Mexican Birthday Table

Mexican Table
October 16, 1991 
This time it’s a boy!
A blue bundle of fun and joy!

He shares his name with my dad.  WILLIAM.  He has a grandmother who thinks he is a prince and a big sister who thinks (still) that we brought him home for her entertainment!  And even though he is growing into a handsome, intelligent, talented, kind … UH OH … am I forgiven for bragging because I’m the mother?   hehehe … well, even though he is going to be a young man of 19 (!!!) he is still my boy!  Actually, we share the same kind of brain, 🙂 and I have loved all our amazing, hilarious traveling adventures.  But the rest, his sense of adventure, talents, good looks … UH OH … here I go again … well, okay, I admit it … those are from his dad.  And his personality and ability to entertain all present were heavily influenced by his performances for that big sister!

… the “big” sister is now the “little” sister…
Charlotte Will Nellie NH
And for my boy, there’s only one possible birthday table theme–MEXICANhis favorite food and always his choice for special dinners.
Mexican Table

We’ll start with nachos, guacamole and salsa.  The bright colors of our table set a cheerful, upbeat mood.

Mexican Table

Succulents are perfect for this southwestern table centerpiece and can travel to a dorm and live happily ever after in dry rooms with no attention! 🙂
Mexican Table
🙂 🙂
Mexican Table

This fun Treble Clef flatware is perfect for my musician.

Mexican Table






After the nachos we’ll have beef tacos, with shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sour cream and taco sauce for toppings.  Add yellow rice with saffron and refried beans, and no meal could be more satisfying!
Mexican Table
Jose is a favorite visitor to our Mexican meals.
Mexican Table
Margaritas and Coronas had to be banned, however, because he gets carried away.
Mexican Table


Oh dear, there he is in the centerpiece.  

Mexican Table


Maybe he wants to go to college with the plants.


Mexican Table

Mexican Table
Music by Mariachi Cobre is the perfect choice for these dinners, and inspires us to get up and dance, although not on the table like these little gecko votive holders!
Mexican Table
Well, I guess I’ll let it go this time, because we are celebrating!
Mexican Table
Next week my boy will be home from college for his fall break, and we really will celebrate.  There will be tacos and dancing and singing.  I can’t wait.  And neither can Naughty Miss Nellie Belle.
Until then, my wonder boy, remember that you can do anything if you try…

… make time for fun ...

… and if there is no wind, row
… go for it …
… but come home first.
  We love you and miss you.
Your seat is waiting at our table.
Mexican Table

Linda 🙂

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53 thoughts on “Mexican Birthday Table

  1. What a darling narrative to your boy that you love — why do things like this always make me teary? You have set a very fun table — love the dinner plates, the cactus centerpiece, and the geckos. Joni

  2. Linda! What a sweet and touching tribute to your handsome talented 19 year old son! And a mother does know what her son is made of… so nice to hear there are still wonderful young men out there. Happy Birthday, OLE!

  3. Great table! Very festive, and those sombreros are wonderful! I stopped myself from buying that treble clef last week, but I love it! I may give in one day.
    Happy Birthday to your son, you are a proud mama.
    They are always our babies even when they are fathers to their own babies! It never changes!

  4. What a fun table! You’ve thought of everything to make this birthday special. My little son’s name is Will, too! I hope that your Will has a very happy birthday!

  5. I love those dishes!!! your table is wonderfully inviting and i love the way you weave a story into the blog.. it’s delightful. He shares a birthday with my husband.. who will be turning 65! egads. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. You have created a wonderful Mexican Fiesta table. I am sure he was very happy. The plates are so colorful. I have admired your flatware for quite some time. Linda

  7. Beautiful blog, beautiful table! What a sweet tribute to your son…with a mom like you to back him, how can he go wrong? Really pretty plates. Have a wonderful week & thanks for stopping by. Sharon

  8. What a beautiful table, he will absolutely love it. Isn’t it wonderful to have great children who are off to college. Enjoy it when he comes home. I love Jose, he is just a little cutey peeking out from his huge hat and your plates are fantastic.

  9. Oh, Linda, what a sweet post! I was tearing up as I read it, missing my son (he’s 24). Your love and pride for your son really shone through! Love the table — perfect for a Mexican celebratory dinner! You didn’t mention using those gold bottles as candleholders, but I love that idea — I have a similar blue one and want to see if a candle will fit!

  10. what a wonderful sweet bday tribute to your son! so many great pics, you can see he really embraces life. fun table, all my favortie foods too, i bet you are counting the hours until he is home again 🙂

  11. What a wonderful tribute to your son! I just love the happiness and love I felt when I read your post. The table is colorful and definely festive! Enjoy your son when he is home.

  12. Hey, if a mother can’t brag about her son, who can? And I’m with him when it comes to Mexican food. When we return to Houston in a couple of weeks, that will be my first meal.

  13. Oh how wonderful. You go ahead and brag! Your boy is something to brag about! You’ve set a wonderful Mexican table for his homecoming. Our son-same age is in Italy and we leave in a few days to visit him. I’m so excited to see him too. Enjoy your son’s visit my friend! ~Delores

  14. Oh, how remarkably touching! I am sure he will never, EVER forget the love and care you put into making his 19th birthday dinner such a special treat! I’m with him on the choice of Mexican food…hooray! Your table is lovely!

