Bird Housing

It’s truly Spring here in the Northeast!   We’ve been buried in this seemingly endless winter, trying to keep the oil tanks and the bird feeders filled.  But now the trees are beginning to bud, the bulbs are sending up shoots (no flowers yet, not even daffodils!), the sap is flowing and the birds have returned, looking for the choicest nesting spots.  I even spotted a pair of bluebirds ~~ the first EVER in my yard! ~~ hopping about the deck!  There are also several pairs of cardinals and some robins flying recon missions around the yard.

We always have a few nests ON the house and in one of the umbrellas, but our summer house maintenance plans will disrupt their usual nesting sites and those “natural” habitats will be temporarily unavailable.  The birds will be forced to find spots in the acres and acres of wooded area surrounding our house!  Hmmm…I wonder if they will be able to deal with roughing it?

This one doesn’t look very pleased with the idea.

Some of them may be interested in this delightful multi-family dwelling.  Santa left it for me under the tree after I texted a photo of it to Mr. Fun.  I was very surprised and delighted!  

And even with the noise a spring rain would make on this 
galvanized metal roof, I think mama and papa bird would like it too.

Quite a few birds have already flocked to my table
 to inspect the new digs.

Three of them have alighted 
on my Mariposa luncheon plates …

… perhaps attracted by the bamboo shoots and edges 
or by the fruit on the border of the Mikasa dinner plate.

Maybe they were enticed 
by the bamboo flatware …

… or by the gorgeous detailing on the pitcher.

Competition for summer houses is always fierce!
  This hand carved wooden robin has already found a door,

and it looks like he has staked his claim.

This cutie has already found berries to bring to his love as she sits on the nest.

He is painted on the lid of an enamel box, 

in which someone has already deposited a few very choice 
~~ USDA Grade “fabulous” ~~ 

I have others, all gathered during our travels, 

or collected to commemorate special events, 

but any birds who promise to lay more Halcyon Days enamel eggs for me 
are welcome to come and live in my birdhouse!

I am in the midst of a very busy year, planning a wedding and college graduation festivities, and a few house projects, just to make sure the stress level remains high. 

But preparing this springtime table for all my blogland friends 
has reminded me that playtime is important, too!  

And so for your dining time entertainment, 
a poem.

Birds are starting to sing,
Just because it’s Spring.
Bees are starting to sting,
Just because it’s Spring.
Bells are starting to ring,
All these things are happening,
Just because it’s Spring.

written by yours truly
in 2nd grade
I called it Spring

please join me and my dishy friends
for playtime at

Let’s Dish
Tablescape Thursday

Linda πŸ™‚
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34 thoughts on “Bird Housing

  1. Oh my, you have flown back to blogland with a winner! Those dishes are gorgeous! Beautiful table, just sings Spring! So glad you took some time to play! Good to have you link up for the challenge. Everything will get done.
    We did a wedding and move all at the same time. I almost had a nervous breakdown, but it all go done. House was supposed to be done, but it wasn’t. Had the post wedding brunch in the pouring rain, in an unfinished house.
    Oh the memories! πŸ™‚

  2. I’m glad you took the time out for a little “Me Time” in your life! That’s so important, especially when there is so much going on as there is with you right now. Congratulations on all the wonderful upcoming events!!! Wow…wedding, graduation, house projects…you have a very full dance card!!!

    Cute that you included your 2nd grade poem! It really comes in handy to help describe the beauty of the tablescape! The bamboo look rimming the plates is fantastic!!! I imagine you could get a TON of uses out of these dishes all Spring and Summer long! And those eggs….so chic!

    Hooray for your bluebirds! Bluebirds are near and dear to my heart. (That was my brother’s trucking handle.) I hope they produce offspring for you to enjoy!

    Happy Spring to you and yours!!!

  3. Oh how cute- love the bird house and the story to go with it. The bird dishes with the babmboo edge are wonderful and I love that pitcher. Those eggs are lovely- and so was your poem! Pretty darn good for a 2nd grader!

  4. The bamboo edged luncheon plates on the Mikasa dinner plates with the bright green place mat are the picture of spring. I love the birdhouse. I am sure there will be a very happy little family living there very soon. Beautiful job, your table is lovely. You truly have met the challenge in high style!!

  5. Just gorgeous Linda! I truly enjoyed seeing this beautiful table and bird house.
    And your collection of eggs are just wonderful.
    We are finally getting spring here in the upper Midwest as well.
    After the winter from hell, it’s nice to not be in the grip of polar vortex.
    Hugs friend,

  6. I lost the first comment. Isn’t that frustrating. That was the sweetest poem and I am amazed you saved it all these years.

    I love your Halcyon enameled eggs and the container they are in. Your bird plates are wonderful too.

    You’ll get it all done. Relax and enjoy.

  7. Linda, the details here are making my heart sing ~ your Halcyon Days enamel eggs, the gorgeous enamel box, all the bamboo on the Mariposa plates, and even a touch of poetry. Lovely post!

  8. I’m glad you decided to “play” today and share your Spring time table. The birdhouse is perfect for your centerpiece and I love the birdie plates. The poem for your second grade self is a treasure!

  9. What a great idea, using that fabulous birdhouse on your table before “renting” it to your feathered friends! I love those bamboo-bordered bird plates (say that three times really fast!) — gorgeous! Best wishes — a wedding AND a graduation to plan do make for a busy time!

  10. What a lovely table, Linda…the Iris glassware is perfect with your bird dishes! I love the plates, by the way.
    We are finally greening up here on the prairie, too…I notice the hundreds of little flower buds on the lilacs this morning.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Simply gorgeous Linda! The bird plates with bamboo borders are awesome and the bird house is adorable. Glad you used it before the “rentals”, lol! You are having a very, but happy busy times ahead. Congrats!
    Have a lovely weekend, ahead.

  12. This whole table is enough to make anyone sing a Spring Song!! I LOVE those Mikasa luncheon plates with the bamboo borders. And your egg collection is exquisite. Thank you for sharing all this beauty. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  13. What a great collection of bird things you have to meet Kathleen’s challenge. Your table is a great tribute to the newly arrived spring season for which I know you are so ready.

  14. Linda,
    An adorable post, dear one!!!
    Love the bamboo detailing on your plates and pitcher!!!
    Your choice of vivid color palette has truly lifted my spirits!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    P.S. L O V E D the poem!!!

  15. Oh, Linda! What a delightful post – and so needed! There is no truer harbinger of Spring than little birds! I saw a female cardinal by my bedroom window just today and it put me in such a great mood! The daffodils are just around the corner. Love the enamel boxes! And I love your poem!

  16. Linda, I’m glad you took some time to play with dishes, it’s good for your mental health! I love the birds that have flocked to your table including your WONDERFUL Halcyon Days enamel eggs and your Mariposa plates! Your metal roof birdhouse would be perfect tucked in my potting shed, no wonder competition is fierce with the blooming entrances πŸ™‚ Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

  17. I love bird images o dishes, etc. They are such sweet creatures! Your new birdhouse is wonderful. I put up a birdhouse last summer but no one moved in. I guess there are enough pine trees here to shelter their nests.

    Hope you have a very happy Easter!

  18. What a lovely new bird housing house for your sweet friends. I love the sweet flowers and enamels, perfect for celebrating spring. The bird plates paired with the green placemats are stunning! Happy spring Linda………….

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