Buzzing About Blue and White



When I heard that Cuisine Kathleen was having a 
~~ white plus one party ~~
I thought to myself that it would be an easy and quick way to set the table.
Well…..I found out that I was wrong!
I love adding my colorful dishes and linens and little toys to my tables, and of course flowers or candles, too.  So being limited to one color was driving me crazy. 
~~ Too many other things going on in my head right now for the intense focus needed for this seemingly simple task.  ~~
So I actually GAVE UP, until today when I saw 
Inspiration struck and I wanted to play!
I knew immediately which of my white dishes would star. 

My everyday Wedgwood Nantucket dishes are truly my favorites (and I have lots of dishes!)  They have a beautiful finish and feel and go with everything.  
They (were!) made in England (now discontinued!),

so I thought I would do an English garden table, but as I tried linens I kept coming back to my blue and white checked French Villeroy and Boch placemats.
Hmmm…another challenge…could I make the French and English play nicely together on my American table?  
~~ Yes, I decided, I would try, with a little help from Thomas Jefferson and my yard flowers. ~~

And so I present:
the French/English/American table that almost was not to be.
Long ago (I wore STOCKINGS on the plane!!) Mr. Fun took me to England for my first time.  While traveling in the countryside we stayed in the charming village of Chipping Camden in the Cotswolds, where I fell in love with their local blue pottery.  
I still have several pieces, including this butter/cheese dish 

and this sugar bowl (filled with honey). 

(This tiny spoon adds a dollop of honey and a little bit of love to our tea.)

I also have a matching pitcher, but la vache Emmeline wanted to join the table, 
so we went looking for a little flower for her hair.  
I always have some flowers from my yard somewhere in the house,

and she selected a pretty rose.

This, however, did not work with the color scheme assignment, 
so we later changed to a tiny sprig of white phlox.
To the English dishes and French linens I added my Gorham sterling.  
I love it too!  
The pattern is “Old French” …  but it is made in the USA.
The chargers, linens and blue glasses are from Pottery Barn, 
so we can only guess their origins.
The lovely crock (lately my weakness is for all things blue and white) is a recent find at a local French antiques shop,
although it is definitely not French!


 The blue egg cups, which I use often, are made in France, 
but I found them at the France exhibit at Epcot (and Disney is the epitome of an American vacation destination)!  
Are we calling them French or American?
My beautiful ruffled cobalt hand blown pitcher was made in America at Monticello, 
and is a reproduction of one belonging to Jefferson.
Look at the tiny details.
I just LOVE it!
Travel note:  if you have never been to Jefferson’s home, Monticello, put it on your list right now.
  Move it up near the top and send me a postcard!  
Now, I realize these flowers are looking more purple than blue, but they are in fact my blue hydrangeas which usually are the bluest sky blue imaginable!
With the crazy rains and then intense heat my bushes are very confused.  Luckily I planted more white ones this year.  
For this challenge I battled the bees — I’m not frightened by them, but let me tell you, these bushes are absolutely covered in bees who all seem to be intoxicated as they lazily move from one blossom to the next, with several bees perched on each flower.  And although they seemed absorbed in drinking the sweet nectar, they woke up each time they heard my clippers snip a branch, and swarmed after the invader (me), so it took several trips outside for me to gather these!  
I think it was worth it, but next time I’ll wait until the buzzing stops and they are all happily tucked into the hives with full tummies.
I hope you have enjoyed my blue and white English/French/American table.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful white plus one tables!
~~ join me at these parties ~~
The Pink Pagoda Blue and White Bash!
Let’s Dish
Linda 🙂
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45 thoughts on “Buzzing About Blue and White

  1. I love your table and am so happy that you didn’t give up. You have some wonderful touches of blue. I was just in England and one of my favorite parts were the Cotswolds!

    – The Tablescaper

  2. This is a beautiful blue and white table with the lovely Wedgwood Nantucket! This is one of my favorites I use but not in tablescaping that will change after viewing your lovely table. I love the blue accents with the blue and white checks. A summery table and one i would like to personally enjoy.
    Have a great week.


  3. Linda, I love your English/French/American almost-not-to-be table! So happy you pulled it off to play along, I’ve missed your posts! I’ve never been to Monticello and I adore your reproduction blue pitcher as well as your sweet sugar bowl/honey pot with heart spoon! We’ve had crazy amounts of rain to the point of flooding and sink holes, all our plants are confused and waterlogged 🙂

  4. I love those chargers!!!!! I too had trouble, I am all about color, but you have come up with an utterly charming table. Your cobalt blue pieces are stunning! I’m so glad you didn’t give up!

  5. Well that’s it. You are obviously a table diplomat. They all got along famously and what a beautiful combination it all is! I love cobalt anyway and I think if any color can steal the show from those white dishes, it would be cobalt. The blue gingham placemats are the perfect touch, too. I love every single bit.

    (And I DO indeed have Monticello on my list of places to see. Mt. Vernon, too. )

  6. Spectacular tablescape, Linda…your photos positively GLOW with light! Those little egg cups are so charming & I adore your use of the cobalt blue as an accent color. Well done!


  7. Linda, I’m certainly glad you joined in. Love this stunning table of blue and white. Seems we share several of the same tabletop items. I have the PB chargers too, and have the sweet egg cups, but in an orange color. Love the new crock you found. It’s a fabulous piece! Lucky you for having any blooming hydrangeas, blue, purple, or white. ‘-) Happy to be the inspiration for pulling out your Nantucket Basket. We eat off of it everyday. I never tire of it!

