Me, Me and Me Again

Can you describe your “style” in one word?  Long ago and far away, when I was just out of college and we were heading to law school, I used a few of my precious extra pennies to purchase the first issue of Country Living on the newsstand, and spent many months studying every photo and article.  Of course, at that time “country” was defined differently than it is now.  Lots of wood and tins and homespun.  New readers would never recognize the original magazine as the precursor to the current style of the magazine!

But, at the time I was hooked.  Then Mr. Fun took me to England, and I found a new style — English Country House.  Luckily, that was at the same time chintzes and needlepoints were the rage and I filled my home with them.

As we continued to travel and move I changed my favorite look many times!  But my new loves did not replace the old ones.  
New joined the old in an eclectic collection 
(some would maybe say an unruly mess) 
which probably only makes sense to me.  

That is one reason you will find my very Georgian home surrounded by roses, hydrangeas, peonies and lavender and no symmetrical hedges or mazes.

  A style quiz I took once found my decorating style to be “rustic, romantic, traditional.”  As soon as I saw those seemingly contradictory words I agreed.  My collection of dishes and table accessories also reflects all the different sides of “me.”

As a break from the hectic happenings here, I decided to have a proper lunch on my garden bench.  The peonies and roses are in full bloom (today’s rains will end that!) so I was thinking 
~~romantic country~~
and gathered my rattan and wire tray, 
a vintage pink glass, 

white dishes, pretty linens and flatware,
and a dragonfly napkin ring.

Will is home from college (hurray!) for a few months before he leaves for a semester in Scotland, and my good Eagle Scout did his daily good turn by rescuing my last few peonies from the cold and downpours.

 They were the perfect finishing touch for my romantic country tray.

But do you see that formal Williamsburg bench the tray is sitting upon?  
This is how I get into trouble.  

This is why I need so many different dishes and all the other goodies that go with them.  Another side of me rises up and says, “That bench would be so lovely with a more formal look.  What about a pretty pewter tray?  Wouldn’t that be gorgeous with the peonies?”

 “And oh, you have those pink dragonfly napkin rings! They want to come out of the drawer too!”

So I changed the tray and the vase 
from wire to pewter

and the glass from one pink to another (!)

~~and of course the dragonfly napkin rings~~
and as I did so this visitor came and watched!!
(honest, absolutely honest truth)

~~ but I used the same dishes, linens and flatware.~~   

And the same flowers.
 (peonies go with everything, don’t you think?)

Who am I?

Pick either look and you will find me there.

And of course there’s always the me that put these peonies on the breakfast table in my rustic den in a fluted pewter vase ~~

~~ and these on my French Country kitchen table in a glass pitcher ~~

Luckily for Mr. Fun I have not changed my mind about him.  ðŸ™‚

So if you join me for a lunch in the garden, which tray shall I set for you?


Please tell me!

If you would like to take your own decorating quiz visit the talented and wonderful Marlis at Creative Journeys.  Come back and tell me if you do.

I just took the quiz again and guess what?  I have added a hefty dose of “beach” to my style!  Do you think I have Cape Cod on my mind???

Thank you lovely hostesses of 
Tablescape Thursday
Pink Saturday
Seasonal Sundays

Linda 🙂

P.S.  Yes, all flowers are from my yard. 

All photos are my own and are protected by the powerful copyright laws of the good old USA.  
Please let me know if you would like to borrow them.   🙂
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48 thoughts on “Me, Me and Me Again

  1. How lovely…I vote for either one…
    Your Peonies are the same colors as mine…aren’t they heavenly…
    I just cut the last of mine yesterday :o(
    Lovely, Lovely post…Bravo!

