Turkey Times

Last Thanksgiving we were thankful that the unusually harsh weather in the Northeast was over.  The destruction and power failures had been severe, but things were looking up, and, after all, how many times would we experience a hurricane followed by a blizzard ???

Now we know it will be at least twice!  Hurricane Sandy blew through, leaving unbelievable destruction in her wake.  Huge old trees that survived the double blow last year fell everywhere, including the last of my apple trees! 

This year, however, it wasn’t steamy August, but an unusually cold October and November.  No power and no heat — and for many of us in Connecticut, no power means no water.  When our power was restored ten days later, I didn’t mind that there was still no internet or phone.  I thought, well, at least we are warm.  But no, no, no!  Mother Nature was planning the second blow,

and within 24 hours of the restoration of my power, the lights were blinking, the fridge, freshly restocked, was turning on and off, and I was feeling very low!

A Nor’easter!  
Huge amounts of snow — falling quickly, with winds.


More power lines were down.  When it all stopped there were 8.5” of snow in our yard, covering the fallen trees and wires.


This freaky “now it’s summer/suddenly it’s winter” weather reminds me of what is happening to Thanksgiving.  Celebrations of summer fun and Halloween are quickly changed to thoughts of Christmas 
(now don’t get me wrong–Christmas is the favorite holiday in this house!), 
but I’m sad to see Thanksgiving relatively forgotten.
So here we will celebrate it with great thanks.


But I’m going to need help.  A few days ago, I snapped this picture of 
Mr. Naughty 
peeking in at me, wondering when I was going to refill his bird feeder.

Then I looked at the photo.  See all the dirt? Now, this is not a condition I can tolerate here.  Sandy and the Nor’easter left behind windows unacceptable to this chore-aholic.  So I thought a quickie wipe of the outside and presto — a beautiful view again.  


How do you break a finger washing windows???

The nail polish on my ruined manicure is named 
“I need a vacation.”

  You know I couldn’t make that up.

We’ll have turkey (I always bake mine covered with cheesecloth and basted with wine and melted butter)

  and pumpkin pie

(this I think I can do with one hand).

These turkeys have been congregating on my deck (16 of them !!!)  

but they need to watch out!


That’s right turkeys –run for it!

Here we will set a pretty table, 

and gather around it to enjoy good food and the best company, (Charlotte is coming home from Boston with The Boyfriend) 

and think about Will so far away in Scotland, where there are NO turkeys!

We will remember all that we have to be thankful for, including the local YMCA that opens its doors to all for showers and warmth, and the local volunteer firemen who provide drinking water to anyone who can get to the fire station. 

And I will remember all of you who were so kind to think of us during this difficult time!  
I appreciate all the emails and comments and good wishes.  
There are so many others in the Northeast who are still suffering this year, and the national news moves on so quickly to other issues, that it is easy to forget.  

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day full of good fun!!

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Linda 🙂


31 thoughts on “Turkey Times

  1. Oh, my goodness!!! I am so very thankful that you made it through that nightmare. For some reason, I thought you were out of the path of the storm. I am SO sorry you had your trees fall. That is heartbreaking. I know. We have had them come down in storms, and it’s like losing an old friend. But OH how very thnakful I am that you are okay and able to celebrate Thanksfiving. What a gorgeous table.

    I just went to an antique club ornament swap at my best friend’s house which her daughters and I hosted. She passed away summer before last, and it’s always makes me feel funny to do things in her house without her there. But it sparkled and shone, and she has the same holiday china as you do. I loved the way the tables looked. I had to do the centerpieces. That was my job, but the tables were gorgeous even without anything on them, and yours is, too.

    Have fun with your family and may you be blessed beyound measure.



  2. Oh my goodness..you really have been through more than your share of weather! I hate that your trees were uprooted. We live in Oklahoma and are frequently on the receiving end of hostile weather..hail, tornados and ice storms! I hope you will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving and that your finger heals quickly! Will send prayers your way!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Miss Bloomers

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Linda. Glad you have a good sense of humor about all the storms. Sorry you lost your trees and that finger is broken. Take care and get better soon. ~ Sarah

  4. It really has been an unusual year. The weather patterns are changing to be sure. I am sorry about your trees and your loss of power. Glad to see that you struggled through it with grace. Your home is beautiful. I need to get off this computer and get my table set as my husband and I will have a Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves so that we can have the leftovers! And I like to set a table for the holidays.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Sorry for all of your woes, and I agree with you about the news moving on to other things. Well, you did get some beautiful photos out of it! Is that your dog? I love Labs! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Several years ago, a relative of my husband’s who shall remain nameless, burned two old Gurley Xmas trees during Xmas dinner! I about died! Will never forget that tragedy!! Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  6. You are so right to be thankful especially after suffering through so much. I agree that this world rushes from Halloween into Christmas–and that is WRoNG!

    I wish that you had not suffered that broken finger, but I am happy to see a beautiful spot of blue on it!

    Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday and Happy Thanksgiving, Linda.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear you were affected by the hurricane and then broke your finger cleaning your windows, Linda! We were very fortunate as my neighborhood is near the southern shores of Brooklyn, and many blocks around me were flooded. Thankfully I had no problems and did not even lose power! I volunteered quite a few days in neighborhoods affected by Sandy — sorting out donated hoods and I cooked for people left with massive destruction to their homes. My husband’s office building in Lower Manhattan was severely flooded and they have not been able to return as yet. The devastation was so far reaching!

