s one of my favorites. How neat that you have that old fashioned ice cream scoop of your grandfathers. It’s really neat.

    (p.s. thank you for stopping by my blog!)

  18. OMG…now I’m screaming for ice cream! My fave is peanut butter chocolate from Baskin Robbins. How lucky for you to have something that belonged to your grandfather…a treasure! Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Adorable bowls! And what a treasure to have something from your grandfather! I like cherry vanilla with big fat cherries!
    But anything you have there will be fine, looks delicious!

  20. Gosh, I wish that you were my neighbor…

    I’d be over there right now! Those bowls are too adorable. I laughed out loud when you mentioned that you don’t like to think about cows while indulging on a sweet treat.

    The best part, though, has to be that ice cream scoop. Very precious indeed!

    Enjoy! And thanks for visiting my new little blog and becoming a follower. I truly appreciate your sweet comment!

  21. You’re making me hungry! I love that ice cream scoop and I’m sure it will last for generations to come. Hmmm, favorite ice cream…probably mocha almond fudge.

  22. I just love your bowls and that scoop is such a treasure! The very best ice cream in the whole world is Cherry Garcia. I don’t know why I ever waste the calories with any other flavor. 🙂

  23. Hi Linda, I had to stop by and tell you how much I love your blog’s title. When I quit work after my first child was born I thought I had to be the perfect homemaker, everything perfectly clean and Martha Stewart-ized. Now I feel like you. Less work, more fun!

  24. Your bowls are wonderful and whimsicle. Perfect for hot fudge over cherry garcia or plain chocolate. Yummy! I have my mom’s scoop and it also makes the most perfect scoops for a sundae.
    I just caught up on your Valentine’s Day post and had to tell you it is so very beautiful. I hope you had a very special Valentine’s Day!

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