Where’s My Tote?


My traveling tote has been enjoying her summer travels,  and now she and her fellow totes want you to have some fun too, trying to guess where they have been.  So tell me this:

In what city are Miss Rosie and I enjoying this Sam Adams summer ale?


Visit all six traveling toters to guess where their totes have been. (links below)


All the correct guesses will be put into a pot to win this beautiful box of french milled guest soaps.



don’t forget to visit the rest of our traveling tribe for more chances to win:

Debbie and Miss Aurora @ Mountain Breaths

Emily and Miss Courtney Childs @ The French Hutch

Patti and Miss Kenzie and Miss Taylor @ Pandora’s Box

Rita and Miss Luna C @ Panoply

Sarah and Miss Merri Mac @ Hyacinths for the Soul

Good luck!

Linda and Miss Rosie 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Where’s My Tote?

  1. Hi LInda, I know you enjoy traveling with Miss Rosie like I enjoy traveling with Miss Courtney Childs, she is workhorse and carries everything I need for a night away or the helper that carries all of my shopping bags.
    Enjoy the week……….

  2. Boston. I am going to guess that you were on the Sam Adams brewery tour. 🍻 I shall be delighted to visit the other traveling totes this week.

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