Pioneer Time at the Green Star Ranch

Yippee-aye-o-ky-yeah, yee haa!! It’s Pioneer Woman  time here at the  GREEN STAR RANCH Drop your gear and take off those boots! These once belonged to  a little buckaroo who sits very tall in the saddle now   and can outshoot and outrun Mr. Fun ! Little buckeroo’s big sister is a  tough and sweet cowgirl who can spend weeks backpacking through the West’s extreme wilderness  ~~ and…

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Kitchen Table Simplicity

Nothing that I can add to my kitchen table right now, after this last winter would be more beautiful or make me happier than these gorgeous daffodils from my yard. No more snow … Spring  is here at last ! Please join me at A Stroll Thru Life  for Tabletop Tuesday Linda 🙂

Quick as a Bunny Table

The little table in the family room  (we call it the den)  is one of my favorite places to eat lunch.   I’ve set it today for the two of us. Here’s your place … … but it looks like we have company! The cabbage dishes are tempting this brave bunny, just as they tempted me!   Little bees have joined…

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