  8. What a gorgeous table Linda! Love it all, especially your little blue egg cups, and the pitcher is amazing! We love Charlottesville and Monticello, and only live 3 hours away. How did I miss that pitcher! I won’t next time, LOL. Great challenge tablesetting! 🙂 Pam

  9. So fresh and pretty and what a lovely space you have to dine! I am so glad that you decided not to give up. I adore your white and blue!

  10. Love your table, Linda! Blue and white is always so fresh and clean. Those egg cups are adorable and your gingham placemats are perfect . You’re so brave to clip around the swarming bees.
    We visited Monticello 43 years ago!!

  11. Linda, I am a fellow blue and white lover and I love all things french too! We visited Monticello last fall and it was a treat. The gift shop was one of the best around. I could have spent a lot of money there! We didn’t have much time and gift shops are not my hubbies thing so that helped my pocketbook. I love your striking cobalt pitcher as well as the darling egg cups.

    We do share many things in common: love of hydrangeas, white dishes ( yours and mine are similar), gardening and tablescaping. I read a tip recently about wine growers gritting their teeth in the presence of bees and something about it sends them off. I don’t trust my memory exactly but I think I read it on French Word a Day blog. Do you read interesting things and think you are going to remember where and all about it and then realize you don’t?

    I am envious of your great light in your kitchen. My trim in my kitchen and den area is taupe and I have a wooded lot and covered porch that does not let in much light. One of these days I am going to take the plunge and paint everything WHITE!!!!

    I am your newest follower.

  12. Hi Linda! Oh, my goodness! Your table is so beautiful. I love your pretty blues. Those little blue bird egg cups are so sweet. I’ve never seen chargers like yours – so lovely.
    You’ve really set a gorgeous table.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  13. Hi Linda!
    I was worried about you! So glad you took the challenge and in such a beautiful way. I love your dishes, and your new crock is gorgeous!
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!

  14. So pretty and refreshing for a summer table Linda! I think you met Kathleens’s challenge very well. I love all of the blue touches 🙂

  15. Beautiful, Linda! Since I first saw them, I’ve wanted some of those chicken wire chargers. Blue and white is my favorite combo, so this table is perfection in my opinion. Those dishes are so pretty. That pitcher is gorgeous. I love the shape of it. I also love those egg cups. Your new crock is beautiful. For somebody who thought they weren’t going to take on this challenge, you did an excellent job! laurie

  16. Hi Linda – Ok seriously… you were NOT even thinking of missing THE party of the century?!?!? I am so glad you changed your mind and decided to join us. I love everything, especially how you combined all of the pieces into one cohesive look. Hugs, Holly @ coconutheadsurvivalguide

  17. Oh wow! You have charmed me tonight! What a beautiful table it is! I drooled over each and every eye candy:) From the cobalt blue egg cups, the pretty English pottery to the little cow flower vases every little detail is so pretty! You have done an awesome job! I had a wonderful time visiting you:) Daisies are my favorite flowers as well, I love their elegant beauty! Have a great weekend!Hugs,Poppy

  18. Blue and white together is just so beautiful. I love your table, Linda. The plates are perfect and have beautiful texture but I am so in love with your cobalt blue egg cups…..Christine

  19. Linda,
    Classic color combination for Let There Be White Challenge. . .
    and yours is done to perfection, dear one!!!
    Love the white cow!!!
    Your pops of cobalt blue are stunning!
    I adore the pottery with its subtle hints of blue!
    Can’t help but mention that lovely scene from the windows. . .simply gorgeous!!!
    Thanks for you kind visit and sweet comment!!!

  20. BEE-utiful!:) Your table that you struggled with looks so easy and casual! I love it!:) Nothing frumpy or formal. Just lovely and welcoming! That blue and white crock is to-die-for! Over all… Fabulous! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing and linking up for Fresh-Cut Friday!

  21. Linda,
    This is lovely. I think I have the same placemats. Your dishes are wonderful, with all their texture. I really like the blue crock, but I am in love with the egg cups. Disney, who knew? Dianne

  22. Linda: I love your table! As always, there’s a softness, a casualness to the look that you put together that is so inviting! My tables tend to look a bit too formal. I’m working on it. The cobalt-blue pitcher from Monticello is divine! I want it! I discovered the Monticello website a while back and I’m in love with the Jefferson flatware! I’m also in love with your dishes and I’m so sorry that they’ve been discontinued. Please tell me that you own the soup tureen. I have never seen a more beautiful tureen! Love the little honey spoon! So charming! I hope you continue enjoying your summer, but be careful of those bees!

  23. My all time favorite dish color combination, blue and white. It always brings a smile to my face. And it always feels fresh. Very pretty table! Happy blue Monday!

  24. I love your gorgeous table Linda!
    What a great combo/blue and white my fave always and forever.
    I went to Monticello as a child, but it’s still vivid in my mind.
    Now of course, I would love to go back.
    Hugs friend,
    I still love the bag I won and use it often..thank-you!

  25. I’m not sure how I missed this back in July- but glad I caught it on The Blue and White Bash! Very Pretty! Wonderful mix of fabulous pieces. Love those check placemats!

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