  15. Work is slow today so I thought I would pop over to Between Naps on the Porch and see what’s new.
    To my delight she’s having her tablescape linky party. Now, I’m not a participant but I do appreciate the hard work and creativity that put into this.
    Do you have room at the table for 4 more? I love your menu and your table.
    What a terrific son you have raised. They’re always our little ones.

  16. Fabulous post…I enjoyed reading about and viewing this very appealing birthday feast!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment.


  17. Oh Linda, you sound like you have the same kind of special relationship that I have with my son. I dread the day he will not be home to celebrate his birthday. I have a couple more years.

    You set such a great table and celebrate his special day with such panache!

    – The Tablescaper

  18. Hi Linda! OH, what a wonderful table and celebration for your handsome young man!! Your table is so cute with all of your little Mexican critters!! Glad he’ll be coming home to such a sweet family!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  19. What a lovely, spicey table for your talented son. Is he a music major? I’m sure he will love his birthday. Do you have favorites that he plays for you? He’s adorable and obviously talented!

    I’m glad you stopped by my table…it’s rainy here right now too…I think we are getting our rain from your direction! I can’t wait to build a fire this weekend! Autumn in the northeast!

    Thank you again for visiting!!


  20. Just gorgeous Linda…I love those dishes…I saw them at Pier I yesterday, I was very tempted…we love that Mexican flair around here. Thanks for popping over, glad you did.

  21. Hi Linda,
    I am a bit late – but I am coming. This is a really touching tribute to your son and I think, Mexican food would love my boy also. Your son has grown to a handsome young man, which is very talented. You are not bragging, that is the proud of a Mom and that is how it should be. I love your Mexican plates, the colors and pattern is like music for me. And I love the jokes with Mr. Jose. All the Mexican things including the gekko look so happy. Must be a happy meal, too.
    Greetings, Johanna

  22. What a wonderful tribute to your little boy. I don’t care HOW old they get, they will always be little to us moms.
    I love your pretty and festive table. Just perfect for a perfect Mexican dinner…our favorite, too.
    xo bj

  23. Lovely table and even lovelier storyline. Thank you for sharing the beautiful things in your life with us.

    You asked about whether vintage tall sherbets and champagne glasses were the same or slightly different. As far as I know, with elegant glassware by companies like Fostoria, Cambridge, etc. they were the same.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  24. Great post! We never get used to them being gone. DD1 went to college in CA and stayed, 7 years now. DS went to college in Chicago and stayed, 6 years now. Luckily, DD2 stayed close to home and just married the most wonderful SIL who moved here! I so enjoyed reading your post (and the post on your daughter also). Thank you for you sweet comment on my kitchen island. I hope you’ll visit again soon.


  25. Happy birthday to your handsome son!

    I enjoyed the years wen my children were in college as we were always on the go visiting them. 🙂
    Your birthday celebration Mexican dinner sounds so delicious and the table is set so festively.

    Have a wonderful party!

  26. What a wonderful table and tribute to your son. Happy Birthday to him. Your table is very nice. Love all the touches and details you put into it.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  27. This table is just perfect!! You have some amazing Talavera! I do not have any dinner plates, only decorative pieces. I also love that flatware. EVerything os gorgeous and just perfect for your talented son!

  28. Hi Linda… What a great birthday table full of specail touches! Love that flatware!! Happy birthday to your son:-)
    Thanks for visiting me:-)

  29. Fabulous homage to your son. Now these kids do inherit a lot from us, good look, charm, brilliance, but I think we inherit things from them too. And not just dirty laundry.

  30. Linda, I’m sorry to be late to this colorful, fun table. Have to say, your son and daughter are beautiful young people. I’m sure you are very excited to have him home for a visit. Looks like he is an accomplished young man. ~ sarah

  31. Happy Birthday to your handsome son. You should brag, it’s your right and your duty…and it’s obvious you have lots to brag about with both of your beautiful children. They seem like fantastic kids.
    Your tablescape is so festive and perfect for a birthday celebration. I hope you are all having a wonderful time!

  32. Awwww, what a sweet post for your handsome son! That setting looks so festive! Have a great time celebrating with your family.

  33. My little boy is now 39 years old…and your narrative and tablescape bring back so many precious memories of birthday parties held for our son in our home. Great table….I really was drawn to that great orange bottle/candleholder. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  34. What a fun & colourful post 🙂 I had to laugh at Jose in the Mexican sombrero — too cute!! 😀 Your music-inspired cutlery is really cool, and love the dancing geckos 🙂

    I’m sure your son is going to love his Mexican-inspired birthday dinner 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by JAX does design — it’s great to “meet” you 🙂


  35. Hi Linda…it was fun meeting you…thank you for your recent visit and sweet comments.
    What a wonderful tribute and birthday celebration for your son. Your table looks so beautiful and Mexican food…nothing could be more delish…hugs, Linda

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