    Linda :o)

  2. Linda~ I love BOTH, but I probably lean more toward the romantic country with the chicken wire! Your peonies are stunning~ I was out-of-town ten days and missed mine blooming this year! Beautiful setting on your bench 🙂

  3. “I am SO TICKLED PEONY PINK to see you here”!!!
    I remember the days, you talk about, of defining my style…My first glimpse of what WAS to come was my CUP&SAUCER collection…I NOW call my expansive dish collection “The Many Moods of ME”!
    I Loved both of your trays “BUT” the silver tray(which I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE) son my heart. I think it’s because PINK & SILVER looks so FANTASTIC together…
    Have you ever seen the magazine “COUNTRY LIVING BRITISH EDITION”??? MY VERY VERY VERY FAVORITE EVER! It’s very hard to find. When Borders was here “They used to order it for me SPECIAL”, so you CAN ASK at a book store… Each issue is “LIKE A MAGAZINE BOOK” and not a regular magazine…
    Have a FUN WEEK,
    Big Squishy Hugs to you,

  4. Oh gosh, do I have to choose?? I love both! I would like the rustic one in the morning and the pewter one in the evening. They both look so pretty with the peonies.

  5. Thank you for the link, you are so funny.. but you know I too waver from girly to rugged and love it all. A home is a collection of all the things that make up who you are. Styled rooms without personal pieces are for magazines. Both your trays are gorgeous. You could set either for me and I’d be right at home. Either looks fabulous on the bench! I love love love my new bottle of olive oil! OMG, the flavor is really fabulous. have a great week, xo marlis

  6. I’d like to come for lunch twice, so I’ll take one of each, please! I am a Gemini according to the horoscope people, so I am expected to have more than one side to me. I think it’s fun! Why should we have to like the same thing all the time? That would be boring!!! We can just change up at will. That’s what makes life worth living!!! And if you like to mix and match styles, go for it! Keeps things interesting and keeps everyone on their toes…they never know just what to expect! The peonies are beautiful, and you are so right that they go with pretty much any and every look. Glad you were able to salvage a few! Enjoy!!!

  7. So you are Dr. Jeckll and Mr. Hyde, Victor Victoria? Frick and Frack?
    They are both very pretty, Peonies do go with everything! Mine were puny this year! Have you ever transplanted them? I read they don’t like to be moved?
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish, I had no trouble, so it is on your end. 🙁

  8. Please, YOU choose one for me and surprise me, because I can’t decide! I love your “self-analysis”–I, among other readers, I’m sure–thought you were describing ME! LOL I just glanced up and saw Alycia’s choice–both–good for her! I thought about asking for both two! Your flowers are beautiful, as is your photography. Thanks. ~Zuni

  9. French Eclectic, Classic, Nantucket…they all make sense to me. Fun quiz. Peonies are my favorite flower, and I always love to see them on a beautiful table….could I come twice and eat of each tray! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  10. Peonies are so beautiful. I am envious you have them growing in your yard. Your trays convey romantic touches. What fun to have two to choose from.

  11. Well first, it’s GOOD to see post from you!

    Second, I must have exactly the same taste because I love everything about these photos. I love the colors and the linens and everything you used.

    Like you, I was an early lover of that magazine, and like you I decided a few years later that what I REALLY was was English country. Since then, I have gone from one self-definition to another, but I always come back to loving the kind of look you posted.

  12. Oh, Linda, who could pick? They are both so lovely and obviously so as you attracted a real dragonfly! What a beautiful picture you got of it too.

    I remember the old country style. We were going to classes all the time painting wood and everything was in dusty blue. I love the new country, but in 20 years we will have another country and I am sure I will be smitten with it too. Fun thinking about that.

  13. Your lunch trays are absolutely beautiful. I love the silver tray!! Well actually I love everything. Dragon flies, napkin, plate, and oh goodness PEONIES. Gorgeous!!

  14. so pretty. The pink always reminds me of romance and fantasy. I would choose them both lol Love the dragon flies. My taste are simple and whimsical. If you had ever visited you would know that. the child keeps slipping out.

  15. Linda, this post makes me smile. They are both very pretty, and I’ll have to take the test to see what my style is. Thank you for your kind words about my sister’s beautiful yard and her peonies. I wish you lived closer so I could gift you with some of her peonies. It’s hard to keep up with them because they all bloom within a two week period.

  16. Hi Linda, what an absolutely gorgeous post. I love your attention to detail. Your style is so classy, warm and inviting. I would love to be served either way, like you my style seems to be flipping like a light switch on the wall. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! hugs ~lynne~

  17. OMGOSH … What a gorgeous trip. Love the dragon flies, they are perfect. I am an Early American fan. However, I Like many other styles too.
    Well, it looks like we just found each other and your are now entered in my “Give Away” for all my followers who entered … Good Luck. My daughter will be picking the winner sometime after 1:00 to day.