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family — I know you will miss your son. Will he be able to come home for Christmas? I am sad not to be with my kids this year, but we’ve been busy packing and trying to sell our house — the hurricane has not helped in that department. Next yera will be better!

    Let’s hope all our weather woes are over this year! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Wow Linda, I’m so sorry to hear you were without power for awhile. I know we are should be thankful, but when disaster occurs, it’s comforting to know we can still be warm and cozy.

    Love your photos and Mr. naughty looking in at you. It’s difficult to believe you broke your finger. At least you managed to cook up a feast.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely table and yummy food. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. Thanks for finding me Linda. I’m grateful things have settled down a bit back east. You live in such a beautiful spot and have such fun feathered and furry friends. Sorry about your finger. After your Fall, I think I might call my caterer! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and savor every minute of it.

  10. Sorry you were affected by that awful storm. Glad things are better for you. Oh, my! I’m sorry you broke your finger. Take care of yourself.
    No, my little teddy didn’t have a music box. Glad yours still has his little nose! 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Shelia 😉

  11. That double whammy must have been hard to handle. 8.5 inches of snow is a tremendous amount. Some relative of mine were trying to leave CT for their annual retreat to Florida for the winter, when the hurricane hit. I am always sad to see trees uprooted like that. I agree with you that we must not just rush on to Christmas. I love Thanksgiving, and have so much to be thankful for! Hopetully, that is it for bad weather for you this year. The pic of the little squirrel is precious. Joni

  12. Absolutely beautiful post, Linda!

    We’ve kept you all in our thoughts and prayers during this incredible time.

    So sorry to hear about your finger. Who indeed would have thought window washing could cause this!

    We seem to be celebrating Thanksgiving all week! We had lunch out with the kiddos’ Sunday, they will celebrate with their dad Thursday. J and I are putting our Thanksgiving dinner together, set at a table for two.:-) When all is said and done, we have much to be thankful for.

    Only a couple of Christmas things out…will begin in earnest after Thanksgiving dinner.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Linda, I’m so sorry about your poor finger and your trees! So much snow is hard to imagine, I hope you didn’t lose power a second time with your groceries in your restocked fridge.

    Your table and sideboard are beautifully set and I see the witches have been replaced by pilgrims! I love seeing the turkeys on your deck 🙂 I hope your finger doesn’t have you too impaired and heals quickly. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  14. So sorry to hear you were affected by the hurricane and Nor’easter. And the finger! Your table and sideboard are done to perfection. Have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving. xo

  15. Linda, I am so sorry you were visited by Sandy and then the Nor’easter, but happy to see the visiting turkey family! Your table and sideboard are so festive…
    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. I’m so glad that it appears that the devastation at your beautiful home wasn’t complete. Mr. squirrel has obviously been on the lookout for you. I love that! I’m sad ab out your apple trees. We find out here on the prairie that no matter how many beautiful trees we plant to make our land look like something other than the prairie, eventually Mother Nature will sweep on to remind us that indeed we do live on the prairie, and it will periodically return to its intended state. Your table is beautiful, and I know that you will be lifted by being surrounded by loved ones. Happy
    Thanksgiving! Cherry Kay

  17. A broken finger? Well I think you should sit down put your feet up and declare yourself kitchen disabled!
    Seriously, I hope things improve, and that you have a blessed Tgiving, with your family.
    Lovely table!
    Happy Tgiving and thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!

  18. It is just unbelievably crazy the weather you guys have endured up there the last couple of years!!! CRAZY!!! The photos of those uprooted trees are just nuts! I know it takes a lot to hold your head up and give the thumbs up, and I salute you for that. I am glad that you will at least be able to enjoy a nice sit-down with members of your family (AND “the boyfriend”!) over this Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Sorry about your finger. Ouch! But, uh, I have to ask…just how DO you break a finger washing windows? 🙂 Beautifully crafted pie despite the injury. Your house looks just like I envision the houses in Connecticut! Cool!!! Funny about the turkeys! We have them all around, but they never come in the yard that I know of. If they did, they would sure need to count themselves among the “endangered!” Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Take care of that finger!

  19. Linda – First of all, your images of the damage in the northeast are heart-breaking. You guys have really had an awful time! I hope the worst is over. I found myself nodding in agreement at your comment about how quickly Thanksgiving seems to have been forgotten. Although, like you, we love Christmas, it was sad to see Thanksgiving passed over with so many stores opening on Thanksgiving Day. That seems so wrong! And now that I’ve started acquiring Spode’s Delamere dinnerware, I want to have fun with the Thanksgiving holiday. Your table is wonderful. I love all the little details, including that delightful amber glass acorn. Where on earth did you find it? I hope your Thanksgiving was peaceful, and delicious and that you were able to enjoy it all.

  20. I sure hope you made it through Thanksgiving without any further mishaps. All of you in the Northeast have had more than your share of drama. From your photos all looks warm and cozy.

  21. I hope things have settled down a bit by now and that you are well prepared to forge ahead. Looking to the future during times of crisis always helps me. Hope the finger is healing.

  22. Hi Linda, sure hope your clean up after the storms is on schedule. Hopefully this mild weather gives you and all of those affected a chance to catch up and get ready for old man winter and of course Christmas.

    Hugs, Emily

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