A Taste of Traveling Goodies

Yes, hi there!  Remember me?  It’s been a long, bitterly cold winter and our spring weather is still crazy.  We grilled steaks outside on Easter Sunday and then 8″ of snow fell on Monday.  So what is one to do when Traveling Tote blogs are due and our own firesides are more appealing than traveling?  Send some regional goodies traveling instead!  Luckily we’ve had enough clear days to be able to shop, assemble and send our swap packages, and I happily opened my door one snowy day to find the cutest gift package waiting for me filled with goodies from my fellow toter Debbie from Mountain Breaths who lives in beautiful upstate NY.

I know Deb’s weather is much colder and snowier than ours, because this Sunday while I was just shopping for a new car (the WORST thing ever…I’d actually rather do laundry!) and trying to see the NYBG Orchid Show (even though we are members we couldn’t even park!), Debbie was cross country skiing!  But after opening this delightful little package and sampling the goodies inside I can see the advantages of living there.

Debbie knows my favorite color is Blue Box with White Ribbon 🙂 and she somehow found this delightful little hand made paper box.

 It is folded so perfectly, and when I opened it I found this exquisite paper tote.

~~ a mini-me for Miss Rosie ~~  

Both pieces came from a crafter with a booth at their public market at Union Station where they hop on Amtrak for NYC.

The special tea bags Debbie included made a brew which tasted somewhat like red zinger, ginger, almond and gingerbread all mixed together — so delicious and relaxing on a few cold afternoons!  And the round tin you can see below held a very special seasoning from their local, authentic Greek restaurant.  We used some as a rub on chicken and it was indeed very special.  We love Greek food, and enjoyed a guessing game as to the herbs and spices in the mix.  We guessed oregano, maybe cumin, even a cinnamon like spice, something hot like paprika, and a hundred other tastes which revealed their aroma and taste as we sampled.  So delicious!  I can see why their products are favorites of Debbie’s family.  (plus a very clever little tin)

And speaking of yum, notice those humongous chocolate kisses.  Plus these had little surprises inside.  Yum.

They say special things come in small packages, and my goodies box had two teeny boxes!

Debbie knows my tablescaping soul is attracted to all things pottery, and these perfect tiny pots came from their local Clinton Pottery.

To give you a better idea of the size of these precious little pots I topped them with two kisses.  (Kiss # 3 had already disappeared when I took this photo.)

I really love my little pots!!!  I want to show you the beautiful glaze:

Debbie, thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful Taste of Utica.  I love my gifts and have enjoyed learning of all your local spots.  What a wonderful place to live!

 Debbie has promised me her famous Chicken Riggies, Tomato Pie ( I love tomato pie!!), Utica Greens and Half Moon cookies when I make it to Utica.  I checked, and it’s 19 hours by bike but only 4 by car (first I need a new one), so Debbie, keep the ingredients handy!  And thank you so much for all this fun.


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Linda 🙂


12 thoughts on “A Taste of Traveling Goodies

  1. Linda, first of all I love your enthusiasm! 🙂 You are too cute. I also loved the swap package from you. Such a fun thing for our group to do.

    Those wee pottery vases (also known here as toothpick holders) have been a big hit as dinner party favors also. I fill them with small blooms from my garden (I guess that would be in July this year). Joe taught shop class with the owner of Clinton Pottery, and we have a one of a kind vase from Jonathan. Our door is always open for your visit, and you will be treated to a true taste of Central New York that I couldn’t ship in a box. I wish you the best car shopping.

  2. Hey there, Linda! What a great package of treats from upstate NY. I can see those handsome little pottery pots serving several uses – table salts, tiny candies, even succulents. I really loved seeing and hearing about all the various goodies packaged with so much care around the tribe. You could make a tv production with your script on those Greek spices, and of course, chocolate fits any bill!

    It’s been 12 yrs for us and car shopping, but when we go again, I really hope this will be one case where we strictly by the book – Consumer Reports – and hope to make it as painless as possible. I’ll need all my energy for the dickering on the trades. Good luck with yours. I don’t envy you.

  3. Oh my goodness! Those little pots are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!! Hasn’t this swap been fun? I’ve enjoyed being a looky-loo seeing what everyone has given and received. I’m enjoying the beauty of the pretty dishtowels Jackie gave me today. They’re hanging on my oven.

    Have a lovely week!
    Ricki Jill

  4. Oh Linda, Debbie sure spoiled you with such special, thoughtful gifts from Utica! Those little pottery pieces are so adorable, and those kisses…what a yummy surprise they were. I know you enjoyed the seasoning, and all the gifts that Debbie sent. What a fun swap to help you through your car buying and hoping for Springtime!

  5. How sweet that she remembered to include very special things that she knew you’d love!! Those pots are adorable!, and those sweet little tags! The tea sounds enchanting! You guys have had such a brutal winter, I can’t imagine! This has been so much fun, and I enjoyed not only the giving and receiving, but seeing all the local favorites and learning more about everyone’s state and area! Good luck with the car!

  6. Linda, it makes me smile to see a post from you! This swap package is adorable, but then so is Debbie! The little pottery pots so cute, and perfect for a variety of things. I’d be tempted to fill them with petite blooms and place them beside a dinner plate. Yes, the swap has been a fun way to learn more about the different areas. I hope we do this again.
    Stay warm and I certainly hope you have some spring weather that wants to stay around. No snow here in TX, but it is definitely still nippy! I’m ready for some sunshine!

  7. What a lovely gift! I am so glad you showed the size of the little ceramic pots. They are just adorable. This has been too much fun! I have already been thinking of what I would do if I did it again!

  8. Dear Linda, I am so sorry I missed this post. I use to get them in my inbox but for whatever reason this one didn’t make it! I decided to pay you a visit and saw this sweet post. I’ve already signed up again for your email.
    What a delightful package from Deb. Upstate has some great products. Love the blue box and white ribbon and the adorable mini bag. I see it was filled with those darling pots. I don’t think those chocolates would have lasted long here either. This was such a fun swap. Hope you found a car you like and I’m not surprised you know who isn’t retired!!!! He needs to soon so we can meet up in some fabulous location. Have a wonderful weekend dear Linda……love and hugs

  9. wow, I am so late to see this post for some reason. What a lovely package Debbie put together for you. The little pots are too cute, especially filled with chocolate. I hope you and your mom are doing well. I know taking care of her does take it’s toll. Be sure to take care of yourself. My mom is starting to feel a little better now, but I find myself driving over there a lot. There is always things that need to be done. Good luck with finding the right car. How fun to be able to visit Debbie. Take care.

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