    Much Peace and Joy and God Bless our Warriors…

  18. Hello! Lovely setting in all! The Peonies are just lovely – it is wonderful to discover each style and what appeals to you. Our family room is in English country – because that fits us all- and the comfort aspect most of all. I have enjoyed visiting I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  19. Linda, this is so gorgeous! I was hooked at just the description of your wonderful garden. It sounds amazing. And a dragonfly came to visit while you took your pics…talk about serendipity! How cool is that! Such a beautiful setting and the peonies are stunning! I would never leave your garden! I’ll trade you a day on the porch for a day in your garden. 😉

  20. Great, great post. Love your sentiments. I know what you mean about the styles and changing . . . oh and I love dragonflies . . . and either tray – probably depending on the day, time, light or rain, and the mood. Laughed when I read Mr. Fun is glad he didn’t get switched out with changes. Though you didn’t say it quite like that. Enjoyed a beautiful pink post and need to see where you live. Cold? Rain? It’s been hot to humid to rain to humid to hot here in Central Texas.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  21. I have roses and dragonflies…but I long for Peonies…alas, they won’t grow in my hot inland garden. I keep hoping the breeders will come up with one, as they did with lilacs, that will flourish here, but so far no luck. I have serious peony envy. What a lovely post you have given us.

  22. Who’s to say we have to have just one style? There’s muc to like in every one. Love your combination of elements and the flowers add their own beauty.

  23. Linda – I adore both trays. I suppose I lean a little more to the pewter tray, but that pale pink shawl you draped on the country tray is so delightful my feelings would not be hurt if you set that tray for me! I have never been able to define my style. I’m always so fearful of making a mistake and wasting money. I’m going to run over to Marlis’ blog and take the quiz.

    Oh, and I love your peonies! You are right, they go with everything!!!

  24. lol! Your post me made smile Linda:) So true,how we keep moving in and out of styles. I’m forever shifting back and forth from French Country and Tuscan with a hefty dose of beach as well. I like your romantic tray with the gorgeous peonies and the dragon fly napkin rings…so cute and so perfect for your theme.Silver and peonies always look timeless to me. Love how you wrote this post. Thanks for sharing with us and for your lovely note on my beachy living room. Happy weekend!Hugs,Poppy

  25. Hi Linda, your story sounds familiar to me, it’s mine too! Early on my home reflected early country and colonial. Victorian stepped in and ended with traditional. Now i have a mixed bag of china and accessories. I saw a photo in a magazine recently and I remembered I had some of those old milk jars in a stash somewhere. I love all your different design looks, you have the magic touch with any style. Beautiful peonies and vignettes today. Enjoy your son being home, special days!

    The French Hutch

  26. Hi, Linda! I finally took the quiz! I am 50% Nantucket Style, 25% Classic and 25% French Eclectic! And I think that’s not too bad! I would have added some British Plantation style as well . . . That was fun!

  27. Both are great, but I am crazy about the one with the wicker tray. I love the peonies and those gorgeous napkins, but I especially like the green napkin rings!
    Beautiful, beautiful!!

  28. Linda, I could just say “ditto” to Debbie’s post, but since she’s not the only yakker in Blogland…

    I have the same challenges you do because “my style” has evolved through the years, and I kept little pieces of each one as the REAL ME. Both of your trays capture some of my favorites, too. I think I’ll suggest the pewter tray for dinner — and the rattan for dessert. Does that work for you? 🙂

  29. Oh my! I can’t seem to choose which one I prefer….They are both so very lovely and romantic. What a pretty place to sit and relax and how sweet that the dragonfly landed at just the right time!! Have a wonderful day!!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  30. Hi Linda! I found you over at the Pink Saturday Party. I love all your pretty pictures. Your flowers are so lovely. Denise from englishpurpleribbon.blogspot.com/

  31. Hi Linda,
    Yummy flowers!! Love the Peony and the dragonfly, what a great shot!! I love all the style too.. Romantic!

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